Max’s HolidayOverload© v1.0

santa maxMax Stubbular here- let’s check out our first set of HolidayOverload© Picks! All of the Sender-Inner Hoomins receive the 2013 CO Calendar, available here, though supplies are dwindling! Send your HolidayOverload™ photos in- click here! Good Luck and Season’s Greetings to all Peeps!


Holly & Sophie untangling lights, from Hoomin Abby W.


Jessica M., we thank thee for the “Pigture” as well as the hover-text!

Santa 4


Santa 13

Santa 14

Nathan G. with another set of classic shots o’ Magilla Glub Glub, The Kigali Kitteh.

Mitt in a Box

Allie M: “Hi, This is a picture my sister took of my mom’s cat, Mittens. I love her big eyeballs! I like to call this picture, “It’s my Mitt in a box.” I hope one day my cute animals will make the cut for my most fave cute site ever!!”

Picture 077
Wait no more, Allie, wait no more.

A New Character for Warner Bros. Logo

WarnerBrosPresentLogoIt was a typical June morning when handlers discovered two newborn rare red pandas at Whipsnade Zoo, much to the delight of, oh, the whole world! But, they were so shy, the world had to wait a few months for the babies to peek out, which they finally did in October.

Th-th-th-“That’s all Folks!

Photo by Richard Claypole

THIS JUST IN: Update on Gini the Pup

Gini the pup was part of our Epic Top Fifty Schnozzles review, clocking in at #18.

Sender-Inner Melinda had said Gini was very ill, with something wrong with her kidney. Melinda now writes: “I have a good news! Gini is fine now. She has a very rare disease called Addison’s. Our pet-vet discovered it after 2 weeks. We thought she will pass, but finally with 4 pills per day we can cure it. So thank you for your nice words, and that you take her picture to the site!”


It’s a Fair Trade

Relationships are all about give and take.

I give adorable looks and they take pictures.

C C says, “Hello, this is my cat, Olivia, doing what she does best, ie: act adorable.” Olivia is so adorable it makes me a little mad.

Thumpity-Thump-Thump, Indeed

Hope you weren’t planning to use your brain for the rest of the day, because here come some puppies romping in the snow as they search for Frosty the Snowman. (Spoiler alert: They’re romping in him.)

When Thar Be Thorns…

Stay light and above it all.

But, if you get pricked, you’ll fly all around and make that squeaky balloon noise and that’s just fun for everyone.

Sent in by Mrs. Brinke and photographed by ajhaysom.

Daisy is back! As Adora-bowl As Ever!

I Dream of Jeansie Daisy

Daisy tripper. Daisy tripper, yeah.

Daisy is ready to roll!

A-tisket, a-tasket, a Daisy in a basket.

Bad hair Daisy.

Seize the Daisy, Ben T.!

Live from the Snowball-Flinging Finals!

“… and as we enter the second half, it looks like the star player of this game has got to be Zach Zifkin, the unstoppable goalie for the Toledo Tabbies.”

“Right you are, Bob. From out of nowhere, it’s just been one spectacular catch after another from this phenomenal rookie who — whoa, another amazing save by Zifkin!

“You said it, Stu. He’s already the league leader in returns this season, so this kid’s really going places. Zifkin putting the snowball back in play now…”

“… and Zifkin blocks the goal again, with a perfect diving catch! I have never seen such powerful snowball control in my twenty years of broadcasting!”

“I agree, Stu, and this definitely puts Zifkin on the shortlist for MVP. But not just for catching, but also for his powerful throws back onto midfield, like this one here…”

“Right, Bob. It’s Zifkin’s pinpoint aim that enables… Uh-oh, he hit the referee! Yes, Zifkin has pasted the ref, and so he’s ejected from the game. Tough luck, Zifkin.”

via Cold Sleeper.

The Full Monty!

Sometimes ah just like to kick back and dream of chasing the cat, y’know? But not today. Maybe tomorrow.

Monty wuz sent in by his hoomin Andi K!


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