Maymo Explains it all to Penny

Just to add to the confusion.

Fave Frames:


Penny, if ya can’t lick ’em ya might as well join Maymo, and here and here.

Explosions At Boston Marathon

Multiple explosions have rocked today’s Boston Marathon, with at least three deaths and scores of injuries reported. CO offers condolences to those affected.

Update: Here’s how you can help, and here’s where you can look for someone in the area that might have been affected, as well as some other helpful links.

About That Tax Return…

The dog ate it.

This be Felicia, from Cuteporter Curtis St. J.

Oh, Bummer, Man.

The #1 reason hippies don’t go camping nowadays is the fear of going into the woods and finding an 18′ tall hermit crab lurking beside their campsite.

Sender-Inner Abi M. shares, “In a break from the normal underwater photograph, Jason Isley has added miniature figurines to create cute scenes with underwater critters.” Very cool! Like wow!

Dateline: Kigali, Rwanda- Magilla Glub Glub, Vol. V–Lights Out!

Whadya do in Kigali, Rwanda of all places…when the lights go out?

You eat meatballs! Just like Magilla Glub Glub.

“MGG and I made this video last night. Our power was out and my wife was in the U.S. so we were left to entertain ourselves. Glub Glub really likes eating meatballs, so we decided to see how many he could eat in 60 seconds. I think he does pretty well for his first try. He promises to eat more the next time he gets a chance.” -Hoomin Nathan G.

I WAS Working On The Taxes..

..I know, I know, they’re due tonight. But I find looking at dogs more stimulating.

“This is our beloved Jameer Nelson (goes by Nelly to his dawgs) looking at some hot babes online. Caught him red pawed!!!” From Molly K. and Dan G.

Emma, Do You Enjoy All The Rain?

“Let me ask you this. Do I look like I’m enjoying it?”

“My 14 year old Westie, Emma, had fun in the snow after Nemo (and even more fun seeing her video on Cute Overload) but isn’t enjoying the April Showers quite as much.” -Cynthia W.

Snuggie Tug o’ War

Listen to me, Snuggie,  . . . You may battle and struggle, you may fight really hard, but know this my fleecy friend: I always get what I want. And what I want, is you. I will peek and poke and push and pull if I have to! Consider yourself warned.

Mrs. Lop Hophoperson via James P.’s Watch the Bunny

Yeah, I Got This…

I’ll just drag it out by… no, that end’s too big, maybe this… well, that’s kind of big, too… so maybe if I roll it… no, it’s kinda too lumpy for that…

OK, maybe I don’t got this.

Via basykes.

Are You Smarter than a Bunny?

A carrot stick of mass 0.10 kg is nommed at a velocity of MACH 0.1469 before coming to rest. How much cute is achieved?

Suneetra took a well deserved break from grueling medical studies to catch a cute pic of her bunny, Zippy Tunes, for CO. We wish you the very best for the MCAT, Suneetra! You are obviously a genius, and you have now earned your honorary C.D. (Cuteologist Degree).


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