Bunday Bread

On Bunday, for our breakfast break
A baffling baguette we bake
It serves two needs instead of one:
A loaf, but also just a bun.

Via swruler9284.

OK OK You’ve Made Your Point!

I know I need to take a bath! Can I get outta the dishwasher now?

Danielle F.: “This is my mother’s seriously cute new puppy, Enzo. She would be thrilled if Enzo made an appearance on Cute Overload.com (So would Enzo.)

Question Of The Day: Why Is Molly Fat?

As usual, The Cat is behind it all. “Silly hoomins. I feed The Dog more and more- they put her on a diet, and that means there’s more food for me! Mwah ha ha ha ha.”

As seen on Love Meeeee-ow.

It’s Not Gonna Be An Orgy, It’s Gonna Be A Toga Party!

“I have a story you might like: It seems that Cornell University had its own, real life ‘Animal House,’ and they got the bright idea to buy a live goat as a mascot. What could go wrong, right?

Eventually the house manager forced the students to find her a more suitable home, and Farm Sanctuary rescuers picked up the baby goat and transported her to the more suitable pastures of our Watkins Glen, New York shelter. So now Farm Sanctuary has our own Ivy League goat! And oh is she a cutie! We thought this might be a fun and happy-ending story for you!” -Meredith T.










Come To The Caturday Old Chum

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pretty Kitty, Keyboard Kitty, Vermont the Knitted Kitty by Cathy O., Bridget the Book Kitty by Emily F., Teddy Bear the Broom Kitty by PlanMan, Gillie the Suitcase Kitty by Photofarmer

It’s National Puppeh Day!

As the saying goes, “Every Dog Has His Day.” And so it shall be! National Puppeh Day ees today! So go find a puppeh and SNORGLE SNORGLE SNORGLE!

[As HuffPo notes, the ASPCA and Petfinder are great resources for adopting. -Ed]







But there’s always a troublemaker, right?

Check hovers for creditos, and have a Great National Puppeh Day!

Maddie Is On Things Again

Maddie likes to get on things. Maddie’s on a book tour, too. (Click on each image to enlarge.)

All of these great images are from the flat-out brilliant Theron Humphrey.

Been Waiting for a Sequel to Rocky Raccoon?

Wait no more. These guys are cousins of Rocky; the cacomistles, and they’re lookin’ for revenge!

Lorie J. never knew cacomistles even existed until she saw them on Nat. Geo’s Joel Sartore’s Photo Ark project!

Definitely See The Resemblance

Sometimes you wonder where Disney gets their inspiration.

Tedra O. sent this one in. Spelling assist from Pyrit.

Peeper Partner in Crime

Sorry, Froggy. Mom says you’re a bad influence on me. She caught me sticking out my tongue at her again. It was totally worth it though.

Columbus, Mississippi, 3-year-old Helen Imes gives a lift to a hitch-hopper. Photo by Birney Imes, Associated Press/SF


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