Is It Bunday Already?

Making weekends more disapproval-ous, one Bunday at a time.


“We’ve had a bumper crop of bunneh’s in the garden this summer. (A literal Cute Overload). I found this little fluffster trying to hide in the grass, and my wife Diane just had to pick him/her up. Although CLEARLY disapproving of being handled by a giant Smurf glove, teh bun-meister was pretty chill about the whole experience, and hopped off to munch on some yummy clover after it was all over.” -Jeff H.

(Say Like Col. Klink:) “Hogannnnnnn!!”

You’re definitely our Hero.

From Petiquette Dog Dot Com.

Mr. Potato Head the Octospud

Prepare to meet …. Mr. Angry Eyes! (pulls shoes out of butt) rawr rawr rawr aarrgg!

An octopus curls up into a ball, photographed by remote sub in deep-sea canyons off the northeastern U.S. coast. CNN Deep Sea Gallery

What’s So Funny?

We happen to take our stripes seriously you know and we will thank you to show a little respect!

“I wanted to share good news. The Lisbon Zoo in Portugal has a new baby Okapi, born in May. He was now presented to the public and he’s the only baby of his kind in Europe. And he’s such a cutie. Do you know they’re relatives to the giraffes? Hope you can give him some love.” -Vanessa (Sounds like the little dude needs a name!)

What If Disney Were Grumpified?

No, not Grumpy in the Seven Dwarfs. THE Grumpy One. You’ve got your movie deal, your Grumppuccino, your book deal (book? hmmm…more on that LATAH.) So what would happen if GC starred in these well-known Disney flicks? They’d prolly look something like this…artwork by TsaoShin.



Spotted on DesignTaxi.


Holy McCrappulance! Lookit that little dood. Post title mos’ def’ inspired by this comment thread.

“Bee ‘tocks – with an added bonus of bee snorfage! Credit goes to Big Year Colorado Photography.” –Jennifer G.

International Homeless Pets Day, ees today!

Logo_with_Name_and_Register_UpdatedFrom California to Thailand and Kentucky to Kuwait, there are 25 states and 18 countries around the world holding events today for International Homeless Pets Day. Since 1992 International Society for Animal Rights has promoted this day to educate people about homeless animals and pet overpopulation. Check out the Event Schedule posted on ISAR’s website. This is big, really big. It’s been said on CO before and it is worth repeating, Shelter Puppies are the Best Puppies! (Kitties TOO! All the pets!)

Here are a few more examples of shelters holding special events in honor of the day:

Pet Fest, Missoula, Montana

Afternoon of Fun & Fur, Roanoke, Virginia

Open House (including Human Dunk Tank) and 50% off, Dearborn, Michigan

Image from Bonnie L. Hayes Animal Shelter, Washington County, Oregon.

Halp! The Alliance for Humane Action (AHA!) has created the cutest Spay-Neuter video evar!

Fave Frame:

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 5.16.21 PM

Caturday: No, Those Are NOT Tinted Kitteh Kontacts

This is Sansa, everyone- currently domiciled at the Champaign County Humane Society. Their Cat Days of Summer adoption promotion runs through tomorrow- check out their FB and if you HAPPEN to be near Urbana, Illinois, drop on by. Looks like hours today are 11a-5p local time.

You know you want to.


Well, What Did You Expect?

It was only a liter box! Now, if it had been a decaliter box, I could have hit that, no problem.

And a hogshead would be a piece of cake.
The real shame here is the spelling. (And thanks to Jessica for correcting my error!)

“Wish”? Did Somebody Say “Wish”?

Now repeat after me, in Jambese:
Mekka-lekka-hai, mekka-hiney-ho!
Mekka-lekka-hai, mekka-channi-ho!

Charla P. says “I snapped this photo with my phone recently when my cat Emma decided to nestle herself into a warm pile of towels fresh from the dryer.”


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