You expect me to GO TO COLLEGE!!?

My life span is only three years, god dammit!!!

[Shifty eyes] Can I major in Cheese?

No WAY José!

By the way, Sender-Inner and Photographer Lindsey B. says she’s “This is Penelope. I’m creating a calendar. A sort of ‘ode to Penelope‘”. Looks great so far, Lindsey.


Barry Dude. Poop complete!
2 minutes ago from Twatster


Laiiiiiiid Back

With my mind on my money and my money on my mind


Fabu swan shot brought to you by Sender-Inner Matthew K, who took this on holiday in Japan (natch)


BowlKitteh The dog is looking at me as if I’m hiding bacon somewhere on my person.
about 1 hour ago from CeilingChat


I’m Popeye the Sailor Cat!

“Well, blow me down!  Knocked flat on me back by Bluto, that no-good sea dog!  Just wait ’til I gets out me spinach, ya big palooka!”

AAG-agg-agg-agg-agg-agg-agg-agg-agg! <-- Popeye laughter

Just needs the little corncob pipe, Krista B.

We interrupt this Caturday to bring you


Another nap.


Toilette – Washing and Kitten having a nap were photographed by catherine.caf.


Not ocelot!


Love and crumpets to Heidi K. of East London UK. for this one.

HAHAHA That was funny, Guys.



Sthender-Inner Alex S. says: “This is Benny! He’s part chihuahua, part something else (I think terrier)!” – OK!

Big Wheel Keep On Turnin’

Wow, this looks like my commute: The dreary conformity, the mind-numbing crawl of traffic, the giant rodents (I think I need to adjust my medication)… But thanks to Kia Soul, three happy hammies escape the rat race.

Suggested by Noelle!


People! Shut up! I have an announcement to make! [Whistling sound]


We’ve made some improvements to the site! And I’m not just talking about centering the logo!

Can I get a drumroll for:

  • Slightly larger imagery! We’re talking 12 percent larger!
  • Less craptacular content in the sidebars!
  • Improved Typography!
  • New “Top 4 Popular posts” feature!
  • Tags!
  • Easier-to-find Glossary!
  • About Us and Contact Us pages!

Got feedback? send it our way! Thanks for all the great feedback!

Attentive listener Fennec Fox by floridapfe.