Goats Away!

Ladies and gentlemen,
Take my advice.
Make like this goat
And slide on the ice.


THIS JUST IN: Milo Meets Bath!

Watch The Little White Furhead get cleansed. Plus you get some nice ukulele music, too. Milo + ukulele on a Wednesday, SUCH a deal! (Be watching for The Official Milo Yawn @ 1:14.)

We Bow Again To Japan (彼らは再びそれをやった)

[This post is about KITTEH and PUPPEH DONUTS. We suggest being seated when watching. That way you’re closer to the ground when you PLOP over DED. Let’s begin. -Ed]

Cuteporter Wendy M. sent this video to us. She found it on FreeKibbleKat.com*, (“Got this video from these lovely people. They deserve all the support they can get”) who found it on the We Heart Pets blog. Got that sequence straight? Right. Ready?

Naturally, there’s MORE Japanese QTE Craziness, like Kiiroitori Ice Cream….

Rilakkuma Ice Cream…

…and in the Non-Edible Department, we got your Kutsuwa Kawaii Pencil Cap Erasers WHAT.

[And your usual RocketNews24 fixation wasn’t even involved in this post ~ *Snerk* -Ed]

[Here’s Google Translate if you wanna run that header through. -Ed]

*Their slogan: “Every dog and cat deserves a decent dinner.” Best slogan ever.

National Zoo Panda Update!

‘Member back about a month ago, Mama Panda Mei Xiang had herself a Bebeh Panda and it came out looking, um, rather small? Rule #1 when dealing with Pandas: They get bigger.

“You have to see this video ~ it must be shared with the Interworldz! Mama Mei’s hugeness next to her little one, and her gentleness, are nearly too much to bear (unintended yet appropriate pun :).” -Cuteporter Debra R.

Here’s the latest YT video from last week, or you can always dial up the Panda Cam.

Forget About Eyebrow Dots and Coma-Inducing Cute Factor

You should be worried about Huff Quack!

“Bet you didn’t know what a “huff-quack” is, well neither did I! A huff-quack is a vocalization made by a red panda when showing excitement or feisty behavior.” -Tamara H.

These cute little cubs  are Tabei (girl) and Tenzing (boy) who were born in June to first-time mother Scarlett at the Knoxville Zoo, Tennessee.

And after an exhaustive search of dozens and dozens of red panda videos, (squee!) here is a little huff-quack:

Lily Must Have An “Off” Switch…Somewhere

The Energizer Bunneh has NO chance of keeping up with Lily The Speed Racer.

From Cuteporter Wendy M.

THIS JUST IN: The Cookie Monster Of The Sea!

Just when you think you’ve seen it all. This little guy is actually a sea sponge! The photo was taken by underwater photographer Mauricio Handler, while diving in the Dutch Caribbean.

Stove Pipe Sponge, Aplysina archeri


For Some Pups, Home Is Where The Art Is

Check out these fantastical dog houses developed by world-class architects and designers at Architecture for Dogs! Details in the hovertexts.

Aaand, Snoopy says, “How do you like me now Red Baron!”


…There’s no place like foam, there’s no place like foam.


Heyyy, did they get the idea for this one from the traffic-cone scene in Toy Story?


A-tisket a-tasket, a Shiba Inu in a basket.



“And they all lived together in a little crooked house.”


There’s even a cute video:

Lots more dog house art to see via Rocket news.

T-Minus Seven Days And Counting

Yes, it’s almost time for ‘Tocktober on Cute Overload! Send us your pet’s ‘Tock Shot! We might just use it sometime next month!

Corgnelius, from Izismile.com.

And We Have Our Winners!

underwater_doggies_cover Thanks to all our CO Peeps who sent in an entry to win a signed copy of Underwater Dogs Kids Edition! And our winners are…

Irene G. of Worcester, MA.
Deborah C. of Atlanta, GA.

(Image from LittleFriendsPhotos.com.)