Cute Overload is Eight Today!

Happy 8th Birthday, Cute Overload

Oh Mah Gah Swoon Squee Asplode!

Eight years of serving up Cutie Pies

OMGPONEEEZ Swoon *poit* plotz *dies*

Today we celebrate CO’s Qte-a-palooza.

Looks like we’re gonna need the defibberthingamadooza!





“Cupcake the cupcake.” –Lauriebird
“Jarvis P. Weasley!” -Josh Norem
“Hamsters first birthday cake.” –Dan Derrett
“Happiest dog ever.” via Reddit.
“Millie’s birthday!” –Chris Jennings


POLL: R U A Kitteh Friend…Or A Puppeh Friend?

There’s one way to find out. Take this test. Play these videos. Then take our poll!

Puppeh via Reddit. George the Cat, from Cuteporter Jen.

THIS JUST IN: Stop What You’re Doing…

…and watch this. With some Kleenex.

Details here. Thanks to Cuteporter Andy F.

Milo Wishes Us A Happy 8th Birthday!

Thank you Milo! (And your hoomin Anita, too!) Have some cake, on us! Er, on you.

Happy 8th Birthday To Cute Overload!

Cute Overload’s FIRST POST was back on this date in 2005 at this very moment, 6:44am PT. (I think technically it wuz the 25th, but first post was on the 26th, so whatevs.) Happy Birthday to us! w00t!

And a few from way out in left-field, ’cause that’s just how we roll.

So celebrate the day, and have a MEELK (or, um, formula) on us!

Photo by The Furrtographer.

Stanley Doth Protest

We are sorry to announce our originally scheduled program Snausages Gone Wild, has been cancelled and is being replaced by the School of Collegiate Athletics Poetry Recital.

Via YouTube

You Scratch My Back…

…and I’ll scratch yours.

From Cuteporter Julie S., as seen on Petsami.

THIS JUST IN: Ultimate Spock Baroo!

“My dog Spock got very concerned about this poor dog on Cute Overload who couldn’t pull the stick (aka tree root) out of the ground. Added a good deal of amusement to my sick day.” -Ailing Cuteporter Amy C., who we hope feels better soon.

You Know The Best Thing About Fall?

Leaves. As long as you don’t have to do the raking.

From Cuteporter Dana “Love your site; I visit several times every day!” C.

Denver…Did YOU Do This?


Submitted by Julie S., and posted on The Tubester by Foodplot.