Get Yer Dupa Ova Hea

Dupa? Wait a minute, Melissa and Sam R. will help us get to the bottom of this…

“This is Dupa, our Boston Terrier. Dupa is the Polish word for butt, which is why he is great for Tocktober! Isn’t my Dupa the cutest?! Don’t you wish your Dupa was as cute as mine?!”

Dupa is the cutest leaf chomper Boston Terrier we’ve seen in a long time!


I Do Declare, Put Down the Éclair!

“Oh, you’re not really going to finish that, are you? Those things are so rich and fattening, and you’re putting on enough weight as it is. In fact, I think I see a gym across the street — why don’t I watch that for you while you inquire about rates?”

“My name is Miaouquitchoune, I’m a Scottish Fold blue point and white and I live in France. I love your website!” Merci, Laetitia M. and Pierre-Henri D.!

These Guys Know A Thing (Or Two) ‘Bout ‘Tocktober

Thing One and Thing Two as spotted on the Japan Interwebs, by Cuteporter Anna C.



Ladies and Gentlemen, Elton Jowl

I remember when rock was young,
Me and Susie had so much fun
Chasin’ cars and fetchin’ sticks
Had a real good hooman, gave me treats for my tricks

But the biggest kick was outta sight,
Dressing fab’lous for Howl-o-ween night
Ring the doorbell, get a bone
I was all grown up, so I could go out alone, yeah

Trick-or-treating, it’s fun and fleeting
And my tail just can’t keep still
I never knew me a better time,
And I guess I never will

Oh, lawdy mama, those spooky nights
Of goofy ghouls and freaky frights
My one complaint is, I think this wig’s too ti-ii-ii-ii-ght

Hamilton Wesley Wigglebottom looks (Captain) Fantastic, Kristin H.

THIS JUST IN: Scary Legs (A Halloween Special)

Simon’s Cat decides that spiders are, in fact, our friends. At least ’til the very end.

Flashback Friday

Awww, it’s Toto (Cairn Terrier whose real name was Terry), first pup ever to be Technicolor-ized, somewhere over the rainbow.

Image source: The Internetz, Great and Powerful!

Poll: Tribble, Or Bun?

Not quite sure what to make of this, People. Is this a Tribble straight off the Starship Enterprise, or the Biggest Bunneh In The World? I know Bunday is still two days off–this couldn’t wait. Poll away.



Dr. Wendy L. with this submission heah.

CO Welcomes The Real Dogbert

1380279924477 Well, actually not the real Dogbert…but close! This puppeh is Snickers, and the hoomin taking up valuable space in the photos happens to be his owner, Dilbert creator Scott Adams. We asked Scott to try and take a “selfie” of himself and Snickers, but…he failed at that. So his assistant took these shots. (Failure? Scott’s got a new book out on that, BTW!)

“I have a treat in my fingers here. That’s why Snickers looks so intense,” Scott says.

Snickers on Scott's arm
PS Nice punkin costume, Snickers!

Friday Haiku: Munk-y Loff

Peaceful clear blue waters
Tranquil, calming skies overhead
Munkster feels at home



“I was at Crater Lake, Oregon this summer and this fearless lil’ guy stopped to say hi and mooch some picnic food (which we did not give him!) He was nice enough to pose for some adorable photos in front of the epic scenery. Keep up the great work!” -Bridget.

Biding (biting?) His Time…

I only want a sneeeef. I promise. I give you my word, as a cat.

“Hello! I’m a huge fan of CO! This is Sandy (also known as Sandybear). We received an orchid as a housewarming gift and Sandybear loved it, as evidenced in the photo. Photo credit goes to my boyfriend, Alex J. (He loves taking pictures of his kitty cat!).” -Pisei.

::Note: Many houseplants are not compatible for cat nomming::