Flashback Friday


In honor of Veteran’s Day, we would like to salute all the furry-four-legged troopers! For all their bravery, we thank them.

This is Sergeant Stubby, a homeless pup in 1919 who became the mascot for America’s 102nd “Yankee” Infantry Division in France. Stubby alerted soldiers to the threat of mustard gas in time for them to don their protective masks, captured a spy all by himself and was decorated many times for, “heroism of the highest caliber”. Stubby was also famous for boosting morale in the trenches and cheering the wounded in hospital.

Dog Wearing Military Medals
Via Digital Dog.


Today’s Geometry Lesson

The Parabola: Arc defined by a cat leaping for a toy.

Good Friday Morning, Bentley!

Anything we can bring you? Waffles, Snausages™, maybe a NOM OR TWO ON THOSE DEADLY EARS -N- TOE BEANS?? Good grief, and what about the belleh lurking JUST below those covers. Attention all CO Peeps: We Are NOW on Snorgle Alert!

“Just a little wave to say hello and good morning!” – Hannah M., sent from her iPhone.

Friday Haiku: Sunrise

Sunrise starts the day
Yogi greets it with a howl
Then romps down the beach

“Sunrise, or rather Eclipse-rise! This past Sunday 11/3 at Mud Creek Dog Beach. Great South Bay, East Patchogue, NY. A harmonic convergence of the Sun, the Moon and Bernese Mountain Dog, Yogi!” -Photo by Randall D.

Do I LOOK Like I Care….

…whether or not I slobber on the couch? Some silly hoomin always wipes it up, anyway.

From the Big R.

THIS JUST IN: Maru Meets Ladder

We’ve seen Maru do a lot of things, mostly sliding across Mugumogu’s pristine floors to smoosh himself into a hapless Amazon box. This time, though- His Royal Thickness goes VERTICAL.

I Will Flat Do Anything This Puppeh Wants

Want to go for a long walk? Chase some squirrels and cats? How about a thick juicy steak? I mean, I’ll do whatever you want.

“This is Scrappy Doo. She’s my cuddlebug and her nose knows when there’s food because she quickly gets into begging mode. I’m in nursing school so I don’t get to see her during the week and I really miss her. Your website helps me get my cute-fix in when I’m away from her. Thank you.” -Sandra L.

Tongues: Regulation Disapproval Equipment

Overheard at a store last week from little boy riding on Dad’s shoulders, “Daddy, do bunnies have tongues?” ..beat.. (Dad’s not sure! Customers hold their breath.) …..”Yes, son, bunnies have tongues.” (whew)

These are for you, cute kid (and Dad), wherever you are:



Via jpockeleRealm of SleepDisapproving Rabbits.

You Are All KINDS Of Busted

Yesterday we announced Photo Assignment Day 6– your pet nomming a favorite treat. We’ve received a lot of terrific submissions including Hanneli here, who looks rather…guilty.

“This is my little Australian Shepherd girl Hanneli enjoying a cow hoof.” -Kristin R.

Puddin’s Got Cinnamon Buns

“Here’s my precious Puddin’ enjoying the remnants of my favorite flavor. (For Assignment #6.) She looooved food, no matter what it was! But, then again, who can resist Ben & Jerry’s?” -Kelly P., Smackover, Arkansas.

Editorial Notes:
1. Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia is so good it should be illegal.
2. Our interns LOCATED “Smackover, Arkansas!”