Headline This Cookie!

Gizmo[*UPDATE 1:00pm PT: Thanks to Gizmo for today’s top header, and to everyone who entered!

Time for another edition of Headline THIS- featuring an apparently highly caffeinated puppeh named Cookie:

“Hello Cute Overlords, Here are some pics of my Pom-Chi ‘Cookie’ who is a little princess living the dream in Seychelles.” – Chantale B.

Write up your best header, and we’ll post our fave about 1pm PT! Good luck!

C.O. Trading Cards #20: Milo

Another C.O. Hall of Famer gets his own Trading Card! Milo is #20 in our series: more C.O. Trading Cards here! (Click Milo below for C.O. Super-Size™!)


Ehn! Ehn! Ehn!

Bebeh Octopi coming online! Ehn!

(Thank you Eve S.)

“It’s Toesday? Wake Me On Wombat Wednesday.”

Dingo_Toe Beans on CabinetIt looks like Dingo The Kitteh is just gonna pass on today. Seeya tomorrow, Big D. From Mari L.

Would You Mind Getting That?

1559508_408597735974471_2487240434648548339_o[Kinda doin’ my BIZNESS in here.] – Barley The Terrier, from Kelly D.

The Art Of Seduction (In Five Easy Steps)

Number 1: Make intense eye contact. Number 2: -Wait! We’re not gonna give it away! Watch the clip!

Got A Noisy Puppeh?

Have you tried everything to get a puppeh to stop their incessant barking? Well, then it’s time to bring an enforcer on premises to quiet the little yapper down. Kinda like this cat Greyscale, who means business.


Rats, It’s Monday HeroRATS Save The Day!

Clipboard01Gonna take a left turn from our usual Rats, It’s Monday content to tell you about some Brave Ratsos doing a brave job! They work for peanuts (literally!) (Bends down, scritches them on the head.)

APOPO is a nonprofit that trains (not your usual) Ratties to detect landmines and tuberculosis! (They are too light to set off the mines, nuffers.) Watch the videos below and check out this article from The NY Times.

(Song submitted by Ginette C. “OMG! There’s a HeroRATS song. It will get stuck in your head and in your heart!”)

Toesday 3: Perigo De Morte!

PerigoDeMorteYep, sounds just about right, I’d say. “Please find attached a photo from my recent holiday in Salema, Portugal. Sure, he’s quiet enough now, but you have been warned.” -Sarah P.

One More For #696

Sea Otter Awareness Week ran from the 20th to the 26th, but Monterey Bay Aquarium keeps churnin’ out the YouTube videos for Otter #696, so by golly we’re gonna post ’em. (I guess this is the last one?) Anyway, here #696 meets surrogate otter mom Rosa! Quoting the video, “Rosa’s one of five adult otters who live at the Aquarium full time and act as surrogate moms to rescued pups like 696.”

OK, that’s cute.


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