OK..GUESS What Day It Is

IMG_0433(HINT: Comes after Rats, It’s Monday.)

Welcome to Toesday! And who is this? “My sister adopted two kittens just before Christmas, and we looked after them for a week. Here’s the cutest picture of Aziraphale we took during that week. I love the site. I visit every time I need to smile!” -Signe R.

Gotcha, Will You PLEASE Knock It Off?

Have you been chugging Red Bull again? It’s late, and we’re trying to get some sleep.


(Say Like Foghorn Leghorn:) Best Ear Floppage Evah, Son

0219151637“Here is my 4 month old Miniature Long Haired Dachshund, Titus!” -Jeff B.

Let’s Not Be A Pig About This

Guys, please. Share and share alike! [*Note: Dogs like lettuce? Who knew? -Ed.]

Featuring Itchy The Dog & Scratchy The Guinea Pig. Filmed by Humberto Z. Submitted by Brittany B.

GAAAA, We Missed National Cat Day…In Japan???

It was YESTERDAY. (Also known as Nyan Nyan Nyan Day.) Totally missed the mark with this one. (Looking at YOU, Andrew Y.) A thousand apologies. Anyway, how about these? [*Note: Duh, you did this last year. Check the records much? -Ed.]

Cat shaped eclairs. I love me some eclair action, I do indeed. But no way could I eat these.



Photos and story deets seen on Neatorama.

Needs More Cowbell Goldie

(From The Squid.)

Welcome Home. Who Are You?

We’ve seen plenty of videos where puppehs go absolute full tilt gonzo bonkers when their hoomins come back from overseas military duty.

Kittehs? Er…….not so much.


You Like My Leeepy-Steecky?

It’s “Strawberry Shortcake” from Maybunlene! Don’t you think it complements my black mascara and eye shadow?


“My bunny loves strawberries,” explains Redditor Tukankhamun.

NEW Video: The (Almost) Leaning Tower Of Maru

Problem: You want to be on top of the new tower thing. However, someone else got there ahead of you.

Solution: Shove ‘em off.

But All the Same, It Was Totally Our Idea

Not to be outdone by tech giants such as Tesla, Google, and Apple, Cute Overload is proud to announce its plans to build its own self-driving car. The initial prototype consists of a cat driving a Tesla while consulting Google Maps on an iPhone.


Via Rikki’s Refuge.


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