Made in the Shade

Got my belly pressed flush on the cool ground, surveying all my stuff and enjoying the awesome sunshine from the comfort of the shade. All is well and all manner of things are well.

Bully for you BuzzFeed!

That Is a Feisty Little Devil!

Feistiness begins at :41.

The epitome of “piss and vinegar”, Taronga Conservation Society!

The Arctic Ice Just Melted a Little Faster

Scientists have expressed concerns about the impact of skunk emissions on the environment. One researcher was quoted as saying, “Looks like we’re going to have to stink or swim.” [rim shot]

This pic is out of odor, LUNAR95.

THIS JUST IN: Bobcat Rescue

Crews fighting the recent Chips Fire near Lake Almanor, CA found a furry refugee: a lost female bobcat cub wandering dazed beside the road.

The cub, nicknamed “Chips,” was turned over to Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care group, where volunteers will nurse her to health before releasing her safely into the wild.

Photos via USDA on Flickr. Story, more photos at

What Are You Wearing to the Fancy Dress Party?

At any given moment, Lord Mumphrey is ready for a formal event.

Oh this? This is just something I threw together.

Can I wear a friend?

Fancy dress makes me weary.

Should I choose the dapper look or the Hawaiian look? What do you think?

Oh no, oh no, oh no! My nice suit is at the cleaners!

Why did no one tell me it was fancy dress?!

Way to go party animals, BuzzFeed, rrff737, hotshotjen CCattribution, Wayne Lynch, Webstagram, The Telegraph and Sven Micklishch

Top Ten Reasons Why We’re Ready For Some Football

This is the first Sunday of the NFL season, and Cute Overload has many reasons to GET STOKED!

First, will the Bengals bring back mascot “Benzoo” from their old stadium?!

We want to see who wins more games, Panthers coach John Harbaugh or his younger brother, Niner’s coach Jim Harbaugh.

All the Ram Rookies this year will be pulling out the stops to prove themselves.

To see if the Ravens will trade “Nevermore!” for “Superbowl 2013! Sqwaaack!”

In December, when it’s twenty below in western New York, will Bills players wish they were in sunny California?

Keenan Allen will be invited to the Heisman trophy ceremony. OOPS WRONG BEARS

To avoid my friend Todd in Denver who gets just insufferable when the Broncos win.

To see what Philadelphia does next. They booed Santa Claus one year. Harsh.

To see the Lions star WR “Megatron” live up to his name.

To see if the Falcons uniforms could possibly get any worse.

And since Cute Overload always over-delivers, let’s crank this list to 11. To confirm the Dolphins have absolutely no shot.

10 S N E 1?

The US Open Tennis Women’s Singles Final is today in New York City! (It wuz supposed to be last night but there were lotsa bad storms. The Men’s Singles got moved to tomorrow cuz of weather, too.) Today for the ladies, Serena Williams plays Victoria Azarenka, and tomorrow we’ve got Novak Djokovic & Andy Murray. Meanwhiles, enjoy these tennis puppehs, K?

Top photo from Pups Seeking Homes; bottom from Brooklyn Decker.

Professional Dog Walker; Available for Hire

In this modern world, you may not have the time to take your best friend out for his daily exercise. Don’t spend another minute feeling guilty about it; let me help you.

For a modest fee – whole beef bones and a “good boy” – I can take your buddy out into the fresh air and get that blood bumping. I have loads of experience walking and being a dog.

So, call today to set up a meet and greet. I’m eager to sniff your dog’s butt.

I might exercise more if I could walk with this one, Sutra.

Mission: Impossible

“Your mission, should you choose to accept to drop over the picnic table, retrieve the corn on the cob from the hoomins, and return to base. As always, should you or any of your IM force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. Good luck, Jim. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds.”


Setting the right Tone here.

Caturday: The Most Patient Cat in the World

Watch as this baby (named Ryouga) attempts to nommify patient kitteh Mao’s tail:

Thanks, Maonooya.


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