Damn That Idiotic Groundhog

I mean really, how hard is it for you to not see a shadow?

And really, why are we pinning all our hopes to a groundhog? I may only be a squirrel, but c’mon! It’s fricking freezing here!

Only six more weeks with a disgruntled squirrel, Peter.

Grand Theft Hamsterball

(Oh boy, I’m almost to the end of the game! All I have to do is run over these drug-dealing cats, steal the Uzi power-up, and I can take on the Big Wheel himself!)

Says Wendy L.: “This is Shirley, a hamster up for adoption at Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue in Baton Rouge, LA. She came from the pound along with another hammie, and both are so sweet and cute!”

I am So Above This Nonsense

It was difficult, but Biff tried to maintain some semblance of macho during his birthday celebration. And in all honesty, he was just glad he didn’t have to wear the matching pink boa and the rhinestone-bedazzled booties.

Do you always celebrate with arrow-shaped cookies, Stacy?


GAH! MAAAAM! Stopeet.

mother koala with cub

Axis of Valentine’s Snorgling Xtreme Close-Up [A.V.S.X.C.U.]

I will hug you, and squeeze you, and call you Miah, by ysaleth, Happy Valentine’s to you, Sender-Inner Shari E.

My Fuzzy Valentine

For some reason, she only took photos of me on one day out of the whole year…

Forwarded by Annette T-C., via Catster’s The Cat’s Meow Blog.

It’s the C.O. Happy Fun Activity Page!

Hey, kids! Here’s a fun Valentine’s Day project you can make yourself. Here’s what you need: One 28″ x 22″ sheet of red poster board, safety scissors, Pug, and 16-ounce Porterhouse steak.

  1. Carefully cut poster board into heart shape, and cut hole in center
  2. Place pug’s face through hole
  3. Dangle steak in front of pug until pug is completely hypnotized

Happy Valentine’s Dog, Elizabeth K.

Happy Valentine’s Day…From a Cold, Dark Heart

It may be a little wet too, sorry.

Happy Valentine’s, Christina D.

Flying, grinning, STINGING!

According to photographer Tara Renaud; “Under the stingray tank at Sea World, you can experience the feeling of being surrounded underwater by hundreds of “happy” and beautiful stingrays.”


Photo by Tara Renauld, sent in by Marilyn T. over at the National Geographic Intelligent Traveler. National Geographic Daily Dozen edited by Susan W.

Just Noshin’

So, what are you doin’ today?

This just in from Ant over at AQFL

THIS JUST IN: frolicking and mini trunk action

Please check out this prosh baby elephant frolick:

The mini trunk is really redonk:

Plink plink! [sound of trunk 'lips' smacking]

This baby elephant was born on 1/16/10 in Melbourne, Australia. See her first swimmin’ experience and many many more shots over at Zoo.org. The anonymous Sender-Inner would like to remain Anonymous. Done.