If Puppy’s Not Happy, Nobody’s Happy

What’s wrong puppy? You look like you have a case of the sads.

Everybody gets sad from time to time. Things will get better soon. Yes they will.

Would a hug help? Come on over here and get a hug. C’mon.

Look your tail’s wagging! Good job wagging that tail! Everything’s going to be OK.

Aw, now we feel all warm and fuzzy inside, Klearchos Kapoutsis.

Crustacean Frustracean

While the dashing and dutiful Australian Sheepdog may be the go-to breed for the landlocked rancher, let us not overlook an equally cagy creature, the Pacific Coast Crab Herder. Ever alert and lightning-fast, this wily breed darts and dances, guiding its quarry ever closer to the ocean… into which it then disappears, leaving the poor chump to wonder what just happened.

What, you thought we were talking about the dachshund? Please.

Paw-up FaveFrame™!

Bonus BlooperFrame!

Gee, and I had the drawn butter all ready, Diana P.

Start Your Day With Cup-O-Monkey

Wake up to the smooth proshness of Cup-O-Monkey™. Three adorable varieties: Marmoset, Tamarin, and Capuchin-o. Now caffeine-free (because quite frankly they’re jumpy enough to start with).

Brayin’ Teasers

You wanna play pin the tail on the donkey with me?

Oh silly, you know that game’s a pain in the ass.

Mule never walk alone, klearchos kapoutsis.

Does Your Cat Food Stack Up?

It will if you serve Stack’n Snacks, for a balanced meal in every sense of the word.

Cutes and Ladders

Family game night won’t be the same anymore! An old classic board game just got better! With hamsters! Your very own hamster spins for you and moves up the ladders! No more hours and hours and hours of agonizing set backs!

Knibbel, the Russian dwarf hamster, is a winner,  jpockele!

Greetings and Salutayshons

Hiiiii! How are ya. Hey there. Whassup.

Hullo. Hiya! How you doin’?

Gives you a yellow smiley sticker. Smiles and waves.

Have a nice day, cuatro77!

More Flower To Ya

Thank you, marioanima, for reminding us to paws and smell the flowerpug.

Here Comes the 11:17 Duckling Express

… right on time, as usual.

From Peggy2012CREATIVELENZ comes this mama Goldeneye duck and her (extremely) close relatives.

Contemplative Kitty

Who am I? What does it all mean? Where Am I and why is it so slick?

This kitty is reflecting on itself, Christian Holmér.


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