It Will Look Great Next to the Bedazzled Sculpture of Clifford

“I love the poster…but I’d like it printed on black velvet, thanks.”

Forwarded by Meriem H., and the original post is here.

Run Along and Play, Don’t Mind Me…

… it’s a mother’s joy just to watch. I’ll just sit here quietly on this bench, and think about what sweet children you are, and how I was in labor for eight hours, and how I gave up a career as a systems analyst, and how I used to have a waistline, and…

Photo credit: Mondmann

Wisecrack that Whip!

Want to tell off your boss? Need to put that snotty waiter in his place? If you’re too timid to do it yourself, call the humiliation experts at Tongue Lashing, Inc.! Once our trained abuse agents whip them into shape, they’ll know they’ve been licked!

Pthpthpthoto credit: ellenm1

Settle Down.

Maybe next time you don’t give both the baby and dog an Entenmann’s raspberry danish…

Forwarded by Courtney F.

Important Product Recall Notice

Due to a labeling error, cases of Acme Novelties’ “Spring-Loaded Joke Snake” may in fact contain “Joke-Telling Flying Squirrel.” Customers affected by this error may return their product for exchange or refund.

Thanks to alert consumer Megan H.

“Show us your tongue”

This little puglette is quite happy to show his miniature tongue action. See what happens when he is prompted (in Polish!)

Love the little mouth crackling sounds, Sender-Inner Jessica L.

Father’s Day Seahorse Tribute

Let’s all give it up for the male seahorse. He’s the only species on the planet where the male carries the babehs.

Oh yeah, AND he can get knocked up again within 24 hours of giving birf. Schweet!


Now go take a nap, Dad, you deserve it.

Erica P., Happy Father’s day to your prosh Pop.

Piping Hot Pom

“Daaaahling!” [English lady voice]

“Your Pom is ready!”

“Would you like (dog) biscuits too?”

1-Day old Poms in cups sent in by Jaymes G.

Introducing the Socially Awkward…Doug

Hey Sweets, you hang here often? Do you wanna climb up and see me some time? If not, no biggie, because falling for you would be a short trip.

Like the late, great Swayze said, “She’s like the wind…in my tree.”

Photo by Erik V.


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