Wake Me Up When You Win Something

A sender-inner had a dog, and Bingo was her game-o,
B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O,
Well, actually, she thought it was lame-o

Sabrina T. says: “This is our pomeranian, Rosy, after playing too many rounds of BINGO! She was tired of not winning yet!”

The Quill is Mightier

My great-great-great-great-great grandfather was Quilliam Shakespeare. His pin name was The Barb of Avon.

Sender-inner Christine L. tells us this is Barnaby! “He is a reverse pinto and we got him from Hamor Hollow. He is the cutest thing I have ever seen so of course I take pictures of him all the time.”

Kodie DoubleDose™

What could be better than one Kodie video? Two of course!

Oh heck- we’ll just toss these in too.


Not Yet

Angela C. scores again.

The Many Moods Of Egg





Somewhere In-Between:


Photos of Egg by Winnie and sent in by Ben D.

Now, Orange You Glad You Found This Video?

Look at this little nutball go.

Spotted on Mashable.

If This Video Doesn’t Get You…

…then the soundtrack by Mr. Louis Armstrong will.

FAVE FRAME ACTION™ (No Extra Cost): Kitteh nomming tail.

Brought to our attenshun by Hilary K.

Muscled Mouser

Tonight, on 59 1/2 Minutes, we explore the troubling issue of “kitten juicing,” steroid use among the feline community. Our guests will include “Bruno X,” who has a 32-inch chest, 15-inch biceps, and can bench press a Toyota.

Allie, at five months old, from sender-inner Ashley H.

Time to Lay Off the Snausages

Ermagherd, berlly flerpperge! Ah have been going to the gym twice a day since New Year’s, and I don’t see no difference!

Dreadnought says this is Goblin, “our wrinkly little pug, as she takes an afternoon nap.”

Yes. Very Amusing.

Please, do not mistake my eye-rolling for disapproval; my orbital lobes are irritated due to a stray hare.

Betty is very…um…tolerant, Brogan S.

They Call Me Doctor Lovebird

After a long day of working with clients at his office, all Doctor Lovebird wanted

was to put his feet up

and a little liquid refreshment, Love Potion #9.

and his nap time.

Then it’s back to work because in this world, Dr. Lovebird’s work is never finished.

This is Karin O.’s lovebird, named Lovebird. What the world needs now is Lovebird, sweet Lovebird.


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