Welcome to Graceland Stables

Where even the horses cultivate an authentic Elvis sneer.

Via aaronmcintyre.

Sometimes U Feel Like A Nut

..and sometimes you don’t. WAIT, I feel like a nut all the time. BWAH HA HA HA HA gimme that.


“Some people call this a bird feeder- I prefer to think of it as my own personal anti-gravity yoga equipment.” -Karen K.

Ear Hairs, Not Just for Ol’ Men Anymore

Wow, our definition of folicularly challenged, no long fits.

Clear your schedule for the rest of the day before you visit Josh Norem’s website, The Furrtographer.

Invasion of the Brain Eaters!

It was on a tranquil Sunday morning when Myron Saspoot of Squid Nuts, Oregon noticed strange behavior in his dog Pembroke. Overnight, Pembroke developed a sudden interest in differential calculus and a craving for banana pancakes. Saspoot wondered if the strange object attached to Pembroke’s head might provide the key to solving the mystery…

Via intrepid00.

Friday Haiku Too: Shoulder Sqwerl

Sleepy little sqwerl
Looking for a place to crash
This hoomin will do

“This is a baby squirrel that was on my campus and was very tame. Not something you experience every day… I named him Nuts. Thought it would be appropriate to share on your site!” -Cuteporter Charlie B. in the You Kay.

“I was walking along the path on my university campus (Roehampton University) in London. I stopped to look at this guy on the side of the path. When I stopped, he came and jumped onto my shoe, no kidding. I sat down and he went into my lap and fell asleep. I kept him with me for a few hours showing people, then put him back into some bushes in a wooded area that evening. Never saw him again!”

Friday Haiku: Kitteh Snorfing

Tiny warm kittehs
Cuddle and snorf their bellehs
It is lots of fun.

A Norem special.

This Is Not The Ducky You’re Looking For…Move Along

Nothing to see here.

“May I present Mr. Link. He’s our 7 year-old tabby.” -Cuteporter Liz M. of Lawrenceville, GA, who also helpfully provided the suggested header.

Flashback Friday

And what kind of pooshay are you; shome short of imposhter?

Various coffBrinkecoff sources.

They Woke Me Up At 3AM!!!!

“I am so sorry I missed the Pocket Pal submissions – would you enjoy one more?”

[Yes. -Ed]

“This is Harry Saliva Beck, our Italian Spinoni puppy in his Dad’s game bag. The grass was just too tall and the day too long. Harry hitched a ride.” -Cuteporter Helen H-N.


Listen Kid, You’re Gonna Get Some Kisses…

Whether you want ’em or not! Here I come!!

Video by and from Johannes P.


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