The Poky Little Puppeh

Sender-Inner Julie from Buenos Aires tells us the story of The Poky Little Puppeh:

She says: “I’m sending you pictures of my neighbour’s little dog. He is 2 months old but hasn’t grown much, and his head still fits in a 4 inch square hole on the wall that separates our gardens. He is left alone during the day and every time I walk by he tries to get out through the hole, so this is what I stumble upon. It’s way too cute. I don’t know his name, sorry! I hope you like them!!”

Hey Mr. Goodwrench, little help?

Hand me that wingnut. Or that lugnut. Or that peanut!
Only got two hands paws! Well, I could use ma feets I guess.

Check the oil too, Petsami!

Corgi Want a Cracker?

You need to learn to stick your head out the window, Unripefruit.

Friday Haiku: I Choose You

Pokemon otter

Uses magic spell attack

Gotta catch ’em all

None otter than, Bob21

Huge Inventory Clearance!

Cute Overload is overstocked! Shop our end of season sale going on now!

The Boss says Everything Must Go!

Every pup and kitteh!

Every kitteh and pup! What a bargain!

Every hammie! Don’t miss it!

Every flying skwerl! Check it out!

Every sloth! While quantities laaaaaaaaaaast!

Every duckleenk must go! Hurry!

We’re making room for next season’s must-haves!

OMG, even the baby red pandas!

We have the latest designs for cute conscious peeps!

AND BUNNEHS! BUNNEHS! BUNNEHS!!! It’s a squee shopping spree!

Wait, last season’s hottest trends look suspeeshusly the same as this season’s, Kristyno727Attack of the CuteCutestPaw, Sophia P.-G., Hotshotjen, Meghan O., Jesse Popowicz via Ant, and Chrissy J.

Oreo Kitten

I frankly don’t care if you’re a twister, a licker, a scraper, or a dunker. Just give me the milk.

Kitty is one tough cookie, Jennifer1993. Peeps! This year is the Oreo’s 100th anniversary!

Captain Hook: The Early Years

Before he became the tyrannical scourge of the seas, James Hook was a kind and gentle man, putting himself through college as a masseuse at Neverland’s World O’Gators theme park. While beloved by a certain young alligator for Hook’s light touch, an interruption in the feeding schedule would soon change their destinies…

We’re #1! We’re #1!


We are number one on Amazon in all humor calendars OMG!

[Simulated dream music] I’m sure this is what happened behind the scenes:

“Jeff Bezos here, founder and CEO of! And we’re really excited at Amazon—we’ve got the hot new 2013 Cute Overload Calendar and lemme tell ya, we can’t keep ’em in stock. Our warehouse is EN FUEGO, dig? OK, so, couple things. First, Meg wanted me to pass along the congratulations to Karen McMurdie for submitting this image of me. You’re getting two calendars, on the house! Second, hey Scott Adams; I can’t help it if DA QTE is outselling Dilbert. And no, I can’t ‘tweak the numbers.’ It is what it is, bro! Peace!” [End simulated dream music]

Interested in getting your own calendar before Bezos buys them all? Get your own calendar today!

My People Call It Dinner

I’m cornstantly amazed by chipmonks, Attack of the Cute.

Lenny The Labradoodle, Please iPhone Home

“New iPhone 5? Yeah, heard about it. Four-inch Retina display…uh-huh…what? New A6 chip? Cool. And 18% thinner, 20% lighter, too? Wow. Uh-huh. September 21st’s the on-sale date? Yeah, I’m in. I’ll give this one to the other puppeh.”

Sender-Inner Courtney Lavigne, we thank thee.


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