Goat Overload™

Key quote here: “Somebody make them stop, they’re so soft!”

Posted on YouTube by Sarah C. As seen on Mail Online.

Welcome to Kitty Mart 2, “The Rescute”

CO Peeps, my post about Convenience Store Kitties led me to a rescue story. Now, cats are known for thinking they can take care of themselves but, luckily, we know better don’t we? Yes we do, just as long as you let them think it was their idea. And so, a very kind peep decided to take care of the Convenience Store Kitty you will see in this absolutely adorbs video: (passes around tissues in advance)

Fave Frame:


The C.O. Consumer Awareness Guide to Rigged Carnival Games

As we hit the height of county fair season, fairgoers should be wary of impossible to win “games” such as Knock Over the Concrete Milk Bottles and Guess the IQ of the Juggalo. Among the worst is Toss the Cranberries Into the Kitty Collar, rendered virtually unwinnable not only by the kitty’s constant scampering, but also by its tendency to eat the cranberries.

Via LWY.

Over the River and Through the Woods

to grandmother’s house we gooo.

“Sometimes people think my Basset Hound Maisy is a boy. As you can see, she’s very pretty and feminine.” Photo and submission by Maisy’s Momma

Go Speed Racer Ducky, Go!

This little varmint can REALLY motor. And just look how content Furball is when he gets the blow-dry treatment. And the head-rub treatment.

A Francu Mihai special, submitted by at least half a dozen Cuteporters.

Wimble Done

Yahng yahng yahnnng!

Via Flickr-er E. McClay

Daggone Dandelion Doggeh

Charlie, the 10 week old keeshound puppy, seems powerfully perplexed by this innocent dandelion.

Submitted by Cute Afficianodos Barbara and Paul of Concord, CA. Posted on the Tube by Mikael P.

Lawdy Mighty, I Feel Mah Temp’ature Risin’

Working an Elvis pompadour with a little number for all you hawt folks out there. Singin’, “I’m just a hunka hunka bunneh love.”



“My bunny’s name is Pippin, and he is just over a year old. He loves jumping, apples, leaves, and running in the backyard. -Becca

Tennis: A Love Game

Dear Mr. Djokovic and Mr. Murray, please don’t serve ME today. Thanks awfully. Now how ’bout some strawberries & cream?

A story from back in the day, for today’s Wimbledon men’s final.

But Why do I Have to Make the Bed?

Nobody’s gonna see it.

Via Reddit. Also, possible candidate for Rule of Cuteness #26, “If you have 4 legs and can tuck yourself in, it’s cute.


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