Photo Assignment Day #6: Om Nom Nom

Where has the time gone? Time for Photo Assignment Day #6, our final go-round for the year. Let’s review, OK?

So far this year we’ve featured Pets ‘& ‘Puters, Walls O’ Cuteness, Pocket Pals, Pets Cooling Off, Sleepy Pets, and now we’d like you to take a picture of your pet enjoying a favorite treat and send it to us! You might just get it featured on Cute Overload. Kewl beans and stuffs.

From Cuteporter Amanda L.- I previously submitted Frank and just got my third corgi baby, Harold.”


Sorry, It’s Taken

I’m touching all four parts of the couch, so the entire couch is taken. Technically, the cushions are part of the couch, so I’m touching them by extension and they’re taken too. No, you can’t have the pillows, because I’m touching one of them with my tail, and that pillow is touching the other two pillows, so they’re all taken. Bye.

Jessica W. writes: “Cleo likes to straaaytch a lot on what she thinks is hers and she’s a big cuddle fluff. It’s difficult telling a ten-year-old cat to behave when she thinks she owns the place!”

Mom Taxi XVI: Birthday Party

[Thanks for givin’ me a lift to the birthday party Ma. See you in about 3 hours or so?]


tortoise party
Frida and Diego- from Cuteporter Natalie W.

Benson Hedges, Private Eye! in: The Case of the Crafty Craftsman

In this racket, a roscoe and good looks only get you so far — sometimes you need a disguise. So when I staked out the shipyards, I posed as an ice cream vendor. It was a sweet deal: clear view of the wharf and all the tutti-frutti I could eat.

My client, the shipyard owner, was frantic. Told me someone was stealing his tools and putting his crew behind schedule. But when I snuck into the tool shed, the goods were all there. Somebody was toying with me — and I had to find out who.

I stowed away on a dump truck heading to the quarry. It was a soft ride, but something told me things were about to get rocky.

I was right — it was Rocky Turtullo, my old nemesis. He flippered me off, so I flattened him with a right hook. “Cut the shell games, wiseguy!” I growled.

Will Hedges crack the case? Tune in for the next chapter at, um, some point.

It’s Barnaby again, from Christine L.!

Buckle Up, Everybody

Stitch here is showing off his very own Lamborghini. He’s all, “It’s not an Aventador, it’s an Aventadorable.”

“Stitch, the adorable French bulldog owned by Gio Gonzalez of the Washington Nationals.  The latest Instagram picture is off the charts cute.” -Nat.’s Fan.

No Underwater Ballets?

No problem. We got underwater jellies. And that’s not tutu bad.

“Rolling in the Deep”, from the always jammin’ Monterey Bay Aquarium via YouTube.
And Instagram photo from Steve P.

Choco Ball The Kitteh Goes Absolutely Nuts

SOMEone should lay off the Red Bull. Or the catnip. Or both.

(This feels vaguely like a Japan video. Telltale sign= Hello Kitty cutout. And more research has revealed that “Choco Ball” is indeed some kind of snack in The Big J. You want bizzaro proof? OK, U asked for it.)

And since today seems like Full Tilt Gonzo Japan Whackadoodle Day, let’s toss this one in. OK, we’re done. Hopefully.

Skip the Selfie, Do the Duckie

Introducing the latest photo trend to hit Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: “I’ve got ducks”-face.

Via TownePost Network.

Election Day In The USA

….and you know what to do! (See classic hover text.)

The NEW NEW NEW HoverStoat2013® brought to you by Etienne Francey, Switzerland: submitted by Raphael R.

Every Nose has a Story

On the surface, Mocha’s nose is a run-of-the-mill nose. Like other noses, it sneefs. But, Mocha’s nose has 11 years of sneefs to tell. If Mocha’s nose could talk, it would tell snorf about sneefs that snorfed more sneefs than a lot of other sneefers who ever snorfed a sneef.
“My daughter Katy R. took this picture of our German Shorthair Pointer/Chocolate Lab mix, Mocha. Mocha even has her own Facebook page and fans.  Mocha is 11 years old and we’d like to enter this into your contest. Thank you.” – Julie R.