Shhhh, the movie’s starting…

What snack do you sneak in to the movies?

Keep the rustling noises down, Sophia!

I’m So Eeeeeeee-veeeeeel

Go ahead. Taunt me with your infantile cooing and babbling. Pat my head at your convenience and declare “what a cute cat.” But I am not a cat, oh no. I am Evil; pure Evil in feline form. My eyes are evil. My ears are evil. Even my nose is eee-veel. And when at last I tire of your insipid prattle, you shall be made to suffer, and I will drink your pain like sweet nectar. I haven’t worked out the method yet, but when I do…

Nice knowing you, Katharine S.

Ears workin’ overtime

Whether they’re AWAKE or…


Top image: Fennec fox is by floridapfe. Tie-tie sleeping fennec fox is by kuz_t.

Yarnngh, Yarnngh, Yarnngh [Chewing sound]

Actually, with that tiny mini schnozzle, it’s more like: “yagl yagl yagl.”

Sender Inner Beth H. via Mr. Lord Gaga.

Now it’s Time to Play “Catch the Water”

Wait, I got it! … dang. Wait, I got it! … dang. Wait, I got it! … dang. Wait, I got it! … dang. Wait, I got it! … dang. Wait, I got it! … dang. Wait, I … ah, the heck with it.

Via Huff Post via The Daily What via Reddit via every other site on the Internet

Milestones of Psychiatry

Early psychiatric researchers encountered many new syndromes for which they were unprepared, but none stranger than the case of Mrs. Elsie Fizzgibble of East Bleen, MN, who could not be cured of her belief that she was Noah’s Ark.

Too by too much, Sankyo P.

THIS JUST IN: Blobbular Bebeh Baroo

Will you please check out this junior McElephant seal in all his short-whiskered, head-tilting, neck-rolled awesomeness:

That is some SUPER BLORP action, Mari F.

Where Have You Two Been?

Hiking! Uh, “somebody” got thirsty and found your thermos. I know it isn’t water, and you know it isn’t water, and now ALL that nature he thinks he was in harmony with knows it isn’t water!

Dylan is the cat that was let out of the bag. Malachi is the designated driver. Owned by Bridget!

Twisted Tails

The farmer sat in his empty barn,
All alone one early morn,
Worriedly twisting a few straws of hay,
Wondering how he would last the day.

The fairy seeing his distress
Asked if he would like one wish.
The farmer thought while the hay still bending
And wished for a supply of goats never ending.

The fairy has a maa-maa-maa-gic touch, D. ByronPatterson.

Go Fetch Yourself!

Damning proof that this blog is going downhill: Actual uncensored video of a dog playing with itself. (Not safe for work; parental discretion advised)

Yet another quality foraged link by Ant.


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