Happy Halloweenie From Lentil Beanie!

[I haz wear flower pot tonight?]

Yes, Lentil. You do.

Thanks to Lindsay C.


Have A Great Halloween In Brisbane, Mate!

Halloween isn’t very big in Australia, but here’s George waiting for trick or treaters!” -Rohan V.

photo 2

Om Nom Nom: Mmmm, O+

[Come closer, hoomin. I veel not bite you. Probably. I know I look like a kitteh but tonight I turn into a Werewolf of London.] Cue Warren Zevon.

“Happy Halloween from my petite Bat-Cat, Larry David. He tries to keep his fangs concealed, but he just can’t.” -Kate M.

Gulliver Loffs Pumpkins

So, this is what a pumpkin looks like?

image (2)
So, this is what a pumpkin tastes like. Nyang, nyang, nyang.

image (1)
Sadie’s all, “You know this is just a phase… it’ll pass.”

“Here are photos of our dogs Sadie, and Gulliver (the Leonberger puppy).  I was trying to get a nice shot of them together with the pumpkins, but Gulliver thought the pumpkins looked too tasty to resist!  He thought he was being sneaky in trying to get a bite.” -Christina V.

I’m a Little Teapot, Trick or Treat…

Now I just need some cups — peanut butter cups, if you got’em!

Via Reddit.

Tonight’s Gonna Be A Thriller!

There’s something at the front door! Go see!

“This is my cat Līzīte (Lizzie) saying hi from under the sofa. Don’t worry, she doesn’t have trouble getting out of there.” Sincerely, Anna from Latvia

Careful At Ellie Bearz House Tonight!

From Cuteporter Jenna W.: “We here in Albuquerque are all cuddly and sweet (Breaking Bad, anyone?) Our Belgian Sheepdawg Ellie Bearz is no exception- she loves answering the door on Halloween. Usually the first Trick Or Treater keeps her happy for the whole evening.” OM NOM NOM.

Photo by Jenna W. Victim…unknown.

I’m Gonna Eat ALL Of These

After lying low for a long time, Teddy Bear The Talking Porcupine is back with his second Halloween video in two days. Tedster, save some room for candy corn later tonight, dude!

A Black Cat On Halloween? Sure, Why Not.

[Since I can’t haz a Kit-Kat, I’ll take a tube of Petromalt in my pumpkin tonight. Is that asking so much? Now, get outta my way.]

Photo in Strasbourg, France by Igor Zenin. Music by J. Jackson.

Let’s Stay Safe Out There

Everybody’s headed out tonight for Halloween, and some four-footed friends are going along. Click the audio icon below to hear tips on how to keep your pet safe from WTOP.com’s Rachel Nania, speaking with vet Dr. Katy Nelson.



~Le Creditos~

Monty, from Megan B.
Miss Quinn, from Jerry R.
Nikki, from Jennifer B.