Spoon Fed


This tiny Spoon-billed Sandpiper chick is the only species of bird born with a spoon shaped beak (thank you BirdLife International).

Via BuzzFeed

ResQte Rap

Put your paws in the air and wave ’em like you just don’t care!

Fave Frame™

Sent in by Allie G., presented by Pet Collective


You will simply not believe this, folks.

Holy Bat Videos, Teresa C!

Thees Kitteh Look Familiar 2 U?

Prolly so!

That’s ‘cuz thees kitteh ees on today’s 2013 CO Calendar desktop page!

Her hoomin Danielle says “Honey doesn’t fit in my pocket anymore. I love your site and have bought the calendar for the past 3 years in a row. Keep up the good work!”

[Three years in a row! Outstanding. And we appreciate the kind words. -Ed]


When We Get Down…

..this is how we get down. In Miami.

Yo, it’s the Miami Dogs (ft. The Bark4Green Dogs) from Keith H.

No, Krypto! NOOOOOO!

(Oh boy, oh boy, my owner is the bestest owner a dog could have! I am so proud of the way he fights crime and leaps over tall buildings in his cape and matching boots! That is why I am going to surprise him with this pretty glowing rock I dug up in the park! Boy, he will be surprised to see this, uh huh, uh huh!)

Via Randy Robertson.

I Put on My Robe and Wizard Cat

… and it was at that fortuitous, once-in-a-lifetime moment, as the stronger members of her party struggled vainly against Fractallicus the Crystal Doom Lord, that Princess Priscilla Poofypants, lowly second-level witch, saw her chance to use the +12 Shard-Shattering Screech of Scheherazade.

Cathy O. writes: “This is Faith, a kitten who is at our no-kill shelter in Cincinnati Ohio (Save the Animals Foundation). She’s recuperating from various broken bones. The good little witch!”

Mewseum Tour Guide

Hello everybody and welcome to the Thingamajig Mewseum. We’ll start with the Whatchamacallit Exhibit. On the right here we have a view of the doohickey and on the left you will see the whatsit.

And now to finish our tour could I draw your attention even closer to the doohickey.

Zoey’s mystery tour sponsored by Megan C.

He’s Not Heavy, He’s My Brother

Remember these two brothers, Levi the bear and London the panda? They don’t look much like brothers…

’cause they’re brothers from another mother.

Kirby M. explains Levi and London are half brothers, from the same dad but different moms. It’s a modern family thing!

The Real Best Picture

We all know about The Oscars. Well, we’re lowering raising the bar.

It’s simple. We want YOUR REAL BEST PICTURE! We’re talking stunning, People!

Just send us your very best PROSH ANIMUHL PET PHOTO. (It would help to put THE REAL BEST PICTURE in the subject line!)

We’ll consider all the entries we get between now and the 22nd. Then on the morning of the 25th (the day after the Oscars,) we’ll have voting (From You, Our Peeps, our ACADEMY) for “The REAL BEST PICTURE.”

Good luck!



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