The Force™ IS With Arnold

Now does Arnie The Shih Tzu look like an Ewok™, or what?

From Alissa B. Ewok™ dictionary here. The Force™ and Ewoks™ from Lucasfilm©.


Friday Haiku: Toby

Been a hard day’s night
I’ve been workin’ like a cat
No rest for the weary.

“Here is the picture of Toby that I just SAID I sent, but didn’t. Because I don’t know why. Anyway, here it is; you’ll love it!” -Beth S. Haiku inspiration from The Moptops.

Flashback Friday

Ladies and Gentlemen, please (quietly) kneel before His Majesty, King Nap O’Derp, Ruler of Sleepland.

“A sleeping kitten wearing a miniature crown, 1955. Photo: Charles Ley, Getty Images.” –Stamford Advocate.

The Mighty Kayak

“Kayak” gets the award for most unusual Hedgie name we’ve heard…today. But take a look at this little powerhouse. He was brought to the Hedgehog Welfare Society to get all better, and now look at him! He’s got his own CAPE and SKATEBOARD.

From Erin M.

The Long, Sad Goodbye

Summer. You meant the world to me.

“This is my Herbie Derbie in deep thought at the beach. We go every year on vacation and it is his Zen-place!” -Jackie H. (Apologies to Lenny Kravitz!)

Forgot The Conditioner This Mornin’

[I can’t do a THING with it. Today is definitely a WFH day.]

From Chief Sister Officer!


[Getting ready to POUNCE on unsuspecting hoomin. MWAH HA HA HA the iPad shall be MINE MINE MINE. Now how do I buy zee appz?]

This is Ozzie, from Cuteporter Nicola T.

Show Us How It’s Done, Paul Rudolph

Just landed that BIG client, (checks breff.)

Got to make a good impression, (shows off latest TP roll shredding “technology”)

Takes client out for some power schmoozing.

“This is Paul Rudolph, our studio’s Russian dwarf hamster. He busies himself with fluffin’ up his beautiful fur, munchin’ on sunflower seeds, offering skilled advice on our studio projects, and enjoying fresh air on the balcony.” -Amanda R.

Strawberry Kittehs Forever

“This is Nocciola our lovely cat. We adopted her at the Hong Kong SPCA and named her after our favourite ice cream flavour – Crema Di Nocciola E Cacao. I know she’d be thrilled if you feature her in your fab site.” -Gina M. from Hong Kong.


THIS JUST IN: No Trains Tomorrow, Lil’ Guy

Oh nose- BART is back on strike in the Bay Area, starting tonight at midnight PT. No worries for this fellow though–his hoomin surely drives chauffeurs him wherever he wants to go! (And who knew BART trains had such stubbular paws?)

Photo by SF Giants.