You Have Been Randomly Selected

Puplishers Clearing House is pleased to send you an official pup! Because you could be our next Big Winner to receive 1 Million Pups a year for life!

Please see Stefanie C. for official de-tails.

Yeah I Got Ears Coming Out of My Eyes, So What

It’s like totally normal and stuff.

It takes a very special Bunday for this pic, Aoife D.

CO Double Feeture!

Locked Out – No Pawblem

Now where’d I put mah keys?


Hairy Houdini

Your prison cannot hold meee!

Adoorable, Sue H.! //NOTE! If you’re looking to adopt some kittens in the Tacoma area, check out Pitter Pats of Baby Cats!//

It’s an… Interesting Interpretation…

The pattern is quite striking, and I really appreciate the avant-garde statement you’re making with the whole “no eyes” thing. It’s just that I was expecting a decoy with a bit more realism. Something I could put in my pen after lights-out, y’know?

“This is my new pet Winston. He lives with me at my quilt shop (Sew Tuff Quilting Co.) in Tofino, British Columbia Canada. You can find more photos of him on our website Big fan of the site. Thanks, Erin”

Corgi Saturday Night Jailbreak!

Come on out! It’s CATURDAY NIIIIGHT!

Nice spy cam, Victoria B.

Serene Sunbeam Sunbath on a Sill

Ahhh what could be more peaceful? (honk-shu sounds)


Bring it on, Dada & Xiao-xiao! Thanks for the cuteness, Mona H.


Sing it with me! “Lookin’ for sucklin’ in all the wrong places!”

Then comes the smack-down! Duck Melissa Y.!

And Cutest Zoo Baby Goes To… [opens envelope]

Kasi the baby Cheet-cheet is the winner of  Cutest Zoo Baby. While he’s at it, Kasi should also win runner up for an Interspecies Snorgling award due to fraternizin’ with this lab puppy named Mtani.

Apparently, zoos often bring in puppehs to befriend orphaned cheetahs, because the two species get along surprisingly well.

Ahgnnng. [Gurgling sound]

Spy Bug

Water drops for eyes!
Thinner than a fly!

Spy Bug!
Spy Bug!

Hidin’ on a stem!
Antennae say “a’hem!”

Spy Bug!
Spy Bug!


A somewhat hidden Quesada Domis by Solent News & Photo, sent in by Isabelle G.

Nobody Understands Emo Kitten

Emo Kitten’s skinny jeans are on too tight.

Emo Kitten doesn’t expect you uncreative facists to understand her paintings.

Emo Kitten thinks if after getting dressed you can’t breathe and look like a hobo, you’ve done it right.

Life is hard for Emo Kitten.

Via Izismile Emo Factoids and hover factoids from Urban Dictionary.


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