Stole This Pose From Tom Cruise

Watched the first Mission:Impossible movie, y’know. Course I haven’t found any sqwerl-sized radio headsets & Ninja Gear.



May The Walnut Be With You

Here at CO, we deal with furry creatures all the time- so that’s why this one’s here. OK, a bit of a stretch, but take a look at this walnut, will you? Who does it remind you of?

From Neatorama.

Bugly Ducklings

News Flash: Ducks eat bugs. They don’t only dabble in pond weed ‘n stuffs. We have proof!

Buzzy Bug Birds are go! Watch out, buzzy bugs.

Somebody’s more interested in making ripples.

Meanwhile … Look, Ma! No hands winglets! Glomp! Got one!

“I was taking a walk through the park tonight when I realized that the pond was full of the smallest, cutest, fuzziest baby ducklings. They were all jumping into the air to eat bugs (hence the picture of the little yellow-bellied guy in the air). Cutest thing I have EVER seen. Photos taken by me, Kelsey.”

The Ignoble Life of the Superhero Sidekick

Man, I was so jazzed when Captain Superior first hired me. Action, adventure, rescuing people… he was my dream boss. Now look at him, it’s like he’s on autopilot or something. We haven’t saved the world in months, and lately we just drive around in the Superiormobile and cruise chicks.

Classic Meg Rewind: October 30th, 2010

(From time to time, we will be replaying some of Dear Leader’s Greatest Hits. Enjoy.)

Brownie Bite

Will you please get a load of this mini-morsel—you could take her down in one bite:


Sender-Inner Meg S. says: “I don’t know what it’s called, but it has my soul.” Roge.

Cats Are Off-The-Wall!

Apparently we’ve been mistaken about walls. These cats show us that simply hitting a wall is no reason to stop going.

Fave Frame:
Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 11.04.42 AM
Andy’s sister, George, has figured out how to take corners at speed – run across the wall in a parkour fashion. She’s been doing this for months but it’s taken us a while to get it on video. At the beginning of the video she does her jump/climb of a doorframe – she does this when she’s happy (when you’re happy and you know it climb the walls). All the best to you CuteOverload folks for making the internets a happier place.” -Hilary P.


Sad news on a Friday night, peeps. Jay has passed away, according to his hoomin Christina. She just posted the news on FB.


Thank-you to AuntieBellum. Second image from the Jay FB page.

Friday Haiku Too: Eternally Fuzzy

Furry little friend
So soft, cuddly and quiet
Wants eucalyptus.

Via Cutest Paw.

Tales of Corporate Espionage

Of all the secrets in the business world, none is more closely guarded than the formula for Coca-Cola. So sensitive that executives entrusted with it may not fly in the same plane and memorize only one ingredient each in the extinct Sumerian language of Mesopotamia, it has so far evaded all attempts at detection, the most recent by agents from rival Kitty-Kola.

Friday Haiku: The Dog Daze Of Banjo

Sidewalks and playtime
And don’t forget Alex Trebek
That’s Banjo’s routine.



“Meet Banjo, a twelve week-old Neapolitan Mastiff from Pittsburgh, PA. She loves treats, snoozing, snuggle-time, and of course – Jeopardy!” -Jed D. & Bridget B.


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