Weird Science

As we can see, for every action, there is an equal and adorable reaction, which is transmitted across the Axis of Clacking unless interrupted by a sufficient Whap Force. Furthermore, by applying Nomming Pressure to the base of the structure…

… we may induce a FaveFrame™!

Via Funny Cats and Nice Fish.

The Fast ‘n’ The Furry-ous 5: Did Someone Say…Snausages?

Very clear here that a hoomin has called this puppeh’s name, with the AOL Keyword® “Snausages!!!”

You can just see the leetle puffs o’ smoke comin’ off each paw, just like our first Fast ‘n’ The Furry-ous episode!

This puppeh Pinned us down.

The Look

For reasons covered explicitly in my Fifth Amendment Rights, I concur with your yogurt flavor of choice.

Good thing you took the pic before Louis slurped away the evidence, Becci M.!

Let’s Play Kitten or Nautilus!

1. Place head close to subject and listen closely
2. Hear purring? Kitten!
3. Hear ocean? Nautilus!

Sender-Inner Christian S. isn’t sure what Kaydy is…

You Called?

Here I am.

I do hope that my company proves pleasant to you.

Butters, at your service, via redditer chrsco92.

We All Know Why We Are Here Today

The Meeting of the Couch Puptaters will now come to order. Thank you all for attending.

We called this meeting for 2 reasons: sofa cushions! Shall we get down to business?

All in favor say “Aye!”, Donna H.

I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me!

Xiao Xiao the kitty says if you’re watching her, you’re looking good Mona H.

How Now Brown Cow

Sounds that are round cannot possibly be made by such a pointy diphthong.

Via Pinterest

How To Care For Your Human

At least once a week, take your pet to the human park, where she can run and play with others of her own kind. However, the constant activity and stress can cause dehydration, so make sure your human gets plenty of fresh water.

Via Buzzfeed on Facebook.


As soon as she was born on 10-12-12 at the Cincinnati Zoo, Lulu the baby giraffe is amazing, majestic, dappled, dewy, incredibly cute, and …hmmmm oh yeah! Knobbular!

Fave Frame:

Congratulations, Cincinnati Zoo


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