Who Wants Bunny Toast?

Pop in some bread. Push the bunny toaster button all the way down.

Waaaiiit. Waaaiiit.

Ka-ching! One slice of bunny toast is ready! Put some butter on it while it’s hot!

I don’t care for the way your toaster is looking at me, Jayme & Catarina P.. Bunny toaster played by Ellie!

Two out of Three Ain’t Bad

Wow, if we could smuggle this kitty into a casino, we’d clean up.

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na BAGCAT!

I thwart villains with my intelligence and mighty bag.

Thanks to fellow crime fighter, Treether.

I’ve Been Expecting You

I am the keeper of your dessstiny. (leans closer) State your business. Choose wisely.

Give Gregory a bag of raisins and ye shall pass, m104!

Pick a Pair, Any Pair

We all know the feeling: It’s two in the morning, you can’t sleep, and you keep thinking “You know, what would really mellow me out is watching a dog trying to lick a parakeet. But how to find it?” Luckily, cuteologist Josh Worth has created CritterVidder, a handy matrix of interspecies snorgling. Check out these examples:

THIS JUST IN! Sloths in onesies!

GET OUT! [pushing you against a wall] this is PURE REDONKULOUSNESS!

Chief Sister Occifer spotted this one on our other favorite site, Dlisted.

The Irresistable Siren Call of Cookies

Mmm, I know I shouldn’t, but before I know it, my paws put it in my mouth. How does that happen?

There are times when a squirrel needs something a little more, Tomi T.

Friday Haiku: Good Grief

I’ll cheer up because

Charlie Brown says happiness

Is a warm puppy

Sender-inner Lauren V.’s basset hound baby is just a li’l peanut.

Fuzzy Math

In a darkened city, in the middle of the night, a lone worker sits working at his desk, doing your taxes.

Ammy H., Spot can’t go on like this! Ammy’s story: “So my Mom calls and says, “We just rescued a kitten! I know you were thinking of getting a buddy for Pixel. Do you suppose your could take her?” And I say, “Well, hmm, maybe, hem, haw.” And then my cousin sends pictures to my phone. Next thing I know, I’m meeting my mom, and taking custody of a really cute, really tiny kitten. She went to the office for the first few days because she was too small to stay home by herself. You can see how much help she was.”

Hey Buns, Waddya say…

about the new art installation, “Lionhead Bunnies Poised in Front of Orange Polka Dots”?

The artist is juxtaposing mod, pop-art with classic lines and intrinsic softness.

I am puzzled, yet intrigued.  I am reserving my opinion.

This work looks kinda spotty to me.

If you twist your head, put your chin against your shoulder and cross your eyes the dots are in 3D!

Kudos to the artist, Ian E.


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