THIS JUST IN: Maymo Takes Down A Furby

Takes awhile, though. Furbys are built to last. And at about 1:09, after Furby has left the building, notice how Maymo casually glances at the camera, then: thump..thump..thump.

Cold, Maymo. Stone Cold.

More Maymo Madness here.


It’s A Toebean Thang

Thing One and Thing Two stretching out on a Toesday. All is right with the world.

Via Guremike.

Back To School With Milo

Some puppehs kids still start school the day after Labor Day. With this in mind, Milo would like to offer his advice on picking out just the right outfit for the big day. (Do they still use #2 pencils?)

Visit The World O’ Milo anytime, open 24/7.

Today is Good Job Bub Day! (Updated!)

Today is most definitely a good day to be Lil’ Bub.

Adorb Loris Action

There’s not much in THE WORLD that’s cuter than a Bebeh Pygmy Loris. So here is one dynamic little dudette, currently hanging out at the San Diego Zoo, where, according to Daily Picks & Flicks, she is well taken care of.

(And a reminder: They may be mind-numbingly cute, but they aren’t pets!)

Kit The Pizza Bandit

Being a holiday (in the US), you might be tempted to make a call tonight for pizza delivery. Word of advice: make sure you keep an eye on the pizza while you’re tipping the driver. If you’re not watching it…chances are someone else is.


THIS JUST IN: We’ve Got The First Maru + Hana VIDEO!

Mugumogu finally cranked up the video cam, and here we go. FRESH off the YouTube Presses—like a MINUTE ago—-here it is!

Stay Safe, Yosemite Friends

Yosemite National Park is enduring one of the worst fires in California history, and we hope it gets contained VERY soon. This little guy is park resident Chip McMunkster, and he’s found something tasty.


Meanwhile, this sqwerl (let’s call him Sam- Yosemite Sam, geddit?) is stocking up on paper napkins…just in case he needs them.

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Photo by TBH. Video spotted on DP&F. Video from

Just You And Me, Old Friend

Doesn’t get any better than this. From Japan with love.

Please, Have a Butt Bed

Make yourself comfterbuls.

If Butt Beds are wrong, Maggie doesn’t wanna be right.

2013-02-04 18.03.52 (1)
“My brother’s darling Maggie, after her first bath. She took comfort in a somewhat inopportune place.” -Nia S.