Knobbular Enough There For Ya?

I see we got some darn fine knobullarity here, wouldn’tcha say?

So, this is Molly when she was a bebeh. Mama didn’t let Molly nurse, so those nice Tufts Veterinary Medicine peeps down there fixed ‘er right up. Ya sure, the neck bandage was for her catheter, don’tcha know. Well, Molly’s three and a half years tall now and she’s doin’ just okie dokie!

Never Forget.

If I Had Pants, I’d Totally Pull an Al Bundy

I really love it when no one else is home so I can take off my socks, leave ’em where they lay and then hog up the whole couch.

Just try to relax, Pacotaco724.

Chick Magnet

Don’t know what it is about ’em, but these chicks are just drawn to me, man. Some cats just got it and others don’t, I suppose.



Have You Seen…The Cat Anywhere?

Every day when I walk to school, The Cat stands in the middle of the sidewalk and won’t let me pass unless I give him my lunch money. If I don’t, he says he’s gonna “Pound me one!”

This is all so embarrassing.

Via Attack O’ Da Coot.

Official Palace Puppeh Passes Away

People, this is Monty. You might not know the name, but you’ll remember his prosh face from earlier this summer.

Monty has died at the age of 13. He was one of Queen Elizabeth’s three Corgis that were shown in the James Bond-themed Olympics opening film clip. Two other Pembroke Corgis remain in the Palace, Willow and Holly.

Here’s more on the Queen and Her Majesty’s Puppehs.

Full deets here.

Made in the Shade

Got my belly pressed flush on the cool ground, surveying all my stuff and enjoying the awesome sunshine from the comfort of the shade. All is well and all manner of things are well.

Bully for you BuzzFeed!

That Is a Feisty Little Devil!

Feistiness begins at :41.

The epitome of “piss and vinegar”, Taronga Conservation Society!

The Arctic Ice Just Melted a Little Faster

Scientists have expressed concerns about the impact of skunk emissions on the environment. One researcher was quoted as saying, “Looks like we’re going to have to stink or swim.” [rim shot]

This pic is out of odor, LUNAR95.

THIS JUST IN: Bobcat Rescue

Crews fighting the recent Chips Fire near Lake Almanor, CA found a furry refugee: a lost female bobcat cub wandering dazed beside the road.

The cub, nicknamed “Chips,” was turned over to Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care group, where volunteers will nurse her to health before releasing her safely into the wild.

Photos via USDA on Flickr. Story, more photos at


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