“Happy Goats Make Me Happy”

That’s what Cuteporter Kimberly K. had to say when she submitted this video clip. I think she’s onto something.

Original video post by Mary Ann J.


Can You Photobomb Yourself?

It appears that the intrepid Jinju is trying to do just that!

Photo of Jinju at Manhattan Beach taken by her mama, Tina K.

THIS JUST IN! The Long National Wait Is Almost OVER

Tomorrow morning, The Smithsonian’s National Zoo will be announcing the sex and paternity of their new panda cub! We will bring you the latest info, natch.


(Thanks to Maniac Cuteporter Nicole K., who is apparently highly caffeinated and is gonna stay up all night for this.)

Hooray 4 National Wildlife Day (And Someone Needs A Bath)

National Wildlife Day happens every September 4th, to raise awareness for endangered species around the world- like this knucklehead who is gonna GET IT from Mom when he gets back home.

Seen on the SDZoo Tumblr : Photo of Xiao Liwu by Rita Petita.

The Amazing Kit-T-Sauna™!

Simply insert your kitty, close the flaps, and watch the pounds melt away as if by magic!

Maddie By The Bay!

Maddie on Things CoverMaddie The Coonhound is on tour and is coming to San Francisco this Sunday, September 8th at 2pm! If you’re in the Bay Area, stop by The Booksmith at 1644 Haight Street. If you can’t make it, or live in the other 99.99% of the world, don’t worry ’bout it- we’ll have a complete report on Monday the 9th! We MIGHT even have…a signed copy or two of “Maddie On Things” to give away!

Theron Humphrey Author Photo


Theron Humphrey, Maddie on Things, Chronicle Books (2012) 2


Distance Learning Psychology Course: An Introduction to the Subconscious

Good afternoon. In today’s slideshow, we will continue our examination of subliminal methods to influence thought. As you can see from chart 15-A, there is wide variance in the ability of these methods to control behavior. However, in all cases, some level of influence was achieved without the subject’s tuna.

Additionally, by harmonizing the variables for statistical catnip, we may determine mousie jingle ball with the coefficient milk meow ooh shiny shiny while rotating the tuna tuna pounce milk mousie string mousie box box get in the box now.

Brianna B. cutesplains it: “I’m submitting a photograph of my sister’s kitteh, Jasmine. She hasn’t been feeling well lately, and my sister has been working from home to keep an eye on her. This morning, I woke up to the following photo and email: “‘She was watching me work on the thesis talk. Then she continued to meow at me until I helped her off the window sill because she was stuck.'”

Heads Up!

The Poodle Bangs hairdo… …it’s the latest fad!




These alapacas live near the village of Winklarn near Regensburg, Germany. Via The Star

Shhhhhhhh…Photobomb In Progress!

Someone’s got mischief on their mind in Utah’s Zion National Park.

Photo by Alli Berry.

I Can Has Wiper?

Mei is DETERMINED to get her paws on THESE DREADED WIPERS! Japan FTW, once again!

Mei likes going to the gas station, too. She appreciates the full service! (Does Mei have her own book deal, too?)

Spotted on DP&F.