The Duke.

11 years old.


The Duke Abides.

Special thanks to Bobbeh over at Pixel Implo-door.

Ghostbusters: The Hamster Version

In the thrilling climax, our heroes come face to face with Gozer the Destructor, flanked by her fearsome hellhounds!

Photo credit: Carolyn Coles

How Cuteness Can Save The World

From times prehistoric to present, life has been defined by the conflict over scarce resources. The strong too often dominate the weak; the many oppress the few.

As we seek the elusive balance, consider the example of our lowly housepets. Blissfully untroubled by matters of size or strength, they are equal souls, sharing without contention or complaint, instinctively seeking the perfect equilibrium of…

… oh, never mind.

Bowzer (dog) and Kodiak (kitty) seem to have reached an understanding, Allegra O.

Back to School Photo

What did I do over my summer vacation?


Flickerererer BeardyFace captured this perfect 4th grade moment.

Ooh, Such a Booping I Will Give You!

When I see a nose like that, I just gotta boop it! I can’t help myself, I’m like a maniac with the booping! No point in trying to fight it, Big Nose — you’re getting booped!

Found on Your Morning Adorable.

Surprise Attack!

Hey, quit it! I wasn’t ready!

No fair! You big cheater!


Photo credit: John Tuggle






Family gathering

Sender Inner Melinda M. was impressed by Labor Day Squirrel Family Photographer Joan G. and sent it in via the famous Marily T. over at National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel!

Off the Wall!

It’s time for Parkour! Also known as freerunning, Parkour is the edgy urban sport of getting from point A to point B as creatively as possible: Leaping from rooftops, climbing up walls… basically, acting just like cats. Observe:

A Complete and Total Snuggle-A-Rama

Trying to get to sleep tonight?

Warm meelks not working?

Try these images of kitten canoodling, and you’ll be counting sheeps in no time.

“And Sender-Inner Kim I. sat back and enjoyed what she created. A complete and total Snuggle-A-Rama.”

At the Whack-a-Mole Auditions

“… thank you, gentlemen, that’s some very good jumping, and the squeaking is top-notch, really. However, we’re only seeing moles today, terribly sorry. But do leave your pictures with the stage manager on your way out. Next, please?”

Lizzy C. says she made this noise when she watched this video.


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