Name This Goldie Puppeh, People!

thumb(Warning: These photos are simply off-the-scale QTE. We advise sitting down when viewing. Don’t look at these on your phone while jogging, or you’ll hit a pole. OK, let’s proceed.)

BRAND NEW GOLDIE PUPPEH ALERT! Cuteporter Josh sent us these, and he could use YOUR help. His Goldie Furball needs a name. We can do this, can’t we, People? Hit those comments hard with suggestions! Speaking of comments, here are Josh’s with each photo. Take it away, J.

UPDATE 1 From Josh, just in:
“I’ve been reading the comments. Lots of great suggestions in there! I think I’m going to go through all the comments in detail when I’m home from work tonight and make a list of my favorites! Thank you for getting this posted. I’ll send you more pics and videos once I pick him up!”

UPDATE 2: We have some video. It’s, well, swell. Clickee.


Hi there! I recently went to pick out my first dog ever – a Golden Retriever! This little guy is who I picked out!


Thought you might enjoy the photo sequence my friend took of me getting a puppy kiss!


They were born May 7th, so that’s too young to bring home- I’m waiting until he is 8 weeks old.


The pups are in Atlanta but I live in Florida.


I’ll be road-tripping to Atlanta with a friend to pick up The Furball then driving back with him.


I’ve always wanted a Golden Retriever!


I work at a camera store….


…..and he’ll be with me at work keeping my feet warm every day!

Josh has also promised photos/video when he heads up to we’ll get a SEQUEL!

Here Comes the Chub Chub Train

Alllll aboooooard!
Tickeets. Tickeets please.

Chub Chub train’s leaving the station.

Chubba Chubba,

Choo chooo-oo.

Oops, we have a loose caboose.

Eight miniature piglets (5 girls, 3 boys) born this spring at Zoo Basel, Switzerland. Via Zooborns.

You Are Three Minutes and Seventeen Seconds Late from Lunch

Oh, this is definitely going into your performance report, young lady. (Although I might be inclined to give you a warning in exchange for that tuna fish sandwich.)

Via Larry Page.

Attack Formation Delta, No Alpha, No Delta

Puppy strategy: Basically, ride into town, surround the kitty and confuse the heck out of everybody.

Discovered by Smedley

You Could’ve Foliaged Me

Honey? When’s the last time you watered the topiary? It’s looking a little brown.

This is Agnes Carol at a kickball game last weekend. She’s a labradoodle. -Erin M.

Just Stay RIGHT Where You Are…….quiet.

But…I Want to

She won’t play anymore. Is she tired? Can’t you make her play with me?

Sender-inner Aimee B. tells us that the young Wheaten is Ella and the worn out Wheaten is Lady.

I Got You

Look into my eyes. That’s right. Now, listen carefully. We are gonna run around like crazy and then tackle each other and then run around some more. You can do this. Go on three..are you ready? One, two…

Tazz the pup and Pippin the kitten by Hannah W.

Best Snack Ever

Take two marmie kittens and slap a tabby betwixt ’em for a most delicious sandwich. Don’t you think you deserve a heaping helping of fuzzy love?

Josh N. serves us up another artful entre’.

Blinky McBlinkersons

I sit here, and I blink. All day. Then I go to sleep. Then I get up, and do it again. Owls. It’s who we are, it’s what we do.

From Štěpán Strádal.


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