Your Move, Hoomin

One cheese ‘n’ breadsticks thing.

Three critters.

RUN AWAY CuriousGeorge93!

Tales of the Unfathomable!

It was during my last expedition that I heard the voice. Oh, I was familiar with the legend, the tale of a sad, ghostly whisper that promised to reveal a fortune in sunken treasure to any diver who could appease her. I had laughed it off as folklore — until I heard it for myself. Or maybe it was just the wind whistling in my snorkel, but it sounded eerily like “shhhriiiimmmp… briiiiing meeee shhhriiiimmmp.”

Via Pêche et chasse sous-marine en Tunisie on Facebook.

A Day In The Life Of…

Mr. Fuzzybutt. Yes, that is his name.

And he sure packs in the naps.

[6AM, and Mr. FB is………asleep.]

[2PM, and Mr. FB is………asleep.]

[9PM, and Mr. FB is………asleep.]

We get the lowdown thusly, courtesy of Submitter Squishy Carol: “This is my hamster, Mister Fuzzybutt. This is his typical day of gluttony, followed immediately by honk-shuing. He looked a bit nippy just laying there, so we gave him a hat and a blanket.”

Recycle, Reuse, Re-cute!

Do you have used puppy scraps laying around your home? Sure, everyone does! Don’t throw them away! Save your puppy scraps until you have enough to create a new puppy! After a few smooshes they fuse together permanently and, if everything goes well, you end up with a nice new puppy.

Just another eCO-friendly tip from, No Name.

Stand Back! She’s Gonna Blow!

Avoid blow-outs by regularly checking your pup’s air pressure. Suspect your pup might have a leak? Try this tried and true tip from the experts. Simply apply a small amount of soapy water until the leak reveals itself! Then, try not to hurt yourself laughing.

We like the new Mr. Bubble, shamr0ck7

Subterranean Carsick Blues

So dog shaming is a thing now, in which canine crimes are exposed to the world. Time to up the stakes with this brilliant Dylan parody — and one hell-raising hound.

Via The Pet Collective on YouTube

A Truly Fur-rowed Brow

Prunella’s forehead often shows wrinkles in times of deep thought.

Your pup must be a genius, Drumai!

Morning After At Delta Tau Chi

Brother Bluto face down in the bowl. Again.

Submeesh from Mary C., who rehabilitates partying opossums and squirrels.

Now, More Than Ever, I Knead You

Those kitties are shameless, Nakuspienne.

Oh, Behave!

[blowing keeses] Yoo hooooo! [shows a leetle leg] There’s lots more where that came from! [sing song]
I promeese I wont bite …hard. (Rawrr!)

Flaunt your gams, Polar Bear Porn.


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