You’re Not Supposed to Hear Us!

We’re wearing sneakers! Now go away and let us sneak up on you!

We could never shoo cuties like Moose (left) and Badger, right, Megan P.?


I’ve got Christmas sales to get to COME ON!

Another gem from Chief Seestoi Officer!

Daaaad, you’re such a dork

Why do you do this every year? You’re scaring our friends.

Way to blow your kids’ cool rep, Milton

I Could Never Get Past This Part

You stand inside the cavernous Temple of Ashcamatazz. Light from nearby torches barely pierces the gloomy darkness. At the north end you see the Chalice of Secrets in its place atop the high priest’s altar. There is an exit to the south.
There is a level 12 Mage here, between you and the altar.

> talk to mage
The Mage does not return your greeting.

> kill mage
What do you want to kill the Mage with?

> banana
You cannot kill the Mage with the banana.

> kill mage with sword

As you draw your weapon, the Mage calmly raises his robed hand and summons the +5 Chinchilla of Fluffiness. As you stare into its beady eyes, you can feel the life drain from your body.

****************** YOU ARE DED FROM TEH QTE ******************

Let’s just play Pong, J.S.

Kitteh Upskirt!

OMG, stop looking.

Nothing to see here, MOVE ALONG!

Jamie H. is 2 for 2.

I like the new girl but she’s a little cold

Don’t get me wrong, she’s hot and all, but—

Kinda inflexible, Jamie H.

THIS JUST IN: A ladybug plays with sprinkles

Cristal G., of America’s Favorite Band, The Bootcuts, sent this in.

The Survivor

Sender-Inner Justin R. says that cat “Tricky” had a very difficult birth where all kittens died except…

this one.


Teacher’s Pest

You know, there was a time when I enjoyed teaching kindergarten. I sailed into that classroom on a cloud of joy, greeted by happy children eager to learn and grow.

And then he arrived. Now they snicker whenever my back is turned, conspirators sharing some unspoken secret. I know he’s behind it all, subtly mocking me without saying a word. I don’t know how he does it, but I won’t rest until I find out.

Actually, Tubby is the chinch in this picture, by Ippo456 of Chinchilla Nation!

Kronche Squared

Longtime Cuteologists are familiar with Rule of Cuteness #35: If you try to eat your own appendage, it’s cute.

Less well-known is its corollary: If someone else is eating a different appendage at the same time, it’s ultra-cute.

No need to buy them chew toys, Cindilla T.


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