Did We Get The Memo For World Cat Day?

Guess not, but quite a few Cuteporters did! (Example: “OH NOES! Put up cat cuteness STAT!” -Kate T.) OK, sure thing. But is this Riley, or Harper? Kate, ya gotta tag your photos with their names!

(UPDATE: It’s Riley.)


AND…..how about a kitteh in a Cool Whip container?

Thanks to DP&F.

The Connoisseur Speaks

What do I look for in a fine wine? Well, I could bore you with the stock response about a heady aroma, subtle tones of fruit, a clean finish, that sort of thing.

Or I might speak instead of that intangible spirit only great wines possess: That rare ability to transport the soul from the mundane table to lands far away, the bistros of Paris, the sands of Ibiza, where life and wine are savored as no place else.

But I’m a cat, so I just like to count the bubbles.

Marilia C. writes: “Arya is my stray cat, I adopted her when she was 1 month old. She is like a shadow… and inspects everything I do.”

Shake Your Groove Thing

Shake your groove thing yeah yeah, show ’em how we do it now. OMG THE WIGGLING. AND THEY’RE WEARING SWEATUHS. BUMPIN’ BOOTIES, HAVIN’ US A BALL, Y’ALL. Whew.

Lamb Lamb Style from Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary on Vimeo.


“Have you featured this video yet from Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary? It’s ridiculous!!!” -Kimberly B., Coast/Canyon. Header and text from Peaches & Herb.

Bob, We Need to Talk

Listen, a bunch of the other guys at the dorm asked me to tell you there’s, well, something about you that you need to know. It’s kind of a loose end, you might say, and it’s been hanging there awhile, but I don’t want to stretch it out any longer, so here it is: You talk in your sleep, and we’re all rather curious about who this “Beatrice” is.

Oh, and on an unrelated note, kudos on the drool thread.

Panda Power! (Taipei Style)

Cute Overload Peeps, please give a warm welcome to Newby Panda Tuan Tuan!

Get a LOAD OF THIS FUZZ!!! (Sorry- get excitable talkin’ about pandas.)


Tuan Tuan was born at the Taipei Zoo July 6th to nine-year-old Giant Panda Yuan Yuan.


Mail Online says “The panda was born at the Taipei Zoo after three years filled with seven failed pregnancies for the mother. Natural pregnancy among pandas is relatively rare.”


Visitors to the Taipei Zoo won’t get to see Tuan Tuan for another couple of months.


Mom Yuan Yuan was a gift to Taiwan from China.


Tuan Tuan’s weight has already doubled!


Tuan Tuan + Yuan Yuan together mean “reunion.”


Tuan Tuan gets to stay in Taiwan- usually any cubs born abroad from a Chinese-loaned Panda are returned to China.


Happy Birthday Sparky

Dear CO Peeps:

Sparky is one of my hoomins.  He’s the one who feeds me sometimes.  He hasn’t fed me this morning, though.  But it’s his birthday today MWAH MWAH MWAH -so I will cut him some slack.

Just this once.

Hungry Chief Puppeh Officer, Cute Overload.com.


coworker-goose (1)

Look At It This Way–

If your MOM is ALSO rolling around in the mud, NO WAY is she gonna yell at you when YOU decide to do it, too!

Or will she?

Cuteporter Wendy M. gets the honors.

Bark In The Park, v3.0

The baseball regular season only has a couple of months left!

[The Giants season was over long ago- Ed]

Let’s get in one more look at Bark In The Park around the majors. (Previously reported here and here.)











Photos from Sports Illustrated.


From the Instagram of Jeremy V.

I Went Down To Schwab’s Pharmacy To Get Discovered..

…then they told me it closed 30 years ago. NOW how am I gonna hit the big time? I don’t WANNA do reality TV. U like my ‘Come Hither‘ look?

Via Reddit.


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