Monday Morning Mailbag

We get emails…

“Just thought I’d give you a head’s-up – the Osaka-based barista who goes by the Twitter handle of @george_10g has some hamster-themed cappuccino art today: (It’s a cartoon character called Hamtaro.) -Robb S.


Rats, It’s Monday!

6658598751_ccbbf87c09_o[And I is having a HARD TIME WAKING UP! Can someone make a Starbux™ run?]

From Flickr.

Nite Nite, Interwebs

That’s it for the day, but we’ll have much more for you Monday morning! There’s one video in particular you will not believe. (Trust us on this one. Little after 8am PT.) Meanwhile, can someone PLEASE tuck little Igor in?

This is Igor. He seems happy. - Imgur

Oh, Madame, You Look Ravisheeng

Zat hat, eet ees so becomeeng on you! Ze style, ze co-lairs, ze jaunty plumage, eet transforms madame into ze vee-shon of lovliness, non?


Right Place, Right Time

pefectly-timed-dog-photos-67All ya need is a decent camera and a little luck. Oh, and a puppeh.






From The Panda.

Vote For The Chosen Bun!

The Minnesota Rabbit Companion Society wants to raise awareness about domestic rabbits. Fair enough. They think it’s time for a new pet to supplant cats online, and that rabbits are up to the task. Let’s find out about this. It IS Bunday, after all. Vote here for your favorite Bun- the Chosen Bun who will lead the Bunneh Revolution!

It’s Hoppy Hour from Lucky Branded Entertainment on Vimeo.

We Like Big Buns And We Cannot Lie (Part II)

20140614_160003Last month we showed the aptly-named Bun named…”Bunny.” Submitter Tina S. is back with an update. “Hi there, awhile ago I submitted Bun for C.O., and people wanted to get some perspective on just how giant my Flemish Giant is. I have taken some pictures of Bunny, to try to give an idea of her size.”


Bunday Morning Comix

Clipboard01More from the artist’s website can be found here.

Got Eucalyptus?

Clipboard01[I'll take any extra if you got it. Just sayin.'] (Imgur.)

Caturday Night: You…NEED Something, Cowbert?

Little Cowbert has SOMETHING on his little mind. And isn’t shy about letting his hoomin know.


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