Shiny Hiny!

Kiki is very proud of her ‘tocks. Rightly so!

“This is KiKi, a 1 year old princess pomeranian. She would like to submit her bling-tastic tock for ‘Tocktober.”
More Kiki ( and Koko) HERE!


Ultimate Dog Shaming 2: Maymo ‘N’ Penny

Those wack-a-doodles Maymo and Penny are back with another shame-ful video. Says submitter Jeremy: “Lots of blood, sweat, and toilet paper went into the making of this, so I hope you enjoy!”

Well, I Declare!

No kissing! What kind of girl do you think I am?

Lest ye offend my delicate sensibilities.

“Drooly Puddles and Almonzo.” -Kristy.

Famous Fiends of Folklore, Part Five

Of the many mythical creatures in Mexican tradition, the most baffling is el chupacatñata. This six-legged hybrid of a cat and a piñata likes to terrorize children’s birthday parties, and may only be fought while blindfolded.

Via Reddit.

It’s Getting Closer To Hedgie-Ween!

Careful when you carve your punkin- you never know what might be inside! “This is Harrison, he is adorable and festive!” -Kimberly J.


Are You Suggesting that Coconuts Migrate?

Squidward tried out for a role in the undersea production of Monty Python’s Spamalot, but crawled into his coconut halves after he didn’t get a callback.

U Gonna Eat That?

[If you won’t, I will.]

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Teeny Tiny Tiffy

Cuteporter Angela A. tells us about her camera-hog kitteh, Tiffany. “Tiffany is the only cat I’ve ever met that seems to love having photos taken. The second the camera comes out, she’s ready for it,” says Angela.


“She was about 9 weeks old in this photo and less than 2 lbs, very tiny for her age. She’s actually still incredibly, unusually small as an adult. This was taken a few days after she was adopted.”


“It’s amazing how one tiny cat can take up an entire armchair when threatened with having to share.”



Meelk Moustache, Does a Kitteh Good

Maybe he’s born with it. Maybe it’s, Meelk Moustache’.

“Like kitties with moustaches? I give you…. Tiny Mort!” -Lucy B.

It’s Hump Day

You’ve made it half way through the week. This calls for some desert! And camel-mile tea.

Female 2-humped camel named Noemie being weighed for the annual audit at ZSL London Zoo. (ZSL, Zoological Society of London.)