Sally, Peaches, And The Curious Case Of The Costco Dog Food Bag

This video looks like Trouble with a Capital T. “Sally, the rescued poodle, and Peaches, the rescued poodle wanna-be, discover the fun of a giant dog food bag.” -Jackie C.


And Now the News for Chinchillas

“Good evening. Our top story tonight: Whirlotronics has announced a factory recall of the series XL-3400 running wheel due to a tendency to break loose at high speeds. The flaw was first discovered when Albuquerque chinchilla Ken Fuzzy scampered furiously for three hours before realizing he was in Arizona.”

“My chinchilla likes to watch TV,” says Emily X.

THIS JUST IN: The Best Day Of His Life

People, say hello to Meaty. Watch this chunky slobberknocker roll through the best day of his life. We should ALL be so lucky. (PS- Watch this all..the..way..thru!)

“This is just the thing for a gray day like today in NC.” -Elisa B., who spotted it on MSN Now. (PPS- Learn more about these terrific animuhls at Georgia English Bulldog Rescue.)

Grumpy Cat & Boo Cake Pops. Of Course They Are.

Q: In this Interwebs cross-merchandising meme-frenzied world we occupy, what’s the next big thing?

A: These.

Naturally, we now have Grumpy Cat & Boo Cake Pops. Here’s how to make them yourself, courtesy of Bakerella. (Who has a book out, natch.) (And I know this feels like a “Japan Does It To Us Again” post, but no. You could, however, have a Grumpy Cat Cake Pop with a…Hello Kitty Beer!)





Classic Meg Rewind: September 21, 2006

Mmmmm, snoutlicioussss

This is complete and total snout overload. How much is that pig LOL-ing? I bet that pig snorts when he laughs, too.

Holy bacon bits, Jennifer H.!

Go On, Have A Cow, Dude

It’s National Farm Animals Awareness Week! So we thought you should be aware of this lil’ dude. Or dudette.

(Thanks to Sender-Inner Megin M. and her cowhorts Alterra Coffee and Sassy Cow Creamery.)

The Picture of Dorian Gray’s Somewhat Gullible Cousin, Clucky

“That artist ripped me off! Instead of a portrait that ages in my place, the portrait stays the same, and I’m getting wrinkly!”

From Melbourne, Australia, Joanna W. writes: “Meet Chook Chook, the bossy hen who came to live with us last year (seriously, she just walked in the door one Saturday morning). She is a top chick and is the boss of everyone. It’s a tea-towel that a friend brought back from the US as a gift for Chook Chook – she picked it up at a stall in Delaware and thought the chicken looked familiar (yes, our friends bring back souvenirs for our pets but not us). As soon as we hung it up, Chook Chook made a beeline to it and couldn’t quite figure out who the handsome bird was.”

THIS JUST IN: New Maru + Hana Video Action!

Hana spins like a top, and Maru appears…disinterested. Imagine that.

This Toesday Brought to You by the Number 5

Cat Von Cat sez, “That is FIVE. Five pointy bits. Excellent! Ah Ah Aaah.”  (Lightning flash, thunder crashes)

Josh Norem, The Furrtographer

Bubbles ‘N’ Bella: You’ve Got A Friend In Me

Bubbles the ResQte Heffalump loves to play with Lab Pal Bella, as you can see! Deets via Mail Online : amazing photos by Barry Bland.





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*Submitted by Phred’s Mom/Doris V-N.
*Video on YT posted by Myrtle Beach Safari.