Please Greet Orangutan Baby Rickina!

Check out this furry little…er, furball. Her name is Rickina, and she’s had a rough go of it up ’til now (see the YouTube video description.) Watch the clip to learn more about these elegant and remarkable creatures, whose very name means “Person Of The Forest.” (Here’s how to make a donation to Orangutan Outreach..and even how to adopt!)




Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

(Peering through magnifying glass) These two little peanut Nigerian Dwarf baby goats, known as kids, were born this spring to “Cupcake” & “Rodney” of the Goat Yard at Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo. If you are wondering what the kids’ names are, we are too! Anybody out there know?

UPDATE: We got names! Er, we got four names …er, which goes where we’re not totally sure  🙂

Cowboy..Rocket..Lilly..and Mabel.
(Everybody say, “Thank you, Brinke!” – singsong)




Via Zooborns.

Careful Hoomin, Careful!

If your hand falls out the window, you won’t be able to scritch ma bellah as easily! SILLY hoomin.

Shared by Cuteporter Sandra, who sends greetings from Germany.

Everyone’s Cousin Bob After a Big Meal

“… which reminds me of the time your cousin Maude and I drove to Mount Rushmore. We didn’t have that fancy GPS dingus like you kids these days, so it wasn’t until we hit Arizona that I realized…”


“… and the stench was unbearable. Now, I enjoy the smell of burning leaves as much as the next fellow, but this was too much, so I marched across the street and gave that no-good bum a piece of my…”


Laurie S. says: “This is Stanley after a hard day in the office with me! Too cute! Stanley is now 14.5 years old, still plays like a puppy, he still amazes me. When he gets tired now, his tongue droops down, other than that you would never now he is as old as he is.”

THIS JUST IN: Grumpy Cat Meets Bub!

And the Intertubes brace for the shockwave. Mashable says the pair were in Minneapolis for the Internet Cat Festival. (Click each image to play the Vine video.)

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Now for the Fishing News

Local angler Len Floopnagle proudly displays the rare Polka-dotted Mudspanker he caught last weekend. Explaining how he landed the prize catch, Floopnagle said “Hrffth mrrpth ith rrrglth arrgth!”

Diana R. writes: “Here is my Rocket, he is a year old and the cutest bebee eveh! This was taken on vacation along Lake Superior, in Marquette MI.”

Shhhhh, I Theenk I’m Being Followed

My impending tail of doom sense is tingling! It’s right behind me isn’t it?

“This is Pickles. She’s a PomaPoo. She’s cute and she owns me and my husband. Her only pet peeve is her own tail, which curls up her back. A lot of her time is spent trying to punish the tail.” -Alice R.

Orkin’ In The Galapagos (Updated!)

Cue Kathleen C.: “Near the end of our Galapagos Islands trip, we went to a beach where legend has it, a giant colony of Blorp Pillows resides. We added some artistry to the scene & built a big old sand sculpture. Wouldn’t you know it, a sea lion comes floppin’ over and decides to have a nap. On our sculpture.


“Here is the colony. We R not kidding. All the way up and down the beach, the Blorp Pillows were “just lion around.” Our ears were ringing with Ork, Ork, Ork, but it was so worth it.”


“The main port was awash with sea lions. This one was stealing freshly-caught fish right off the market counter with a “Humph” on its face.”


“These two pups were rolling all up and down the beach, playing with each other. We saw plenty of wildlife but the sea lions were the best.”




Brown Bears Say, Just Doo Eet

Yooo-hoo polar bears, too bad ’bout that truck. Lookee here what we got! How you Doo-in’ now?





A little dab’ll Doo ya! Via Daily Mail

Exacuse Us, Sorry to Intarrupt

We are, two wild and ca-razy guys! Looking for American foxes!

This is Ziggy and his buddy. -Heather Leo. Ziggy is on Facebook!