In a National Squwerl Taste Test, Apple products like the iPhone and iPod Ear Budz were voted Best Tasting!

“We think we have some pretty darn good products here at Apple, and the fact our Ear Budz have been voted ‘Best Tasting’ is pretty awesome,” says an Apple rep. “Not only do they give you crystal clear digital sound, if you’re on the train and need a quick iSnack©, you’re good there, too.”

iNom© Video spotted by Matt K.

THIS JUST IN: Tiny Qualio Iglesias

“Did you have any idea bebeh quails were so cute? I didn’t either,” says Sender-Inner Hilary K.

We had no idea either, Hilary. Thank you for the head’s up.


Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

Dexter The Hedgersons has become Stuckersons.

From Larissa W.

Down (in) the Drain

Every day, Wilbur the duckling gets a bath, and he takes to it like… a… thing that, um… a duck might… enjoy… a lot. There’s probably some catchier way to put that.

SF SPCA & Macy’s Unveil Holiday Window!

What’s the ultimate stocking stuffer? Well, besides this. How about a Puppeh or Kitteh that needs a new home? Your home, perhaps?

Adoptable & Adorabuhl Furry Friends from the SF SPCA are showcased in the 26th Annual Holiday Window at Macy’s on Union Square in San Francisco: “Last year’s event was the most successful ever; more than 325 animals found new homes and nearly $80,000 was raised for the SF SPCA.” If you’re in the Bay Area you can adopt them right on the spot! Not in the Bay Area? No problem, just click here, here, or here for a live webcam view.

Top Kitteh Photo by Jennifer Jamieson.

There’s More to Life than Booping Noses…

But not much.

Kristine M.’s pup is named Snarf. Yes, Snarf!

And in the Dorkiness Bind Them

Poor Riley doesn’t want to lord over this ring, she just wantses the precious to end its hobbit of makings those awful noiseses.

The Dream Whisperers

Snaaausssagesss…  snaaausssagesss…

Wake up, Sleeping Beauty. Snausages are calling youuuu.

Keeees me you fool! (head bonk)

Love the matching pop eyes, Peanut! Boi-oi-oing!

Stop Me Before I Kellogg’s

I can’t help it. I see a cereal box, and I start to quake, my mind snaps and pops and plays trix on me. I try to keep it in chex, but I’m a total fruit brute. I only do it for kix, but now I could get life.

A shameful part of this unbalanced breakfast.

Naugh-tea, Naugh-tea Kit-tea

You have steeped long enough. Time to get out now, my little tea bag, and let Mama squeeze you.

Cup of kit-tea from Buzzfeed


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