Search and ResQte

During the war in Afghanistan, three US marine soldiers took on a special mission: Rescue some of the war’s smallest and cutest victims. According to the blog Unique Scoop, two orphaned kittens have been shipped stateside to loving homes.

We salute you, anonymous sender-inner.

Veterans and Servicemen and Women, We Salute You!

On behalf of grateful humans everywhere, thank you. [Holding salute]

Hoonah Starfish by Marlboro!. Bowing by tanakawho. Salute by galchebor. Official Penguin Salute? by kevbo1983. salute! by pico*.I Salute You, by magannie.Tai Shan Stands at Attention and Salutes our Veterans !, by tai.shar. Sleeping and Saluting, by pyza*.

Vintage G’day

Australia, 1942:  A visiting American soldier comments on how much smaller the rats are compared to his native Brooklyn.


More classic cuteness from Flickr Commons.

Battles Large and Small

Listen, we know you could swat us with a paw in .02 seconds, but we have strict orders to watch the Fancy Feast until dinner tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!

[gets swatted across the room]


Guard duty photo is by and Army men revenge image is by Shooz.

Happy Birthday, Maru!

Japan’s Favorite Kitten Maru just turned five!

And, like any great eighties comedy, there is a montage with which to celebrate. GO!

Fave Frame™

Chief Sister Occifer sent this one in. Much More Maru here.

You Really Otter Learn to Swim


Geeshe, Mom, OK already! This big time coer-shons was sent in by Beth R.

Oh… My…. Gaaaa


Enormous Manatee action by CMGW Photography. Via BoingBoing. Spotted by eagle-eyed Ant.

Simon’s Cat is Tongue Tied

Watch Simon’s cat curiosities get the best of him. Again!

For all Simon’s Cat episodes, head on over to Rib. it.

Pardon me, Suh,

Might I trouble you for a bit of sugar? Me tea is ready. [Clasps paws]

Squirrelio Eglesias here is featured over at Buzz McFeeds.

Cockatiel Lobster!


Spotted by The B-52s their own bad selves! Sha-doo-ba-dop!


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