PSSST! Hey …

Hey, buddy. Yeah you. C’mere. Wanna buy a book? My name’s Pippin; purveyor of never-read books. Previous owner only used for impressing company.

I am also an honest used twist-tie dealer and lint ball merchant, and an “adorable ball of spaz”.

Come back! I’ll throw in a twist-tie for free!

“My name is Katrina, and I am a long-time fan of cuteoverload. My boyfriend, Alex, and I adopted an adorable ball of spaz named Pippin a few months ago from the Washington Animal Rescue League. He just had his 1st birthday a couple weeks ago and already has had an eventful life, including illness, broken bones, multiple homes, and 2 name changes. At 6 months old, while being hospitalized for a moderate URI, Pippin (then Champ) fell out of his cage and broke his left hind leg. His owner couldn’t or wouldn’t give the extra care he needed, so the little guy stayed at the hospital until the good people at the Washington Animal Rescue League took him in. Alex saw his picture on their website a Christmas, and we just knew, you know? We didn’t learn about Pippin’s (then Zap) medical history until we filled out an application to adopt him, but he’s so active you would never be able to tell his leg was ever broken! We chose the name Pippin after the character from Lord of the Rings, which is quite fitting- he gets into EVERYTHING. Including the bookcase. Especially the bookcase. Alex takes awesome photos and has managed to get a few shots of Pippin (in between energetic running spurts of kitten-crazy).” Check them out on Alex’s flickr.

SOS: Save Our Sloths!

GHXiP5YCuteporter Becky C. fills us in: “I work at the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica and we desperately need help in order to continue our work rescuing sloths. We’ve recently launched the Save Our Sloths campaign to try and raise enough funds to return rescued baby sloths to the wild. There is lots more information on our campaign page!” (Becky also supplied these photos late last night. Awesome.)











And Now it’s Time for Funny Faces with Hedgies

The best part of your day!

Chance, wants to know who put pickles in his bug sandwich!? “Bleagh!”

Loki, after losing another battle with the toilet paper tube, wonders if a face lift would be a good idea.

Gretchen, has been watching too many of those pirate movies again.

Top pic: “Hi! I have a silly picture of my little hedgehog, Chance, that you may
enjoy. He is 4 years old, and very entertaining. I have more pictures of
my hedgehogs on my blog, ooo shiny object. Hope you
like it!!” -Larissa W.
Middle pic: Loki on Tumblr
Bottom pic: “I caught my hedgehog, Gretchen, making this silly face!” -Becca H.

Air Floofin’ With Milo

U can bet Milo has a team of assistant hoomins hovering over him with the lights, camera, and hair dryer action. Clearly, Milo Is A Star.

Milo’s video people have a lot more cleeps here.

Um…Hello? Hello? Anyone Wanna Play?

C’mon Mr. Dog. Just for a little bit? C’mon c’mon c’mon.

Sent in by Liz S.

Bird on a (Piano) Wire

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to The Birdnest, high atop the Hyannis Heights Hyatt, where the elite meet to tweet. I’m your host, “Rockin'” Robin Redbreast, and I’ll be pecking out your favorite bird-related songs, so leave your requests in the comments, thankyewverymuch…

Via wollombi.

And WHO Wants Their Own Kitteh, Hmmmm?

This fellow is excited ’cause he’s getting his own kitteh. Who wouldn’t be!

Klaatu42 did this.

New! It’s The Snake-Scrunchee!™ New!

AS SEEN ON TV….somewhere. New from the Cute Overload Wearable Products Division AKA “CO Soft-Wear” comes the Snake-Schrunchee!™ You’re driving along with the windows down (or worse, the top down) headed for coffee and WHOOPS the hair’s a mess. Quick look down at the shift lever where you keep extra scrunchies and…nada.

With the Snake-Schrunchee™ you’re always prepared. Just toss him in your jacket pocket, and he’ll automatically crawl into place. No muss, no fuss. Set it, forget it, and buy it today! The Snake-Schrunchee™ …only from Cute Overload.

Anne F.: “This is from my blog. This little python was sitting on my shoulder but inched his way up my neck and wrapped himself around the elastic band and just settled there. I didn’t want to move for the rest of the day (neither did he!!)”

Time For Some Blorp, Mate!

Cuteporter Abigail M. sent in one of these images, and the link led to a lot more. She explains: “Here are a plethora of adorable Australian sea lion photos by underwater photographer Tony Wu. They have all the elements of adorable animal photos: fish eye lens, big eyes, even bigger schnozzes :).” Quite blorpy, too. You can also read more about Tony here. (Hover text also from Wetpixel site.)

















We’re All Li’l Bub!

Li’l Bub, the Internet sensation, is now taking over the real world as well! Soon, everyone will be Li’l Bub: your boss, your best friends — even you!



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