Classic Meg Rewind: December 10, 2010

I’ll Take That One

[Plucks delectabuhl ham from Clementine box]

Psssst, look who crawled in thar:

Colleen B.’s ham need vitamin C!


Sea Lion ‘Tocks!

These Bebeh Sea Lions were injured when they washed up on a Peruvian shore. But great news heah! They’ve all been nursed back to health by this group! (Site is in Spanish, but use Chrome and get Immediate Translate Action at no cost.)

Check out the ‘Tock Diving starting at :16 or so, and watch ’em go!

Pippin & Taz

“This is our new kitten Pippin and our dog Tazz!”

“Pippin showed up on our front porch a couple of weeks back.”

“We’re pretty sure he thinks Tazz is his momma.”

“They’re inseparable!”

“In this photo I think Tazz is saying, “Momma needs a break!” ” -Hannah

Heyyy, Hannah? We think Tazz is saying, “You are our pet now, and you may develop an allergy to the floor that may, or may not, be fake.”


Mid-Month ‘Tock Revue

[In order to fully appreciate ‘Tocks, you have to understand exactly what is it you’re looking at. As the month is half over, let’s review a few basic ‘Tock Features. Creditos in hovers as noted.-Ed]

1. Splayage: Believed to be first referenced here back in ’08. Thought to have been perfected in Japan by His Thickness.


2. Texture: While it’s true that most ‘Tocks are silky smooth, some ‘Tocks can be, well, not smooth. As Cuteporter Josh Norem says, “Giraffe from the Oakland Zoo. It’s kind of bumpy.” Just so.


3. Stealth: Sometimes you don’t want to show ’em off…so you blend in.


4. Size Matters: The Littlest ‘Tock of all. ‘Nuff said.


A Horse Is A Horse, Of Course Of Course

So far this ‘Tocktober, we’ve had Heffalumps, Puppehs, Pigs, you name it. Now we’ve got a horse of a different color kind.

“This from the Draft Horse Inn, Arcadia, WI.” -Dave V.

If Looks Could Chill

Oh, I love to catch snowflakes on my tongue…

What, you think that looks silly?

Luckily, my tongue has other applications…

Via Mark Dumont.

THIS JUST IN: Hana Goes Bonkers

Hana the kitteh goes absolutely bananas on Maru. His Royal Thickness, meanwhile, remains placid.

Bentley’s Beans

Earlier we had a great photo of Little’s Beans. Well, one good set o’ Beans deserves another!

“Does my picture suit your requirements? It’s one of my favourite ties. P.S. His name is Bentley and he loves looking sharp. Thanks, Hannah (Bentley’s owner) all the way from the UK.”


Sprocket? Yo….Sprocket?

This may be the best Toebeans shot ever.

Snoozing Sprocket, from Ingrid H.

The Unbearable Lightness of Beans

Pure, light peenk wrapped in marshmallow fluff with a dash of prosh and little hints of delish that dance on top of your tastebuds, beans!

“This is Dolly (Parton). Her hobbies include: waking mommy up at 6am for food, creeping around the stairs, chasing mommy’s roommate’s cat Lionel, and taking naps underneath the couch.” -Yolin