So How Was it, Scooter?

FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!! THANKS FOR ASKIN!! (Scooter’s still jazzed from the weekend snowstorm.)

Spotted this gem on MSN Now.

Sleep Pondering

Conscious thought can be interrupted by distractions; the squirrel twittering outside, the sound of kibble hitting the bowl, the smell of sunshine.

That’s why I prefer to do my philosophical thinking while unconscious.

Super Bonus Cute Overload Extreme Toebean Closeup

“This is a pic of our little man, Davis. We love him so much, so, of course we think he is the cutest thing on earth.” We agree, Kristyn K.!

Uh Oh!

Here comes Sheila!

Better tuck in and finish up. Sheila’s always hungry…and bigger than me.

This delightful wallaby was photographed by Alex T. at Healsville Sanctuary, Australia.

You May Remember Us From Such Films As…

Let’s See What’s Happening in the Lunchroom” and “We Have Reached Critical Mass.” Now you can enjoy us in our latest film: “Large and In Charge!”

Fave Frameā„¢

You’ve done it again, Keith H.

Milestones in Comedy

At first, nightclub audiences in 1963 were delighted by “Randolph and Mr. Flopsy,” the world’s first canine ventriloquist act. Their enthusiasm cooled, however, when they inevitably noticed Randolph’s jowls moving.

Via Eselsmann.

For Your Consideration

Before attention

During attention

After attention

Eevee the Shiba Inu wants to be petted always, Tim C.

You’ve Been Extra Good This Week…

Here, have a puppy.


So, We Took The Mercedes To Argentina…

We get photos from all over the world, being a GLOBAL INTERWEBS PHENOMENON and all. This email just rolled in from waaaay down they-ah in Argenteeena.

“Hi!! My name is Mercedes M., I’m from Argentina. I took this pictures last December at the province of Chubut, in the Argentinean Patagonia. The penguins are at Punta Tombo, a protected area, and the sea elephants are at Punta Ninfas, that is not protected yet, so you can go there and be with them (just crossing the fingers so no one destroy the place). Love your site, I’ve been following it for years now and is the only medicine for blue moments. Love the comments over the picture!!”








Most Amusing, Mister Bond…

Now let us see how well you entertain my… robot ninja death squad!


Joe R. Is The Luckiest Guy In The World

Why? Let Joe tell us. “Thought you might like this little video I filmed the other day. Meeting him was a birthday present. The best birthday present ever. My wife is a volunteer at the Santa Barbara Marine Mammal Center.



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