Oh, Go Ahead, I Don’t Mind…

Feel free to sleep in my bed. The bed the Tall Dogs bought just for me, where I’ve slept since I was a puppy. Whose foam cushioning has molded to the exact contours of my body and retained my unique scent to comfort and reassure me. Where I often soar in nightly reverie, through bacon-scented clouds, over fields of kibble, aching with joy at visions of ineffable beauty until again I awaken, my spirit rejuvenated, to face the new day in all its promise.

Seriously, it means nothing to me.

Jessica J. says: “Hey guys! I just adore these photos of my mom’s dog and cat. Chloe is pleading for help to get her bed back, because she’s sure not messing with Felix! :)”

Maybe It Will Be This One…

Wilma says, “Here is a frog nose trying to get a kiss from me to turn into a prince – it worked!”

I’ll have what she’s having.


Sender-Inner Melissa M. really outdid herself with this submishe. Says Melissa: “This bunn-nu-copia could easily be confused for “Tonguesgiving” however, do not mistake the carrot for a tongue. This lionhead is prepared to feast.”

Look Deeply into My Eyes

Closer… Closer!

You are under my power now…

Hypno “Kitty” has you where she wants you, Jen V.! Did you name her Kitty because it’s a nice, safe name?

The Truth Is Out There and So Am I

Dedicated scientists from the Institute for Extra-Sawdustestrial Research use powerful satellite dishes to scan for signs of intelligent life in outer space.

Judith K. Says: “Ben-Aviv is hard to photograph because he’s in love with the camera and keeps chasing it around. But I managed to catch this camera-mugging pose last night.”

C.O. Guide to Party Games

Liven up your holiday party with the latest craze, “Spin the Phone.” Around and around it goes, and whoever it points to when it stops has to drunk-dial an ex.

The Lives of the Saints

Obsessed by a heavenly vision at the banks of the River Blavin, St. Daphne left the sleepy hamlet of Bologna sur Blanc and tirelessly spread joy across the French countryside, until she became canonized as the Patron Saint of Chew Toys.

Coco H. says: “This is Maxine sitting on her favorite rock. She will be 12 on November 26. She does so much good in this world. I think someone up there notices.”

A’scuse Me, We Play Now?

I want to play now, thank you. A’scuse me, how about now, we play now? I like head scratches, thank you. A’scuse me, we play now? Why you play with clicky box? Clicky box not love you like I love you. A’scuse me, we play now? Thank you.

Another Day in Nosevember Paradise

Peeps, with all the hustle and bustle this time of year, you need some more nosicle time. You do.

Those whiskers are off the frizzy-dar, Crysta S.! This is Nacho, who was born at Spoiled Rotten Chinchilla Rescue, on National Nacho Day, amigos.

Cap’n Fluffy’s Tales of Danger!

Then it was just us two, the sea-beast and I. Me trusty harpoon was lost, and nothing but me wits to save me from the creature’s deadly tentacles…

Via Reddit.


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