Mr. Buns is holding court, People.

Ademiromano found this B.B.o.C. (Big Bun on Campus) pic.

We’re on safari to stay…

So tell the teacher we’re surfin’

Surfin’ USA.

(Our instructor even looks like Brian Wilson.)

More deets on Pismo and Goatee over at SF Gate! PS: Cred to Mrs. Brinke for spotting the story foist.

Son, it’s time you learned about…girl puppehs

Daddy Corgeh is about to give Junior Corgeh THE TALK about Corgis and bees.

Or something.

Thanks for the Corgage, Ant!

THIS JUST IN: Kute Klinging Koala

This is the story of a koala so adorable, he could only be called Crescent Head Jimmy. Orphaned in 2009 and weighing less than two pounds, Jimmy was rescued by Koala Hospital Port Macquarie, who raised him and returned him to the wild. Years later, a collection of his photos became a Internet sensation.

More kuddly koala kuteness on Australia’s Facebook page.

Harold Prepares for Damage Control

(All right, keep it together… Don’t look flustered, that’s the important thing… Now, I’ll need a cover story… Something ran under the slide and I dove for it, yeah, that’ll work… So, a squirrel, maybe? No, too simple… Bigfoot? Wait, that’s silly, he’d never fit down there… A leprechaun? Think, Harold, think!)


Friday Haiku: Quantum Leap

Your haiku subject:

Spring lamb in more ways than one

Hop to it, poets



I think Maru is a box man, Carrie T.

The Eternal Struggle of Beagle vs. Lemon

In the harsh, unforgiving realm of Nature’s backyard cookout, defensive techniques help small prey squeeze out of danger. In this video, a lemon has fallen under attack by that most fearsome of predators, the beagle. Instinctively, the wily lemon assumes a submissive posture and secretes a powerful substance that causes temporary insanity. Again and again, the beagle strikes, but in the end retreats outside to scrounge half-eaten hamburgers, leaving the lemon free to return to its natural habitat, the iced tea pitcher.

The Ice Cream Was Just Swine!

The schnozzberries taste like schnozzberries!

Carrie T. found this delectable dish.

Whoa, I Need an Energy Drink

I can feel those mid-afternoon sleepies creepin’ up on me… (and I think I’m getting vertigo from having my head on such a long neck!)

Were you saying something, Lorraine C.? Must’ve dozed off there.


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