Haj, Tina And Roadie!*

Stefan F. was kind enough to send us these outstanding Ratty McRatterson photos, and added “Love Cute Overload, keep it up!”



(*They’re from Sweden.) Photos by Zemlan.

THIS JUST IN: When Pandas Snorgle

There may be snorglin’ here or just a good ol’ fashioned wrassle. Then again, Junior may be gettin’ a bit of a whuppin’. Any way you look at it, Mama smooshes him pretty good at :01.

Posted by aws0607.

So What ‘Zactly Do We Do In Here?

1.) Well…I do know it’s fun to play with the rolly toy thing.


2.) And…the rolly thing is also a shreddy thing!


3.) O Wait. I remember what you do in here.


Oh, Darling, It’s Wonderful

This is the perfect place for our home, sweetheart. It’s close to schools and bug-catching, plenty of afternoon sun, and there’s a shady spot where you can lay eggs.

… and it even comes with a Cute Overload Extreme Close-Up!

Meet the Pale-flecked Garden Sunskink, from Australia, via Alex Proimos.

It’s Chilly In Here…

Put another puppy on the baby, will you honey?





Photos, babies and puppehs supplied by Unknown.

Those TPS Reports Will Have to Wait

Really needed to address a complexity of very important work issues requiring immediate attention and resolve today, and then some kid with floppy ears comes along.

“This is Diva, the little goat with a big personality.”, says Tracy R., “It is rare to get a shot of her with her mouth shut!”

Stubbular Family Foto

Let’s give a big CO welcome to the Stubbular clan. Left to right, Max, Mom Martha, Dad Michael, Minny, and..Henry. (Mom and Dad got stuck for an “M” name.)


Zartan, the Man-Ape!

Raised in the backyards of deepest Scranton by a family of wild patent attorneys, Zartan swings through the neighborhood, sounding his mighty call for extended deadlines with regards to 37 CFR § 11.6(c) filings!

Via ghatamos. (Yes, this is a female orangutan. Please pardon the literary sex change.)

Milestones in Music History

It was fifty years ago, with the release if the hit single “Please Squeeze Me,” that the world first met those lovable lop tops from Liverpool — John, Paul, George, and Flopsy — The Bundles.

Via orajoo.

Always with the Kissing

And always with the sloppy.

“Don’t let the look on his face fool you, he really does love puppy kisses [from Vinnie].” – Aileen M.


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