Firefox Has A New Add-On

Firefox add-ons are easy and customize your browser the way you want it!

Headline and photo by Sender-Inner Alinamatters.

Owl Don’t Know Which Is Which!

Okay, these are owls right?

This one has an owl face, but it also has 4 legs and a tail.

This one is definitely an owl. Note the beak.

Clearly this one has no wings, but look at that face…that owl shaped face!

Uh, what’s so funny?

I’m terribly confused and a little insulted, but let’s give credit where credit is due: Paul Sawer, Happy Jack, GNoodle, Sebastien Bozon, and The Cutest Paw.

A Pointed Rebuke

Greetings, lowly servant; we’ve been expecting you. If you have brought our evening meal, leave it and begone. If not, my associates and I will be forced to take measures you will find… most disagreeable.

Via Reddit.

The Possumtroversy Continues

We’ve asked beforeAre. Possums. Cute? Here we go again. But this time, for your polemic possum posturing, we’re throwing in a new contender, the Golden Brushtail Possum!

Rule #3: Inquisitive Look – CHECK!

Rule #13: Juicy eyes and nose – CHECK!

That’s all the proof we need! Thanks, Buzzfeed!

Thorry. Thith Tongue Ith Too Big.

Loose tongues look good on these two, Scramz and MollySmithms.

Hoodie Cutest Pup In the Hood?

What do we even call this tiny stowaway? Backpup? Hood ornament? Pupoose? Or do we just call it brain-meltingly cute and call it a day?

Adorbs, JordanAnthony

Friday Haiku: Monkey See, Monkey Do

Oh pretty monkey

You are beautiful like me

Here’s a big, wet kiss

It’s good to have a positive self-image, Kirt T.

You’ve Got Mail, Bubbles!

Now, People. This may be one of the funniest videos ever. Bubbles is not a fan of the postman/postwoman- just watch what she does when the mail comes down through the slot. Make sure your speakers are up. Let’s just say that Bubbles new name could be “Bonkers.”

Video by Pottybursar.

It’s Been A Hard Day’s Night

And I’ve been sleeping like a dog.

Tocks up, Ben. (Lyrics adapted from Lennon & McCartney..sort of.)

Kitty the ResQter

Just looking at me, you would think I’m an adorable kitten.

And it’s true, I am.

But, I’m more than cute, I’m a surrogate mother to squirrels.

When they are very tiny, they don’t try to run away, so you can cuddle them all you like, even when you get distracted by a strange noise or flicker of light.

One day, my little friend will be big and frolic in the trees. He won’t have the time to let me groom him. I’m making the most of it right now.

This takes ResQte to a WHOLE NOTHER LEVEL, Star Foxy!


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