Costumed Critters

Seems to be a theme here. What could eet be? What do all these puppehs have in common? Halloweenie, mebbe?






~Le Instagram Creditos~

1. Watsons Dogumentary.
2. Norm from Jermzlee.
3. Mannie The Frenchie.
4. Tank The Frenchie.
5. Tiny Charlie.


A Consumer Complaint

Dear Chew-Eez Toy Company:

I wish to complain about your “Lifelike Puppy Tail” chew toy. While the item is indeed lifelike, I have lately noticed that it causes me much discomfort while in use.

Therefore, I shall be abandoning your company and its products in favor of the offerings of your competitor, Amalgamated Rope, Inc. Good day.

Shannon O. sez: “I have a 2 year old Pug/Jack Russell mix. His name is Jack. I hope you find him as adorable as me and my family do!”


“Slippin’ away, sittin’ on a pillow,
Waitin’ for night to fall.
A bun and a dream, sittin’ on a pillow,
This is the night, to go to the Celery Ball.”

“Sir Lancelot, AKA Lance.”, -Amy K. (Lyrics by Three Dog Night)

Pixar Your Battles Carefully

This pup put too much faith in his luck, so
He played rough with a hot lamp named Luxo
For his trouble, he earns
Some most intimate burns
Plus the cone of disgrace — and that suxo.

Via Buzzfeed.

Gimme A Smoochie, Hoomin!

[I came all the way up from about a zillion fathoms below. Or whatever they call it. And can you help a fella out by scraping off a few of these pesky barnacles?

Submitted by Doris/Phred’s Mom. As seen on

Move Over Grumpy Cat, It’s Derpy Bun!

“Buckwheat has a health condition called ‘Head Tilt’ which left his head at that jaunty angle after an infection messed with his balance centers. But 2 years later he’s adjusted just fine.” -Wendy Z.

Bunny fostered by Elise M. from the Red Door Shelter in Chicago. Photo by Nicole M.

The Aliens Have Landed!

I just saw them, it was horrible! They came out of the water with these blade-like antennae on their backs, flappy orange arms, and they just kept staring at me with their one eye and making this creepy gurgling noise!

Credit: Tom Koerner / USFWS

My First Thought Was “Harry Potter?”

But the Rose City Veterinary Hospital Facebook page says, “Maggie is getting into the spirit of Halloween by dressing as Cleo-catra.”

Thanks to Beth @ RCVH.

And…Here We Go Again (Japan Rocks)

The JP Twitterverse went into a tizzy-fit when Twitterer panda_tamio uploaded a photo of a puppeh who looked like the Japanese “Frowny Face” emoticon.


Here’s a partial listing of QTE-moticons:


Your full “Kaomoji” primer is here.


Do Cats Drive You Crazy?

Don’t worry. They drive Manuka; the rather annoyed, possibly offended, oinking piggalette slightly in need of rescuing, a lot more crazy!

“‘ello, come on then…” Via Laughing Squid via YouTube