Now For Sale on Etsy

The Kit-TP Holder: Never get caught short a roll again with this hand-crafted toilet paper dispenser. Holds up to five rolls (including tail). Floofy material matches most bathroom decor, as long as it’s orange and white. Caution: May scratch.

Better ideas for better living, via Rasmus Knutsson


My Little Pony

Pinky takes some much needed time out from being a mega popular toy series and major entertainment franchise.

“This is Ringo — don’t tell anyone, but he loves to sleep with his pink horse. I’m sure he’s dreaming about rescuing damsels in distress on his trusty steed, Pinky.” -Marianne S. B.

This Little Toebean Went to Market

This little toebean stayed home, This little toebean had gushy fudz, This little toebean had none, And this little toebean went wee wee wee will rock you!

“Toe bean, or not toe bean? That is the question. Miles is comfy on the couch next to me, and so are his toe beans.” -Kendra

THIS JUST IN: Our Maddie Winners Are…

Monday, we asked everyone to send us an email to win a signed copy of Maddie On Things, and we just picked two entries at random. (Drum roll, please:) Our winners are:

Kay T. of Bend, Oregon
Kim A. of Los Altos, California


Maddie thanks everyone that entered…


And everyone who came to her Booksmith appearance!

Photos of the San Francisco visit from Maddie On

Monster, Truck

Truck, monster.

Booper, from Oscar D.

Just Out For A Leisurely Stroll

And that just happened.

Cheetah Cubs and Puppies. Is There a Cute Connection?

“Oh You Cutesters,” (who, us?!) “I just saw this story that the Dallas Zoo is raising two cheetah cubs with a labrador and almost died! I ask you, how is it EVEN OK OR LEGAL TO LOOK LIKE THIS? With the leetle heads so gigante? And the artfully dwipping eye-winer? The baby cheetahs, they are ADORABU. And they live with a PUPPY!” (it’s puppeh or it’s the Mod Lounge for you!) “Keep up the good work!” (we will, thanks! You too, Camilla C.!)

Yes, there is a cute connection. Labradors have been companions for many cheetah cubs.

Cute Talk and All Caps provided by Camilla C.  More at Yahoo News.

A Puff..N Stuff

Behold this little turbo-charged Horn Puffin at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Can he move, or what?

As seen on Los Gatos Patch. Shot by Bobbi W., submitted by Cuteporter Noelle Joelle H. If we can think of anyone else to credit, we’ll update the post.

Not a Mom Taxi, But Should Be

On second thought, maybe…the puppeh is adopted. OK, this one is now MOM TAXI XIII.


From the E v e r y t h i n g FB page via Sarah M.’s FB feed. From the looks of it, there was a flood somewhere and the horse decided to help the little guy out.

New From IKEA

Back to college on a budget? Furnish your dorm for less than the cost of an overpriced textbook! Start with FLÜRM desk ($59) and matching HLÔRP chair ($12). Accent with ŬRMPH bud vase ($9), BLÄVIN wastebasket ($6), and HËWWØ puppy ($priceless).

“This is Toby. He is such a mischievous little guy,” says Man C.