Prosh Galoshes

They’re not just for cute pigalettes anymore, silly billy!


Mags Z. sent us this bootaful story via  The Telegraph of Maisie the Goat at Maria’s Animal Shelter in Probus, Cornwall. Maisie suffers from arthritis and has to wear wellington boots to help her condition. Recent downpours have left 12-year-old Maisie constantly squelching around in puddles and mud. So her keepers have provided pink wellies to protect her from foot rot – the animal equivalent of trench foot.


At least once every winter, nature would send Harold a frosty reminder why it wasn’t a good idea to sleep with one’s trunk dangling out of the window.

Photo: Tim Brakemeier, AFP/Getty. Via SFGate.

What’s All This Monday Morning Malarkey?

Rosy is having none of it. Bring on the satin eye mask, room service and the Zzzzzs!

Sabrina T. says her pomeranian refuses to get out of bed on Mondays.

When Dr. Zaius Was Little

Via Reporters Magazine

Santa’s Secret Revealed!

How can Santa climb down every chimney in just one night? He can’t! Now, for the first time, Cute Overload reveals the North Pole’s most closely-guarded secret: a worldwide army of trained cats, as seen in this smuggled training video:

Unfortunately, not every student makes the cut:

I Am Not a Fish!

I am coy.

This bun is very punny, Josh N.!

Can’t See the Forest for the Pup

There is only one Forrest to look at here. Trees are clearly for chewing.

If the National Parks featured this kind of Forrest, there would be long lines to get in Rory S.

Me Sad

In the aftermath of yesterday’s senseless tragedyeveryone could use a hug today.

“You Win!”

No Elaine F., we all win!

She adds, “I started playing the hand slap game (aka hot hands) to help my dog Lucy, a rescue, come out of her shell and do some seo services. Doggie SEO, you know? Now she’s a pro! She will challenge anyone to a game!”

It’s That Time of Year Again

It’s cat o’ log season! …yuk yuk yuk

Daisy is one cat o’ log we would not mind finding in our mailbox, Ben T.


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