I Can Has Tuna?

Put eet right here OK then.

Seen on the DP&F FB.

This Week in Bee History

1958: Maj. Hank “Pollen Goggles” Bumblefuzz becomes the first bee to fly faster than the speed of sound.

Via milesmilob.

Time for Your Performance Review

In the area of litter box maintenance, I’ve had some concerns from other kittens on the staff, so we’re going to need you to try a little harder there, mnnkay? Moving on to the front door situation, we’d like to see you work on opening that sooner…

Via Ryan Biller.

This Happens Every Time!

Everybody’s up here in their favorite places, nice and comfy — and then Janice remembers she needs to use the litter box. Thanks a lot, Janice!

Maru Tries To Go Down The Drain

Maru, what’s down there? Do you see something? This must be investigated!


The Ascent of Mt. Wilbur

Day 11: Have reached summit at last. Feeling of joyous exhilaration surrounds me — whoops, slipped off there. Like I was saying, my indescribable bliss at — whoa, there I go again — the sight of the panoramic view is — wha-HEY! Wow, somebody must have greased this mountain recently!

Hey Kids! Ferret Roll-Ups!

Real ferrets and fun, rolled up into one. The sugary sweet and tender treat!

“Here is a picture of my adorable ferrets shnuggling in their leetle hammock. They love each other very much and this is how we find them every morning. Their names are Bones (albino) and Musculus (Mus for short, cinnamon). Hope you enjoy our picture!” -Sender Inners, Colleen C. and Patrick B.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall,

“who is the… yadda yadda yadda.” (snarkiest of them all. Rolls eyes.)

Alicia D. is a huge fan of Cute Overload and Snow White. She tells us “…as soon as I came up with the concept of making a magic mirror I knew I had to make it! So this weekend I finally made my DIY project, and while photographing it, my kitty Henry jumped up to check it out…. And that’s when I snapped a picture of what I thought was the most clever way he could’ve told me how truly special he thinks he is! LOL I wish I was that witty to position him there but he totally did it himself.”

♬ Wake Up, Little Duckie, Wake Up! ♫

It’s tough to stay awake in class after pulling yet another all-nighter in Thomas Library. ZZZZZZZZZ (clunk.) (PS- wait til :33. Just. Wait.)

“Thanks to all for playing, but I think this video just won the Internet… or at least my heart.” -Cuteporter Richard C.

Well We’re Movin’ On Up, To The East Side..

..to a deluxe apartment in the sky-y-y-y-y!

Hilary P.: “This is Andy, hanging out in the ‘garden’ -a planter box on the external side of our balcony railing, on the 11th floor. He and his sister don’t seem to have a fear of heights!”


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