THIS JUST IN: Eeetch Aaaacth Urrrgtch orf BleeeEEEeeeAAAaaarghhh!

Zookeepers at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo got their first look at four Tasmanian Devil joeys born a few months ago. According to Zooborns, the lone girl in the litter will play an important role in breeding efforts to save Tazzies from extinction. Keepers say the young will be sawing through tree trunks and boulders in a few months.

Kittywood Studios Presents:

Finally, the behind-the-scenes of the people who bring you ALL THE BEST CAT VIDEOS!

I like the Jack Daniels on the writing table, Sharpy ;).

Kissy Face

Aww, look! It’s an adorable darlin’ angel love bug.

And a kitten!

Squee’d With A Kiss, Geneva R.

My Wish is Your Command

“Well I’m the Sheik of Araby,

Your love belongs to me.”

All cute shall fall before Bea, Lisa B.

From the 1976 Sears Catalog for Dogs

For lounging or play, nothing beats the versatile comfort of Floofy Miss™ petite sweatew and skirt separates. Machine-washable Barcron® polyester and cotton.

The carpet’s nice too, Vanessa P.

The 2011 Twister World Championships!

And we take you now to the interspecies semifinals, between Ivana Leekya from Catsylvania and Helen Ratigan representing the UK. Experts are predicting that the size difference could play a deciding factor in this matchup…

Ooh, can I spin the spinner, Cass Z.?

The Spare Room

When family come to visit they always stay in the spare room.
“Are you comfy Ant Kitty?”
“No, we say Aunt Kitty.”
“Well, she is pretty small.”

Two’s company, Johnathan P.

Baboon, Bush Baby Bond Beautifully

Behold, brethren: Baboon, barely but a babe, bonds to bushy baby bush baby. Between breakfast bowl and burbly bottle banquet, big brother bears the beautiful bundle with boundless bliss. A burden? Bah! A bother? Balderdash! Best buddies? You better bet your bright bare butt!

Another quality foraged link by Ant.

Gone Fishin’

C’mon Mr. Gorton, where’s me fish sticks?

May all your fishes come true, Anandi and Dawn R.

Dark hair, pale skin, pointy teeth. Must be goth.

Stop vampire biting and face piercing me, oh Dark One!

Stop using my eyeliner without asking first, Doom Child!

You’re lucky, Kitsy S.,  Midna and Laylie are not just another pretty phase!


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