Finicky Cats Prefer It Fresh

Welcome to Faucet Water Time, I am Gilmar, and this is my assistant, Milton. Today we are tasting the bathroom sink faucet water for freshness. Milton, will you let us know just how fresh it is?

“This is my cat, Gilmar. Such a sweet little guy.” Also featuring, Milton’s ‘tocks.  –Pollyanna C.. Cheers from Brazil!


Nosevember Nozzle-Nose

Ever seen a Nose quite like this? Unless you’re pals with a Long-eared Elephant Shrew (AKA “Elephantulus Rufescens,”) you prolly haven’t.


Some Kinda Penguin Island Beach Ritual

I dunno, there we were, a few of us giant seals mindin’ our own business, when thousands of penguins showed up and …

had the biggest pillow fight you ever saw!

All I need now is mah PJs and a blanket.

“This giant seal appears to be wearing a white feather coat after rolling around where thousands of penguins had been moulting. Photographer John Eastcott, from the Catskills, New York, USA, captured the moment with his wife Yva in Right Whale Bay on South Georgia Island, near the Falkland Islands.” -Via Daily Mail

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

BEAT THE HECK OUTTA IT and try again.

From Natasha F. in Denmark, as spotted on The Squid.

They’re Here To Take Us Away

Don’t resist, just come quietly. It will be better for everyone concerned.


Having A Tough Monday? (Updated!)

THIS will brighten things up. LIVE. GOLDEN. RETRIEVER. PUPPIES. (If the stream is off air, you get a taped playback. Which ain’t too bad either.)

Live streaming video by Ustream
From Cuteporter Suvi.


According to Cuteporter Holly, the puppehs were moved over the weekend. But she suggested these Great Dane Puppehs instead: “They’re pretty darned adorable.” You’re pretty darned correct. We tried to embed it, but they won’t let us. So here’s the link!


The Internets Are About To Break



From Rose H.

This Just In: Super Strength Cute

The Olinguito! With the cute power of a dozen little puppies!

The Olinguito was discovered in August of this year; a new mammal species, and the first new carnivore discovered in over 30 years, lives in the cloud forests of the western Andes of Colombia.
“Breaking news about the Olinguito: the babies are just as adorable as you’d expect. Paws up, beady eyes, a boopable nose, and ears almost at 9 and 3. Just too cute.” -Angela W. via Saving Species.

The Deals Are Just Ducky At Your Local CVS

A group of 50 ducks decided to check out a CVS store in Saratoga Springs, NY. They ducked out before anyone could find out what they wanted.

Sent by many a Cuteporter including Jonathan H.

Let’s All Just Paws For A Moment

We obsessed (correctly) over ‘Tocks last month, and we regularly highlight Beans on Toesdays..but what about good ‘ol Paws? Time to give them their due and right that wrong. We’ve got two color schemes for ya today- Charcoal…

..and Café au lait!

“Have you seen this squee-worthy series of cat feet photos, over at The Frogman’s blog? All the best, Camilla K.”