THIS JUST IN: Got Drool?

These puppehs do. Thanks to Cuteporter Natalie F.! (PS- the playback is a bit wonky at first, just hang with it.)

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SHAKE from Variable on Vimeo.


Little. Bear. Doughnuts. From Japan.

Nom these little goobers right up. You can get ’em here, for $16.20 USD. Will they ship overseas? Got me- Google Translate crashed on this one! Gonna Tweet ’em- will update if I hear back.





So Much for Our Grand Entrance

“All right, everyone, places please! Corgis, enter when you hear the drum roll and watch that first step. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnd…”

Doggone It!

They had 8,000 submissions for the Kennel Club’s annual Dog Photographer of the Year Competition– here are some of the top entries!

First Place, “Puppy” category, by Simon Reynolds.

Runner Up, “Puppies” category, by Rhian White.

First Place, “Man’s Best Friend” category, by Roger Sjolstad.

Runner Up, “Man’s Best Friend” category, by Claudia Tolini.

First Place, “I Love Dogs Because” category, by nine year old Katie Davies.

Runner Up, “I Love Dogs Because” category, by 14-year-old Miriam Jiagbogu.

Runner Up, “I Love Dogs Because” category, by Abbie Lee.

First Place, “Dogs At Play” category, by Richard Shore.


Storytime with Uncle Mike

Once upon a time, there was a cat named Merwin who had a problem with dogs. No matter where he went, the dogs would snarl, and bark, and chase him. He just had that kind of face, I suppose. Dogs hated it. Go figure.

On one particularly strenuous day, in which Merwin had been chased across two counties, he took refuge in a Dumpster and lamented his fate. “Why, oh why,” he moaned, “don’t dogs like me?”

Just then, Merwin saw a strange blue light coming from a coffee can. “I’m the Fairy of Goodness and Justice,” said the can, “and I will grant you your heart’s one desire.” Merwin knew at once what he wanted. “Please, good fairy,” he pleaded. “Make me something that dogs will like.” And so the fairy turned him into a tree.

Later, the tree was turned into plywood, and the plywood was turned into a table, and the table was marked down at the twice-yearly Bargain Blowout Bonanza at Gary’s House of Unfinished Furniture, and that’s the unvarnished truth. The end.

Via Reddit.

Pimpelmeesjes. Ja!

These cute Dutch baby birds know how to tweet tweet tweet their own name, over & over & over & over. Mom’s all, “Go ahead, one more time. I dare you.”

“Pimpelmeesjes in mijn nestkastje. (Chickadees in my nest) In Dutch they are called pimpelmeesjes.” -Hans van der Weerden

Do These ‘Tocks Make Me Look Fat?

“Our new Australian Shepherd, Duke McStubbins* loves to climb on everything and has the most amazing, Fluffy ‘Tock and Stubby Tail. This morning he wasn’t feeling very well and gave me the saddest eyeballs ever. Needed to share.” -Jackie N.

Duke Tocks

[Well, there’s no such award. But if there was, Duke wins. -Ed]

Crystal, What Are You?

(Besides, “befrumpled” I mean.)

Well, if you must ask, I am a Lopseedided Muzzelpowche Muddy Soakin’ Spitzenhunden! Of course.

“Crystal was at the dock with my dad, and she accidentally slipped off the dock and fell into the water. When they got her out she was all wet and dirty (the Hudson is pretty muddy, especially at the shore where the docks are).” -Edwin A.

There’s A Man Who Lives A Life Of Danger…

Cuteporter Holly S. sent us these terrific photos!

“Hi, here are some photos I took of the squirrels gettin’ my pumpkin!”




There’s also a pretty good tocks-shot in there, as well as one of my cats Mr. Pants and Oscar J. Computer hoping to murder this squirrel, and the squirrel who is completely unfazed.”

Post title inspired by Secret Agent Man.

THIS JUST IN: Platypus Overload!

No kidding, this video has had more email submissions than any in recent memory. And why not! We just need more Platypuses (Platypi?) on Cute Overload. Must get this done.

From Cute Creatures Great N Small.