Minnie, Put Some Pants On!

What should I wear today? This looks good.

Where are the leg holes? Where are my legs?

Oh HERE’S the leg holes. Who put them THERE?

I’ll show THEM who wears the pants around this house!

Nyerhe. Stoopid pants are stoopid.

Wait, WHAT? This is a shirt? Not pants?

Well you know maybe that is just a matter of opinion.

“Dear CO, These are of my darling Minnie, attacking a shirt fresh out of the dryer. I hope that you like them.” -Kibblenibble (OHai!)


THIS JUST IN: Finland Owl Rescue ACTION!

This just in from Cuteporters of the North, O & J at our northernmost Cute Outpost Bunker in Helsinki. (Scurries to Google Maps.)

Here’s a link to a Finnish news story about a northern hawk-owl (Hiiripöllö) that was found swimming in Lake Tuusula. (Another link here.)

“It had apparently fallen in by accident, but luckily a man in a kayak happened by and picked it up!”

“The poor bird tried to make its way inside the man’s life jacket for some warmth. It was then taken to shore at a nearby museum, and a museum guide took it home to dry overnight. The next morning all was well and the owl was released back into the wild!”

“PS- More bunlets, please.” Also from Liisa Å. and Tiina M. Photos and big-time resqte ACTION by Pentti Taskinen.

You Say Tomato, I Say Tomahto

Let’s call the whole thing off!

You say ribbit, I say croak, you say peep-peep-peeper,

I say… …Bud – weis – er.

Via Neatorama.

Dear Santa:

Can I have this lil’ West Highland Terrier in my stocking? (Plus an iPad™?)

From The Interwebs.

Feel Free to Lend a Hand…

Just thinking out loud here, but maybe a ladder would be nice? Or maybe the aforementioned hand, if you can spare it? Just spitballin’ here, take your time, sheesh…

“I saw this little guy hanging out in his tank at the pet store. He looks less than impressed with his predicament,” observes Casey S.

Hold STILL, Tally!

Luke The Tabby is just USING Tally the Beagle Mix. “Best scratching post ever,” says Luke.

From Josh N. A bunch more L & T videos here.

Anybody Want A Few Snausages?


From Reddit.

Hint, Hint.

Oh I’m just a big ol’ kitteh, who happens to be lying down, on the floor, in your way, BELLEH UP in case you need some subtle emphasis!

“Tara reveals her floofy underbelly.” -Elaine M.

Hey Pup, Your Nose is Running

You better go catch it! …nyuk yuk yuk

Fave Frame:

“I thought you might like this video I made trying out a new camera whilst playing with my brother’s dog, Mustard. Cheers, Fraser. Via YouTube

I Don’t Wanna Sleep,

I just wanna keep on lovin’ youuu,…

And I’m gonna keep on lovin’ you
‘Cause it’s the only thing I wanna dooo…

This is Nedster, giving his ferts “carpet sharks” some loffs. -Via YouTube.