Boba Mutt!

Dogged space bounty hunter! Relentless and resourceful, he always gets his man! (Of course, he gets eaten by a giant sand beast at the end of episode six three, so don’t be too awestruck.)

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The Best of the Butt Beds!

Who wants sticky buns? Get ’em here while they’re hot!
One week ago we invited you to send us your Butt Bed Photos. Now, and while we still have some dignity left, it is time to share the Best of the Butt Beds!

“Nall loves a good butt bed when he isn’t destroying boxes with our other cat Charlie!” -Janis C.

“This is Finn’s favorite spot on a cold morning.” -Jill Nesbitt

“Two cats on a butt bed – BEAT THAT!” -Hyura C.

“This is Jack enjoying the view from the butt bed.” -Sarah

“Lucy, taking a nap in her favorite sleeping place. Nevermind that she has three actual beds!” -Allison S.

“That’s my cutey Bella who just loves to sleep and lay on my bum!” -Angel M.

“My dog Elke decided my butt made a nice pillow.” -Molly R. Z.

“Hello, this composition is entitled, “Hat, Back, Butt, Cat, Heel, Ball, Wall”.” -Larry B.

“This is me many, many years ago, with Mulligan. He was named after the local Irish bar that my friends and I loved to go to.” -Megan M.

“One of our new kitties, Twink. Sister Twizzle not pictured, she’s busy eating a hair tie and costing us $975. for its removal. Love them anyway!” -Amy H.

“Lola’s Butt bed.” -Julie S.

“Really, I’m not much of a chihuahua person, but my mom’s chihuahua is clearly a ME person.”  –Yi Shun Lai, ShelterBox Response Team member

“Ask and ye shall receive. This is me and my doppelganger, Eleanor Roosevelt (or Elly). We call this her “happy place”, or in normal parlance, “my butt”.” -Erin W.

“Hey guys!!!! Squishy Kosher Pickle finding my booty in Levi’s the best pillow everrrrrr!!!” -Alexis n Squishy

Thank you very much everybody! We just have one question; What are all you peeps doing laying on the floor????! 🙂

THESE JUST IN: For #NationalDogDay

“For (National) Dog Day, here’s one of my personal all-time favorites. I took it with a really wide angle lens and the dog was a few inches from the lens. His name is Charcoal.” – The Furrtographer.


“Just wanted to pass along some pictures of Pixel, our Boston Terrier, enjoying a Greenie snack. He’s learned to use his cone as a serving tray. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as he enjoyed the snack (though, as you can tell from his expression in the pictures, I’m not sure that’s possible!)” -Claudia D.



Check Out This Chrome “Pug-In”

This is REDONK. If you use the Google Chrome browser, install this plug-in– go to any site with a photo, and then click the plug-in’s logo on your browser bar.

Voila! Instant Pugs. (Refreshing the page makes ’em disappear, but who wants to do that?)

Perfect for National Dog Day. From Cuteporter Kevin M. Headline idea totally stolen from

It’s National Dog Day, So Win This Book!

ICouldChewOnThat_EcardToday happens to be National Dog Day. So to celebrate, we have two copies of the new book “I Could Chew On This: And Other Poems By Dogs” by Francesco Marciuliano, to give away. The book gets inside the heads of our four-legged best friends to express their most intimate thoughts. (Not a dog lover? No problem. Check out “I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats.”

What we’d like you to do is send in your own Doggeh Poem! Write it up and send via this link: cuteoverload at gmail dot com. Make sure to include your complete mailing address and phone. We’ll take entries up ’til 9am PT tomorrow, and choose our two faves. (One entry per person, please. Entries outside the USA- absolutely fine!)



We’ll do an update post tomorrow with the winners. Thanks to Adam S. at Chronicle Books!

Hey Tennis US Open, Need Any Ball Doggehs?

I can come over to New York today and help, and I’ll let you use my ball- as long as I get it back.

Harlow the Weimaraner, from My Modern Met.

Crawlin’ With NORM

NORM LOGONorm Lopez AKA Sacramento’s favorite round kitteh is hosting a pub crawl, this Saturday August 31st.

A total of 5 locations at 45 minutes each. Raffle tix proceeds benefit the Front Street Animal Shelter.

Norm’s got his own shirt- you can get it by clicking on the logo. A portion of the T-shirt sales also go to Front Street.



Photo 1 from Norm’s FB. Photo 2 and 3 from Martin Christian Photography.

They Bought…….

….a cat. Coulda been a gerbil..a guinea pig..a bird..or a fish. But they got….a CAT.

The rather shell-shocked Louie, from Noelle and Michael B.

“And then I felt a little …something.”

“I heard my Mom scream,”LIZARD!” I went to grab him and he darted behind my legs, and I lost him. My mom is freaking out, my stepfather is cracking up, and I’m trying to find the sucker. And then I felt a little… something…

The little bugger scooted up the inside of my pant leg and attached himself to my rear. I reached down the back of my pants and grabbed him, while my parents went into hysterics. I also grabbed my camera to photograph him before letting him outside. He seemed quite pleased with himself!” -Kimberly S.

THIS JUST IN: More Dog Days Of Summer (Updated!)

082513-am045The Giants have had a “Ruff” season. In fact, it’s gone to the dogs.

CO’s kept you up to date on several Bark In The Park events during the summer, and today’s update is from CO’s home team and venue, the San Francisco Giants and AT&T Bark. This event’s called, quite creatively, “Dog Days of Summer.”

According to the MLB site, “Prior to game time over 500 furry, four-legged canine fans paraded around the warning track with their hoomin companions.”

FUR_7081 (Medium)










First photo from The Furrtographer. Other photos including thumbnail from Blog Network and the Giants Twitter and Instagram accounts.