The Funfair Tilt-A-Flip Tooth Chipper

Ohhhhh, we zigged when we shoulda zagged.

“Please remain seated and wait until the ride has come to a complete stop before exiting.”

Let’s go again, Hannah!

Just your Run-of-the-mill-kitten-dolphin-snorgle…

Johanna S. says it doesn’t get any better than this.

[hmmm… i guess someone doesn’t like us peeping in their window and closed the blinds. try going here.]

It’s An Ambush!

Woah, watch it, you flowers. Getting a little personal back there aren’t we? Oh my golly, if you all overpower me, my only choice will be to throw myself down at your mercy!

It’s no use, Iria. They’ve got Bora surrounded.


Nothing to see here. You’re still dreaming. Close your eyes. You did not see a cute velour lovin’ gerbil burrowing a cozy blankie nest who also doesn’t know anything about how those crumbs got in your bed.

That’s some bedtime story, Lauren.

Boxaholic Test Drive

Hmm, plenty of legroom, easy to stretch out…

Lots of side space, makes it easy to roll around…

No, I’m sorry, this box just isn’t cramped enough. Do you have anything smaller?

Typical inside-the-box thinking, Ema O.

Tails, I win!

I rolled a six! Six wedges of cheese please! Is this a great game or what?

It’s your turn, Ace.

And This Is My “Bun of Destiny” Pose

Leaning confidently into the wind as it whips back my hair, gazing pensively at the horizon… Now there’s a bunny with vision, you must be saying to yourself.

Writes Lauren W.: “This is my pet rabbit Benjamin when we first got him. Hope you think he is cute!”

Is she standing right behind me!?

OMG Linda is wearing the EXACT SAME THING AS MOI

Bummer, Lauren.

The Hedgehog Wears Prada

Mi scusi? Ummm, what do you think about this designer hedgehog trying out a new Leaning Tower of Pisa look?

Very nice, could be a hit this Fall, Kimberly B.

What Seems to Be the Problem, Officer?

“License”? “Registration”? What are these strange words you keep using?

We’ll just let Milo off with a warning this time, Molly.


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