Maddie, U Don’t WEAR It, U CARVE It.

Maddie The Coonhound with her OWN spin on Halloween.

Maddie, did you get your costume at Costco?



How to Pack a Grocery Bag

Customers prefer their bread and eggs at the bottom and cats on top.

“I was grocery shopping at Giant and noticed black cats were on sale! And since I had a coupon as well, I got a really good deal on one. Her name is Lily since she was on sale near the cut flowers.” -Cindy Ann C.

When You Got It, Flaunt It

We got ‘tocks. We got toebeans.
Bring on… the side eye! Nooo, not the side eye!

“I think my Frenchie, Monty, has the cutest bum! He has matching swirls and a little nub tail. You can see he’s a little sensitive about having it photographed.” -Megan

Today is National Cat Day! Poll: How Shall We Celebrate?

Yay for National Cat Day! It’s their party and you can adopt if you want to!

Or tell ALL your cat friends because…

Open the door!

Via YouTube
Jayda’s party kittens.
“Here’s Tony Wonder. He wishes he could have some hot fun in the summertime, but he’s still too little to go outside.” -Morgen D.
Cat perched on top of door via Rocket News
“This is our cat Moritz! She (yes, even the name is actually for male cats, its a she-cat) loves to crawl under carpets and blankets, so, sometimes when we sit down on our beds or our sofa, we might hear her squieking, when we sit down on her since we don’t always recognise her on the first sight. Greetings from Austria!” -Viki
“Buffy” –Photo by Tram Vu

“I’ve Got A Cat On Me Back” UPDATED!

[Updated 9:12am PT Tuesday with another PP video. -Ed]

Postman Pat McIntyre has a job, as his name might suggest, delivering the Royal Mail. So one day he was leaving a note for someone on their porch, when this kitteh decided that Pat would make a nice play toy.

Thanks to Cuteporter Lisa M.

THIS JUST IN: Teddy Bear Power-Noms Punkin!

Teddy Bear is back! Exhibiting his trademark Laser-Like Focus™, he noms a little punkin to death. And enjoys it.

And here’s last year’s Nom-Fest, so you can Contrast & Compare:

This Pooch Definitely Took the Red Pill

It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a hundred cell phones and a daredevil dog, isn’t it?

Via Reddit.

Shhhh: Gonna Hide In Here

Then mebbe I can get some candy corns after all! Or…those Red Vine things OM NOM NOM! My fave! No, wait- Skittles. LOFF those.

Phoebe, from Josh Norem.

Pumpkin Inspector #1 At Your Service, M’am

[Here at Otto The Otter’s Perfectly Prosh Punkins, we offer only the best for Halloween! Stop by anytime, we’re open 24/7 ’til Thursday night. So if you want to come by at 3am for a pumpkin….you can! I don’t know why you’d want to, but..we’ll be here!]

(The pumpkin shown had no comment.)

9679846379_4611707d9d_z gets the nod.

Happy Oinkaween

Every Halloween the three cow piggies visit their friend the pumpkin piggie because all piggies are pumpkiny but the pumpkin piggie is pumpkiniest.

Via Cutearoo.