I Seem To Have Lost My Slazenger #5

I sliced it over here by the cart path. Can I take a mulligan?

“I was playing golf with my dad and noticed some serious ‘Pillar action going on underfoot as we approached the 8th hole. I knelt down for a closeup and once he got near to the camera, the little guy busted out a quick dance move.” -Dave K.


THIS JUST IN: Panda Naming Action In Hot ‘Lanta!

Zoo Atlanta’s twin baby pandas were named today. Say hi to Mei Lun and Mei Huan! (Er..which is which?) Turn up the audio for PandaSqweeks™!


From Cuteporter Kimberly P.

Half in the Bag

Wow, that was some party last night. Can’t even remember how I got here.

Via Rasmus Knutsson.

Bibbity Bobbity BOO!

It will do magic believe it or not, bibbity bobbity boo. (be careful what you wish for…)

“Bean as a fairy.” -Claudia H. Taken by Michelle M.

How Does Your Dog Answer the Doorbell?

Ding Dong..

“Mmwoooooooahhh!” … “Mmuuuhhh!”

Whaa ? What is he actually trying to say? He might be saying, “Rrrrruuuuuun!”, or he might be saying, “Snauuuuusages”.  Or there’s a whale at the door.

We dunno!

Via YouuuuTuuuube

Japanese Travel Agency For…Stuffies?

This is so far out that it’s hard to comprehend. But then again it’s JAPAN- so it makes complete sense. Cuteporter Marissa S. sent this to us with the PS, “They’ve done it again.” I think that’s going to be the new tag for these types of posts.

The company is called Unagi Travel.

According to this article by Gadling.com, “(This allows) their owners to live vicariously through them. In fact, many of Unagi Travel’s customers are physically impaired. Well, and photos of traveling stuffed animals are cute.”

Can’t argue with that. Here’s their Facebook page.

Hello, JAL? I’d like to book 2 roundtrip tickets from SFO to Narita, please.


Ze Case ess Sol-ved!

“Ah, Captain Hastings,” mused the Belgian detective, “we see that the thief has made two grave mistakes. First, leaving a tell-tale trail of kibble dust leading to his bed, and two, he did not expect to be investigated by monsieur Hercule Purrot.”

“My friends found this little guy (a stray) on a beach in Thailand,” says Joanna L.
(Update: Because certain commenters below are cleverer than I am, the kitten is now named Hercule Purrot, and I have a large handprint on my forehead.)

Hey! Take It Easy!

Kitteh nomming. Tiny Squeeks. And pristine hardwood floors. Welcome to Japan.

Via Cuteporter Susan H.

Newborn Kittens Hugging *splode*

Tiny tie-tie overload! And, Peeps, you do not want to miss being completely overpowered by the simultaneous yawninks action!

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From sender-inner Shara Z. who found it on Frequency.com.

Are Your Jowls Tough Enough?

At the Cute Overload Jowl Testing Labs, our scientists subject each jowl to authentic simulated real-world stress conditions, including wind tunnels and road tests, to ensure every jowl meets high standards for durability, elasticity, strength, aerodynamics, and maximum flappitude. Only then may they earn the coveted C.O. Seal of Quality!

They’re like Dumbo ears, Susan M.