Her Day Was Off To A Flying Start

IMG_6011You shuffle into the kitchen at 7:15am, barely online. Pop on the iPad tuned to C.O. Reach for the coffee maker, reach for your coffee mug, reach for your Flying Sqwerl, -uh, wait. What? “I’m used to having critters get in the house when the weather gets cold but wasn’t expecting a Flying Sqwerl in the kitchen this morning” says Properzombie.

“I resisted the urge to keep him, feed him and name him but snapped a few photos before I helped him outside. Perfect start to my day.” [Just like the can says. -Ed.]


It’s 6am (PT)! Time To WAKE UP AND STUFF!

[My dish is empty! Fill it and then you can go back to sleep!!]

From Love Meow via Lisa J.’s iPad.

Dog Sledding

So the weather’s cold and bleak everywhere. USE THAT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!

Coincidence? I Think Not!

According to this Redditor, “This cat looks exactly like the pillow her foster mom found, made by an artist who uses pictures of foster cats.” Turns out the pillow is the work of artist Sarah Clark, who offers a few more samples here.


Heads Are Tails!

Either that, or tails are heads. It’s a tossup. (And it’s also Rule of Cuteness #46 in action.)


“Sol and Luna, brown tabby kittens, in their forever home,” says Flickrer Helena Jacoba.


Bunneh on Mah Head

Bunneh on mah head, bunneh on mah head,
A-pickin’ an’ a-hoppin’ as I walk the road ahead
I don’t need a mansion, don’t need a lot of bread
Just give me a gee-tar, an’ a bunneh on mah head.


Via Sandip Bhattacharya.

Oh, So You Want Some Of THIS?

[That’s IT! I’ve HAD it. Let’s do this right NOW, Mister Man!]

Multiple RULES On A Toesday Afternoon!

13312962463_d052fd63b0_oThis is Cody, from The Furrtographer. First and foremost, Rule of Cuteness #01: Putting a paw up is Cute. Followed CLOSELY by #20: Showing your paw pads is Cute, AND…#42: Ears that flop over a leetle beet are Cute.

What’s The Common Theme Here?

Let’s see….well, they’re all doggehs.

So there’s that.

And…oh, yes! THE NOSES! Only 12 days to go for Nosevember; have you sent your photos in yet?

From Jo P.

Google Hangout With Pup #681

Pup 681 was the furry star of a Google Hangout along with guests from the Shedd Aquarium and Monterey Bay Aquarium. If you missed the 10a-10:30a PT live stream, here’s a replay below! (Just click the > thing, it’ll work.) #PupHangout.

Want more 681? In the video below, she’s having a major amount of fun in the pool, getting treats and playing with her basketball and toy lobster. And then a nice fuzzy rubdown afterwards. Dear Shedd Aquarium, would you hire me to do this? I don’t have any formal training. But I’m willing to learn. Today.



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