Domo Arigato

Mr. Craboto

So many Favorite Frames™

Maymo the Lemon Beagle does it again! Thanks sender-inner, Buzzy, who saw it on Laughing Squid.

Hi, And I’ll Be Your Tour Guide Today!

My name’s Smilin’ Jack- well, that’s my nickname. No IDEA where it came from. HA! OK, the tram is going to be moving in just a moment, so make sure you’re buckled in. Any questions, just raise your hand! Or antenna!

Macro dragonfly shot from Shinkei Goh/Caters News.

I Crawl In Here To Get A Few Winks..

…and this HOOMIN opens the lid! Can’t a guy have some privacy?

Submitted by Mce V., who found this- I’m gonna say dormouse, here.

If The Shoe Fits…

Brady has decided that these running shoes are to be used for his bed, rather than his hoomin’s jogging.

Well played, B-Man.

From Ashley.

Their BEF is My BBE

Beady Eye Factor is normally associated with hamsters. But with my Beady Black Eyes I’m the beadiest BEF there is, plain and simple. From the moment I wake you up in the middle of the night, my glittering, globular glare ees the best!

Gorgeous guinea peeg from Josh Norem.

You Want to What?

You want to sit? In this chair? Now? But… but that would mean my associate and I would have to… to… (shudder) move!

Via Gabriel Gonzalez.

Who’s The Cat That Won’t Cop Out…

..when there’s danger all about?



Right on, Josh N., who is clearly on a ROLL.

Guineas From Heaven

:: Angelic choir from above, trumpets, ethereal light ::
Greetings new arrival. St. Guinea Pig welcomes you!
Why don’t you have a seat? Just need to do a background check. We don’t get many of your kind here.

OK. If you don’t mind whistling for all eternity, you are free to stay.

Owner-sender-inner-ographer, Samia K.M. says, “My piggy is so cute!”

You’ll Receive Full Severance, Of Course

Mr. CEO McFerretPants has his game face on as he axes another helpless underling.

From the always reliable Josh N.

Bunday Board Meeting

“All right, folks, I have a 2 PM tee-time, so let’s get this moving. First up, Marcie will fill us in vis-a-vis the fourth quarter carrot situation, and then Stan has a thrilling three-hour Powerpoint about — Herbert! Stop eating the conference table!”

All in favor, vote “aww,” Dany W. S.


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