I’ve Spent a Lifetime Looking for You

♪ ♫ “Single buds and goodtime flowers, never true. Playing a hummer’s game, hopin’ to win. Tellin’ those sweet lies again and again. ♪ ♫
Lookin’ for buds in all the right wayses. Lookin’ for buds in so many places…” ♪ ♫

“Experimenting with different camera bodies and lens combinations in my quest for better hummingbird shots – used a 180 macro prime, 1.4 TC, manual exposure, and wireless remote for this shot; and the notoriously camera shy “Ralph” was kind enough to indulge me with a good pose.” -Steve K.

Oh, This Is Gonna Be Good

(All right, he’s got the step stool balanced on the swivel chair and he still can’t reach the light bulb, so now he’s reaching for… oh, he can’t be seriously thinking about one of the sofa cushions… No wait, he’s reaching for the flimsy collapsible plastic wastepaper basket! Aw, man, this is going to be epic!)

Via Everett.

The Theory of Kenny-tivity

Squee = m squee². The most redonk equation of all time: Squuu-eeeee! = Massive Squee squee’ed.

“This is Kenny! Aka Kenny poo poo. I rescued him 2.5 years ago from the SPCA. He’s a San Francisco Giants fan and even has his own jersey. He howls like a wolf. People get him confused from Albert Einstein sometimes.” -Lauren M.

Caterpillar Penguins Await You!

Yes, Peeps. Step right up and see an anatomical wonder. Here, in this very post, a magical marvelous surprise that will entrance and intrigue and delight you beyond measure! It’s a lepidoptera oddity! It’s the caterpillar that wears peculiar perpendicular penguin pajamas!

“Look closely! It’s a caterpillar that looks like it has little penguins on his back! Found this pic while browsing reddit.” -Edward D.

Happy 20th, Schoep!

originalRemember Schoep from last summer? He was having some serious health issues. Donations poured in to cover treatment costs, and the Schoep Legacy Foundation was set up to help low-income families care for their ailing doggehs. To top it off, Schoep’s feeling great and just celebrated his 20th birthday on the 15th! Enjoy the summer, Schoepster!


Read more about Schoep and his devoted hoomin Unger at their website. Lot more photos and news here.


Thumbnail by Hannah Stonehouse Hudson; photos 2 & 3 from Schoep’s FB. Thanks to Fleurdamour1 for the assist.

THIS JUST IN: Rusty The Panda Has Been Found!

BNjFCgICIAAn4J8CO Breaking Update!

Rusty’s Big Adventure is over. He has been found, safe & sound! Washington City Paper.com says he was located in the 1900 block of Biltmore Street NW, in the Adams Morgan area.

Photo from CNN’s Aaron Cooper.

BNi7rTCCcAAGOWD.jpg large

This photo found in the blur of The Twitter– Rusty looking for the closest Five Guys.

BNi2GetCMAA1XEf.jpg large

Here are some photos by Washington City Paper intern Dan Singer who was on the scene as they bundled the furball up. The site says “Rusty appeared to be in a tree close to a row house’s roof. Rusty was caught in a net before being placed in a crate.”





Washington DC CO Peeps, this is a Red (Panda) Alert. Rusty The Red Panda has been missing from the National Zoo since 6pm last night. From their Twitter feed:

“Red pandas typically spend the warm daytime hours resting, so it’s likely Rusty is somewhere in or near the Zoo hiding in a tree. If you see Rusty, don’t approach him. Stay where you can safely keep an eye on him & alert the Zoo (202.633.4888) immediately. Remember: red pandas are wild animals, & will bite if cornered or scared. Animal care staff have been combing the trees around the Zoo since 8 a.m. He could be sick & hiding, or someone could have taken him.”

Keep an eye on @NationalZoo for the latest, and let’s keep our Panda Paws crossed that Rusty turns up OK.

BNiVOWBCYAQ8J5w.jpg large

You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Room

Mayor Vaughn: “Sheriff Brody, you can’t close the living room. It’s summertime! The peak of the tourist season! Do you know what this will mean? You yell ‘cat’ and we’ve got a panic on our hands!”

Sheriff Brody: “I can do anything; I’m the chief of police.”

Hooper: “What we’re dealing with here….is a perfect cleaning machine.

Wimbledon CAN’T Start Today

I’ve got their ball.

From Skippyhaha.

Parallel Barking

“This is our Shih Tzu named Bao Bao. She got a brand new car from grandma Ximena for Thanksgiving! Talk about spoiled! (To clarify, the car was actually a present for a 2 yr. old nephew but Bao Bao ‘test-drove’ it first!)” -Cuteporter Tonia W.




Well huh. There is such a thing as painfully cute.

You know those teefs are needle sharp. Via Tumblr-er, IrelandBaldwin.


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