Flashback Friday

It’s OK, I’m a professional. I totally meant to do this. I caught myself!

“Puppy, 1950” Photo by H. Armstrong Roberts/Getty Images


Time 4 A Lil’ Horsin’ Around

Cuteporter Vanessa checkin’ in again from The Great White North. “I recently discovered York Region, Ontario’s only Equine Rescue – “Segunda Vida” (Latin for Second Life.)”


“They are a working farm and boarding facility..”


“..which pays for a good portion of the rescue, but they are always in need of funds & would also welcome new volunteers.”


“Is there anything better than helping out rescued horses?”


“I didn’t think so.”

Photos by Vanessa Sarges.

Well, That Was and Will Be Awkward

TOXIC MILLS, NJ — In a historic coincidence, time travelers from both the past and the future arrived at the same spot. Time machines containing Sol Glinkman, from 1963, and CarboUnit 7619-Q, from 2141, materialized simultaneously at the Advanced Research Foundation (ARF) science labs.

Ed and Jiggles shop for appliances, from My Two Silly Corgis.

My Mother the Feather Duster

Bebeh orphan ducklink loffs its new Mom. She’s soft, gentle and doesn’t say, “Go clean your room!”

“Orphaned baby ducklings don’t do well on their own so when they arrive at the California Wildlife Center, they’re placed in an incubator with a substitute mom – a feather duster! It sure helped comfort this little one.” -Kim B. from Coast and Canyon Wildlife.

Aw, Shucks

It was nothing, really. Lassie taught me ebberything I know, Timmy.

“Wet corgi in a life jacket! Tobia enjoyed his first 4th of July on the lake.” –Tobias the Corgi.

Catvengers Assemble!

Terrific artwork here from Jenny Parks, as seen on Mashable. You can buy these images on Jenny’s website, too. (Yes, Spiderman wasn’t in the Avengers movie, we know. Picky, picky.)









CO New Orleans Peeps, The Humane Society Needs YOU

This story is tough to take..but we need to get it out there. The HS is looking for two male skateboarders who allegedly ran over this bebeh chicken on purpose, breaking both its legs. According to NOLA.com, “A witness saw the skateboarders run over the chick Sept. 2 near Independence and Marais Streets. The witness took the bird to Metairie Small Animal Clinic where the chick was treated for its injuries. The chick, named Nan, is now recovering at Kasia’s Ark Bird Rescue. Anyone with information is asked to call the Humane Society at 1-888-6-HUMANE.”


Lil’ Bub: Up Close and Paw-sonal

Lil’ Bub recently allowed The Furrtographer to do a photo shoot. She looks terribly impressed.




Benson Hedges, Private Eye! in: The Case of the Soccer Punch

It was a hazy L.A. morning, the kind of day when the city slept under a blanket of smog and broken dreams. I hadn’t seen the sun in so long, my quills were pale.

I was on my second pack of Luckies when the call came. It concerned Vivien Brooke-Troute, star soccer player for the Keosaqua Kicks. His legs were insured for a cool million, but now those legs were missing, along with the rest of him. Before you could say “bend it like baked ham,” I was on the next plane to Iowa.

Brooke-Troute had been imported all the way from England, and he was last seen enjoying afternoon tea with a mysterious brunette. The table was set for two, but somebody didn’t have time to finish his biscuit.

I went to the soccer field and looked for clues. The place was deserted, except for a lone soccer ball — and judging by the smell, it had been freshly kicked.

The lead pipe stung the back of my head like a nearsighted dentist had put me in the chair face down and started drilling. When I came to, I was at the wharf wearing cement galoshes. “Since you’re so keen on findin’ dis guy, shamus,” said a voice, “we’ll take you ta’ meet ‘im — at da bottom o’ da river!

Is this the end for Benson Hedges? Tune in for the next episode whenever we get more pictures and I feel like writing it!

Christine L. checks in: “In January you featured my hedgie, Barnaby, typing at his little desk. I thought you might like to know that Barnaby now has his own Instagram account! You can follow him at @barnabyhedgehog. Here are a few of my favorite pics.”

This Pup Contains Advanced Technology

Making peeps implode at the sight of unbearable cuteness.

Princess Di eyes also.

“This is Wolfgang, my 9 month old Pomeranian. I think he’s Cute Overload worthy, don’t you? He graduated puppy training class with a Master’s in sticking his tongue out. I’m chronicling his cuteness on FB at Wolfgang the Pom.” -Vanessa W.