Really, Riley? Really?

Well folks, it looks like Riley’s been caught. He would have got away with smuggling those diamonds too, except for one thing. Stuffies. No dog can resist ripping the stuffing out of stuffies.

“My 4 year old Jug (jack/pug), Riley… who obviously likes to make a mess.” -Dani B.


I’ll tell the world, you belong to me,
I’ll tell the world, you’re the soul of me,
I’ll tell the world, you’re a part of me, Bernadette.


ruby's camera 017
“This is our pet pig Bernadette. We brought her home weighing 8lbs. and now she’s about 100 lbs. and still lays on our laps!” -Abbey A. Music by the Four Tops.

Bunday: Disapproving Dot

“This is my baby bunny Dot. He is not a baby really, he is almost 2 years old. Dot is the most self-confident, bubbly personality (brat) rabbit! People who know him say he acts more like a little dog than a bunny. I hope he can be published on your website to share a smile with everybody just the way he makes me smile every day.” -Cuteporter Janett.


Young Master Bentwick Has Left Strict Instructions Not To Be Disturbed

However, I have been authorized to compensate you for any damage to automobiles, motorcycles, aeroplanes, livestock, windows, outdoor signage, or public statuary that Master Bentwick may have damaged during the course of his evening’s entertainment.

(Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without Jeeves.)

Via brandgo.

How Do You Spell Moose?


“I think Moose was getting tired of waiting for Otter to take her turn!” -Sarah C.

Fins To The LEFT….Fins To The RIGHT!

Feeding Frenzy on Discovery Channel tonight!

JUST when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, the Discovery Channel’s rolling out the 26th annual Shark Week of programming, starting today. No word on whether this little dude will be a part of it, though. Yes, some sharks can be cute!

Photo by Lori Seaborg. Header borrowed from JB.

Subtle? I Don’t Do Subtle

Yeah, other dogs do the whimpering thing, or flash the soulful eyes, but when I want walkies I get right to the point. And if I need to leave you a reminder, that won’t be subtle either.

Rita R. writes: “This is my nephew’s Pug named Jackson. Jackson can’t sleep at night unless his leash is in his crate with him. When he wants/needs to ‘go’ outside he will bring the leash to whoever is nearby.”

Caturday: How Much Is That Kitteh In The Window?

Name your price.

From the Ireland Baldwin Tumblr.

Head Asplodey Hazard Ahead

But it’s totally worth the reesk! Hedgie. Leecks. Feets! Th- th- th- that’s all folks!

“I have found it. The cutest video ever. Cute Overload can just pack up and close shop after this. The internet is done.  I’m dead over here. Dead from cuteness. I watch the video on repeat all the time, so I can remain dead. You can thank me when you are also dead. It’s Nuala, a sweet little hedgie girl, and her mama is my friend, Colleen Regan.” -Jen S.

Dude, I Am So Sorry…

I know that sometimes I tend to sneak up on people. And I do have a rather piercing bark. But I don’t usually scare people out of their shoes!


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