Friday Haiku: Turtle or Tortoise?

Turtle or Tortoise?
One’s on land – one’s in water
Both are quite friendly




Creditos As Follows:
First image submitted by Wendy D., found here with photo by Daniel Hartley-Allen/Newspix/Rex Features. Second image from Reddit, Third/fourth from Kristen C..

Ready for Your Close Up?

Just a bit of blush, a wistful look and I am good to go!

Be sure to get my best side.

Via The Daily Mail

A Teddy Bear’s Teddy?

How about I wear the red sparkly one tonight?
Melissa S.’s Beastie Beans, the pomeranian, is back!

Hummingbird Honk-Shu

The title says it all, People. (Turn up the speakers- you’ll get some camera noise or whatever, but it’s worth it. Swear.)

Posted on Youtube by forrestertr7.

The Eternal Battle…

…between Good & Evil. Which is which depends on your viewpoint, of course!

Sent in by Anita A.

Pets As Pillows

New Rule Of Cuteness Proposal: If one animuhl uses another as a pillow…that’s cute.



1. April G.: “I came across this photo on Reddit this afternoon. Those precious big pup/small pup faces are too gorgeous not to share! It’s always wonderful to adopt animals who need a home.”
2. Ashlee sent us this snapshot of Tom (cat) and Milo (dog), photo by Sarah G. and/or Derek H., we dunno.
3. Larissa C.: “Who needs an ordinary pillow when one has a bunny pillow? Selling like hot BUNS! Get ’em while stocks last. Video credit to Ignoramusky.”

Cute Attack ack-ack

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Buzzfeed and all over the webbiewoos


Lise C. thinks her son’s hermit crab, Rico is, “pretty cute, although I’m not sure which Rules of Cuteness might apply.”

Well!     Tilts head. . .      Oh!. . .  um    . . .scratches chin.    Drumming fingers on keyboard. . . golly.


UPDATE: Roastpotato Visits The White Bear Pub

You’ll recall we did a story on the White Bear Pub in East London- they are very pet-friendly. We sent UK Cuteporter Roastpotato to the White Bear to check it out in person.

[Actually, she went on her own- Ed]

“I saw the 3 animals as soon as i went in the door and little Poppet was jumping around, following me round and took all my attention until I noticed my friend trying to not be irritated :-).

So I got the drinks and sat on the sofa with the dogs, with Poppet on my knee :-) and Bo next to me on his back for his belly to be rubbed!

I played tug with Bo and the Raccoon type dog toy, then got the two of them to play with it together, little Poppet wasn’t quite sure what to do so I had to put it in her mouth :-).

The barman Joe was great, he told me that the cat is always there but she sometimes bites! And the dogs are there until 6pm on weekdays when their human mum (the landlady) takes them home. I showed Joe the CO site and the video that Nat S had posted. We were given a gingerbread man on our way out and made to feel very welcome.”

~Thanks RP!



WB 20130327 Ginger Wednesday

WB 20130327 Bo 2

WB 20130327 Bo

WB 20130327 Bud 1

WB 20130327 Bud 2

WB 20130327 Poppet & Bo 1

WB 20130327 Poppet & Bo 2

WB 20130327 Poppet + Me crop

WB 20130327 Poppet

This Week, on The Bachelor

Stacy sabotages Tiffany by swapping her shampoo with Nair; meanwhile, Marcy and Brandy accuse Nameendinginy of using steroids to enhance her eyelash-batting technique. At the rose ceremony, however, Stanley rejects them all in favor of Tiffany’s dog Jowly.

Ain’t it romantical, Julia G.?


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