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Mom Taxi XI: Ribbit?

Webbed thumb goes up, a frog goes by
It’s nearly bedtime and here am I
Hitchin’ a ride, hitchin’ a ride
Mom’ll get me home for my morning flies. (Apologies to Vanity Fare.)

“My girl Maria took this photo and started making up this silly song. I knew I had to send this to CO for the Mom Taxi files. I like how the lil’ guy’s eyes seem to be closing sleepily. I remember when we were kids we used to pretend to fall asleep on the couch just to get Mom or Dad to carry us to bed! Thank you for doing what u do so well. Cute Overload makes my day every morning!!!” -Joy M.


Over the River, and Through the Woods?

Look, I like Grandmother as much as the rest of you, but do we really have to wait until we get to her house?

“This is a photo of my friend Ginny’s fur baby, going for a ride and looking very hungry,” says Jenn K.

Go, Dog. Go!

Excuse me hoomin, would you give it a little kick start?

“My toy Rat Terrier Gaius is riding Castor the Great Dane like a horse!” -Tatum W.

Milo Vs. The Sharks

And we bring Shark Week Hysteria to a close with a visit to Milo’s World. Gonna need a bigger boat, Milo?

Cat Clutter Got You Down?

They’re here and there, wandering wherever they like, sitting around in no particular order. Do you have seven cats all willy-nilly about the house? Sure, everybody does. Don’t despair! You may not be able to herd them, but you can organize them!











Rocket News (has nothing to do with Rockets)


Customer: Hi there! Got a problem with my iPig.
Genius: Sorry to hear that- what’s the trouble?
Customer: Well, I opened the box up, and…it bit me.
Genius: I see. Perhaps you’d like an iPup instead?

Via Buzz.

Bunday: People, Meet Fatpie*

“Hello! This is Fatpie. She dislikes breakfasts that are too late and will attack feet that dare to have a lie-in.” -Suzanne P.


(*IMO Best Bun Name Evah.)

Stole This Pose From Tom Cruise

Watched the first Mission:Impossible movie, y’know. Course I haven’t found any sqwerl-sized radio headsets & Ninja Gear.



May The Walnut Be With You

Here at CO, we deal with furry creatures all the time- so that’s why this one’s here. OK, a bit of a stretch, but take a look at this walnut, will you? Who does it remind you of?

From Neatorama.


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