Still Have Your Christmas Tree?

If you haven’t set it out for recycle, word is they are great to…roll around on.

Sender-inner Reggie T. adds, “It’s not my video – it belongs to the local zoo near Cambridge.”


Ancient paintings found in caves show us what cute looked like many thousands of years ago. Some cute that inspired cave art still exist today. Extinction schminxshon!

Hey Oog, paint me like one of your cave drawings.

Fred and Barney yabba dabba doodled me.

Bebbeh trunkster via Sean Gallup/Getty Images. Rare, baby black rhino via Zooborns. Bebbeh Patagonian Mara is Teddy Bear the Porcupine‘s new wodent buddy!

Oh, Stump

Let me tell you all my dreams.

Via Guinness Wench’s Pinterest

Two Cute!

Two different, sweet, little kittens; two poses each.

It takes two to make a thing go right, so here you go!

Brooke B. named her grey kitty McCloud, “as in Duncan McCloud* of the Clan McCloud* of the Highlands of Scotland of the TV show Highlander fame”, and Ashley H. named her ginger kitty Rocky – Ashley didn’t say why she named him Rocky, but he is a knockout.
*Nerds the world over united to tell us that it’s spelled MacLeod. The more you know!

Dream Dive

(“urmpth… ehn… and now Louganis steps up to the platform… Looking calm, collected, very much in form… he’s in position now… and it’s a perfect backwards somersault with a cannonball finish! And the crowd is on its feet now…”)

Via Al King.

Do Not Misunderestimate Me, Pal

Yeah, OK. You’re an aspiring burglar. You look at the sign. You look at me. You figure “no problem here.” Big mistake, my friend. Because if you wake me from this lovely nap, you will be dealing with five-point-three pounds of seriously annoyed French Bulldog. You need to think about that.

It’s Olive, from sender-inner Carrie P.

Queen (and King) of Manipulation

It makes me sad when you don’t do what I want to do.

No, no, just go on with your day and I will wait here, all alone, on this bed with no company except this hard, plastic, red bone.

That’s a hoomin! Good hoomin! My love is your treat.

Sent in by Elly C., owned by Miss Daisy, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Sleeping In On Sunday- Do Not Disturb

Today is a day when you See ya tomorrow. Over ‘N’ Out.





Video submish from Borisov Roman. Photo 1 of “Zoe” from Stephanie H. Photo 2 of Charlie Chubbles from Aubrey L. Photo 3 of Sumo Da Hedgie taken by Biggsy. And Photo 4 of “Theodore AKA Teddy” by Jennifer H.  That is all.

You Otter See This! (Sam I Am)

386610_10151162146381990_360719025_n“Sutro Sam” has decided to pay the people of San Francisco a visit. Sam The River Otter gets his name from the fact he now resides, at least for the moment, at an old San Francisco landmark known as the “Sutro Baths.” quotes Megan Isadore, co-founder and director of outreach and education for the River Otter Ecology Project as saying, “This otter is the first otter recorded in decades and decades in San Francisco, and as far as I know he is the only otter in San Francisco.” CBS5 and KCBS Radio have more coverage here, and KGO 7’s coverage is here. Welcome, Samuel- enjoy your stay! (Of course, he has his own Twitter account.)



628x471 (3)

628x471 (2)

628x471 (1)
Thumbnail from the River Otter Ecology Project FB; photo 2 from Jouko van der Kruijssen Wildlife Photography FB; remaining from Sean Havey, The Chronicle/SF.

This Post Is For The Birds!

No, not The Birds.

It’s National Bird Day today! So let’s celebrate with some Sooty Owls at the Taronga Zoo, eh? Bless their sooty little heart-shaped faces!

[Like how they swivel their little heads around. -Ed]






From Zooborns, photos by Lorinda Taylor.


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