Don’t Ask, Don’t Snorgle

[whispering Sir Richard Attenborough voice]

Rarely seen in the wild*, a Mali monkeh snorgles a Dachshund puppeh… Let’s watch.

*Wild? Wait—I think I see a leash Julie G.!

Wait—there are Chinchilla Rabbits!?

I had no idea! This close up, it’s hard to tell, but zoom out to see the ears, and sure enough, it’s RABBIT CENTRAL!

The Big Picture is always worth a look and purveyor of interesting facts. Photo by Michaela Rehle.

Floor Patrol

So far, only a cracker, pizza crust, a fuzzy, green, dead caterpillar, and they’re dropping lots of fruitcake. Weird!

Sender-Inner Caitlin says pup Oscar can patiently sleep wait anywhere.

Keep That Showroom Shine!

Attention beetles! Don’t let harsh winter conditions ruin your ‘tocks! Maintain that new-shell luster all year long with water-resistant BeetleWax™!

Shine on, Bri.

Jingle Goats

Jingle goats, jingle goats
Hoppin’ up on stumps
Oh, what fun it is to bounce,
Hurdle, leap and jump, Oh!

Merry Hannu-kwanzaa-dan, C.S.O.


Zo good to zee you! Do you like mah fez-aire boa? Eet matches my eyes!

And now I am ze ready for ze, how you zay, Extreme Close-up!

More adorableness by the Kronche Squared pups from Cindilla T.


Tell me moooore! [Plink plink]

I’m all ears, Jessica S.

And now, a ferret swimming

Check out this furry sea snake action:

According to Sender-Inner Emily B., Winston loved it.

Faster Than a Speeding Bunny

Nice try, you tricky hare, but the tortoise is still going to win.

We wanted to say, “win by a hare” but Sesame wouldn’t lettuce.


Check out Sender Inner Jessica S.’s kittens—they’re totally pent up in the house during a snowstorm driving each other crazy wrestling:

I will get out of this headlock my friend, and when I do, YOU’RE TOAST!


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