I Don’t Always Need Cute, But When I Do…

What? WHAT? Whaddaya mean by don’t “always”?

“I took another cute picture today to add to the submission of Tazz and Pippin! Too cute not to share.” -Hannah W.

Despite What U May Have Heard….

Not ALL us ducks like water. Now will you PLEASE open the door?

A Reddit commenter wrote, “I found a duck that doesn’t like rain. He pecked at the door for over an hour wanting to come in!”

Kiss Me You Fool

How can you resist moi?
“His name is Pooky.” -Hye

Presenting The FurCleaner 2000 (Beta)

This model still has a few bugs to work out–sometimes it sticks. Maybe wait for v2.0?

The French Judge Gave it Only a 9.2


Dog-Sitting With Maymo

Maymo decides to take Penny The Puppeh to the park, so they can both enjoy a bit of a romp.

Get mo Maymo here.

Holy Bat Themes, Batman!

Chief O’ Hara, this may be one of the most redonk things evah. EVAH. The theme to the 1966 Batman show “sung” by….BEBEH BATS.

Save Our Sloths: The Sequel

logo“I’d like to send a huge THANK YOU from everyone here at the Sloth Sanctuary for promoting our Save Our Sloths campaign last month. With your help, we’ve raised a whopping $46,000 to allow us to develop a release program & return orphaned baby sloths back to the wild! A huge amount of these donations came from Cute Overload visitors, so THANK YOU! We’re now in the last 8 days of our campaign!”- Cuteporter Becky C.


IMG_3325 (2)

IMG_3409 (2)






Synchronized Noshing

“Aaaaaaand… munch, two, three, chomp, two, three… Big smiles, ladies, big smiles! Gladys, you missed the turn!”

Via Beckie.

What’s the Story Dori?

What’s the long and short of it?

What’s the buzz (cut)? 

“Doriana got her summer trim this morning and thinks she deserves cookies for being good and cute! (This is the same Doriana from the Finding Dori pic I sent earlier this year – just without all the hair)” -Teresa


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