Time Waits for No Dog

I remember my youth.

I was adorable and precocious.

I think back to those times and I miss being young.

But, then I look in the mirror and I remember that young or old I am one good-looking bitch!

Tia is not the only one that admires her, Toni Q.!

Tortoise and the Heir

Queen Tortiebeth III is rather pleased with her reflection. Everybody bow.

This critically endangered Egyptian Tortoise quite enjoys her delusions of grandeur, via Zooborns.

A Nose By Any Other Name

would smell as sweet. And Clancy’s nose has many names (see below) including; Snuffagup, um snufflepug, er snugglegus, oh fer goodness, at least Clancy is easy to say!

Rose O.’s shar pei puppy Clancy. Aka: Clance, Snuffaluffagus, Dogman.

Hangin’ Out On A Sun-Day

Jus’ hunkered down in ma kitteh sack. Soakin’ up some solars. You know?

Gabrielle K.: “This is Gus as a baby. He survives by his dad (Zachary B.,kibble provider) and his mom (me, the photographer.) Hope you enjoy!”

What Day Is It? Caturbunday!

Let’s mix and mingle and double and dabble our 2 favorite days together into one! Please, allow yourself a little extra time to enjoy.








Thanks to BFFs Kara the cat and Melba the bunny, two shelter rescues who share a special bond, for helping create the bestest new day of cute evar!

THIS JUST IN: They’re Here To Assimilate Us

(News Teletype SFX)
From The CO NewsDesk: We interrupt our regular scheduled CO programming to bring you this bulletin!
We’ve had reports of these tiny little creatures appearing all over the world. It seems they are planning to take over the planet. Key features are big eyes with a penetrating gaze, pink tongue that is prone to panting, shaggeh ears, stubbular pawz, and an affinity for…….cupcakes.


If you see one of these creatures, there is only one way to defend yourself: snorgle them immediately.

Resistance is futile.

Good luck…to all of us.

AT sent in this Prosh Pint-Sized Poodle named Kikuma.

I Didn’t Get The Xbox 360

Ah means I liked the fur coat and the big box o’ “Baked Delights Hugs, crispy doggeh snax with soft savory centers made with beef AND cheese.” The Porsche Cayenne is neat, too.

But ah was hopin’ for the Xbox 360.

Toby, from Sarah L.

Throw Away Your Old Mascara

Hedgehog eyelash extensions save time and are a much cuter alternative! Not just for special occasions any more!

Thanks to Colleen O.,  Loki will keep us looking sharp.

I Believe I Can Boing!

Look at the boinging!

Look at the flying!

Look at the zooming! (woah, get-a-trash-can-dizzy warning @ :52 )

Look at eet and respect eet!

Vena Z. wants us all to get googlie-eyed over the world’s dizziest and rarest baby Dama Gazelle at Smithsonian Zoo, born Sept. 4, 2012

Friday Haiku: Take That

Burrowing owl chick

Is an excitable bird

And loves to hop up.

Photo from Peter Brannon.


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