What a Prickly Eater

Meet Teddy, who prefers to dine alone and isn’t afraid to tell you why. (Actually, I think we all get like this when a waitress tries to take our food before we’re finished.)

You side-eyin my ‘tocks?

Will you please check out the awesomeness happening over at The Daily Piggy? Obviously they are doubling down on piglet and ‘tocks action.

Der tah derrr

Juuuus walkin’ along!

Der tah derrr! [foot up]

C.O.X.D.t.D.C.U.! [Cute Overload XTreme Der tah Der Close Up!]

Tom F. says these are his best pics of Stanley so far.

When Thanksgiving centerpieces go wrong

The kids didn’t make any turkeys out of acorns, so we used Milo and some buns.

Paging Martha Stewart! Thanks, Animal Blog! Submitted by Ant over at AQFL.


Soon, only Brimley’s MUSTACHE WILL BE LEFT!!!

Alison F. sent in this face-pile of a kitteh.

Cue the Chariots of Fire Music

Without further ado, here they are! PRESS PLAY!

Chariots of Fire hover facts thanks to Wiki-wiki-wiki-pedia!

Visualize Whirled Piggies

When surrounded by chaos, let go and allow yourself to enter new realms of tranquility. Maintain your center, your focus, and most of all, your dignity.

True dignity requires a cucumber slice on each eye, woodleywonderworks.

Looking For a Good Spot

As you begin holiday shopping, it helps to remember to bring your own barking Spot.

Drive around again, laverrue

Cyber Monday 2012 Calendar Alert!

People! Have you gotten your favorite go-to stocking stuffer yet? The FIVE-STAR on Amazon Cute Overload 2012 calendars are here, ready to shove in the face of your favorite relatives Christmas morning! They’ll most likely love it!

Get ready for the onslaught of Tiny, disapproving bunnies! Impossibly small ponies! Puppies exposing their paw pads! kitten schnozzles! Hibernatin’ hams! and squeal-inducing peegs!

It’s all cute, all year long. Yes, it’s the redonkulously adorable calendars based on Cute Overload: “the fuzziest, nicest blog on the planet”! (Thanks, CBS News!)

Choose from [drum roll]

2012 Wall Calendar

or the…

2012 Page-a-Day Calendar

Ready to order!

Wanna “look inside” as they say on Amazon? You’ve been warned!

Your calendar does not come with a grass patch, but it does come chock full o’ puppehs!

…and, dueling side-by-side Weekend Shots!

Glossary terms so you don’t look like a fool when you hear others talking C.O.!

Jokes about senior citizens homes!


The Cuteness will burn your eyes out!

Get both the Wall calendar and the Page-a-Day to feel the Cute in Stereo!

Act now to find out – will Sender-Inner Amy S. get her kitteh and monkey into the 2012 calendar AGAIN!?

Don’t wait until we have to print more! It’s happened before and many bunnies had to express their disapproval. Get your favorite person a

2012 Wall Calendar

or a…

2012 Page-a-Day Calendar



Hard to tell if this is a romance or a bromance, but what I do know is that this dog can do some serious shucking and jiving, ultimately causing kitten swoonage.

MostFunFull sent this one in.


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