THIS JUST IN: Mmmmmm, Bebeh Hoomin!

Mr. Camel seems quite content to nom whatever whoever is in the car.

Spotted on DP&F.

That’s the Most Redonkulous Thing I’ve Ever Heard

“One morning, I caught a mouse in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas, I don’t know.”

It’s Moo-Moo, via Kazutaka Sawa Portfolio.

Kittehs Dans Une Zone Commerciale De Téléphone

Le voiceover ees En Français, -eet ees not ze problem, no?

“I came across this. I don’t speak French, but honestly, it didn’t matter.” -Paula K. (Lucy’s Mommeh.)


Here’s how they did eet.


Looks like someone’s been watching that Will Sasso lemon video too many times.

Via Lon G.

Gums Are Looking Good…

…nice and pink. Maybe a little plaque up there, but we can fix that in no time. Rinse, please.

“Baby Mama Sorrento aka Mama So (pictured in the left corner) gave birth to this beautiful filly (yet to be named) five days ago. I don’t own either of these horses but I board my own horse at the same farm they are at and everyone agrees that this baby is too cute.” -Krispy N.

You’re Busted, Carrie

Looking at puppies online again, I see. This concerns me.

“This is my cat Gigi. While she disapproves of me looking at puppies online I think she shares this puppy’s mindset. I hope you like it.” -Carrie E.

♬ Max Is Back..And There’s Gonna Be Trouble ♬

After being in Winter Hibernation or…something, Max is back. Thought it might be a good idea to pass on the Stubbular Instruction Manual, just so you remember where all the important parts are.





NOTE: The part of Max Stubbular played by the one and only Peanut: images 2-5 from Peanut’s Tumblr. Image 1 from SLR Artwork on Cheezburger. Title inspired by this song.

Maru in Hey Batter Batter!

Saa-wiiing batter! Oh! Swing and a miss. But that stick of gum took a bad hop! …?

Fave Maru you’re supposed to stuff the gum in your cheeks Frame:

Mugumogu showing off Maru’s mad southpaw skillz.

They Use Us, We Use Them

That’s the way it works. The ol’ circle of life. Any questions?




1. “This is our beloved little guy Bear! He’s 10 yrs old.” -Rebecca B.
2. “This is Daisy and her foster dad, Steve Friedman.” -Susan L.
3. “This is me, fake-napping on Baxter.” -Hilary K.
4. “My boys,” from Sara W.
5. “Buckley the Beagle & Harry the Terrier mix commandeering dad’s nap.” -Brandi O.

It’s Tough Being a Kid, Mom…

All the bigger kids laugh at me, just because I’m the smallest. They make fun of my wobbly legs, my squeaky voice…

Look at them over there — you can tell they’re plotting against me all the time.

And the latest thing is, they climb up on the shed and try to hit me with water balloons. I mean, where did they even get the idea to do that?

Greetings from Ickworth Park via Karen Roe.


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