Happy St. Patrick’s Pigtrick’s!

IMG_20140315_141213Cora The Peeg wishes everyone (Irish or not) a Happy St. Patrick’s, er, Pigtrick’s Day.

From Samantha D.

The Luck O’ The Shrimp!

edit8“Shrimp went for a walk in the clover patch and found his VERY OWN FOUR LEAF CLOVER this morning! He promptly ate his lucky charm!” -Natalie W.

St. Patrick’s Poll: Kodie, Or A Pot O’ Gold?

unnamedWhich would you rather have? Take our St. Patrick’s Poll!


Worst. St. Patrick’s. Day. Ever.

GCOh well, it’s over at midnight, Tardar Sauce.

Your Hoomins Miss Ya, Flibble!

DSCN5589Karen W. writes in: “Flibble enjoyed getting into all sorts of trouble. You know how you’re not really in trouble until your parents are yelling your full name? Flibble’s full name was Professor Brigarear Admiral General Alistair Gordon Leftbridge “Knobs-On” Flibble P’toink-P’toink PhD, Esq., III. A.K.A. “Flibble-Dibble” A.K.A. “Phillip Q. Winklebacon.” Yeah. That’s how much trouble he could get into. Today would have been Flibble’s seventh birthday. Sadly, he passed away last September after a long, adventurous life. We would be honored if you post a pic of our little man. We miss you, Dibbs.”

“Are Ya Feelin’ Irish…Well, ARE YA? PUP?”

St. Patrick’s and Dirty Harry- makes perfect sense. In some alternate universe.

“I think i have a cute photo, punk (Clint Eastwood voice,)” writes Irina G. “Here it is: “Participating pets, left to right: forever-foster Sheltie Tobey, Resident Chihuahua Minnie, Resident Chihuahua Ben, and Visiting Cairn Terrier Little Ben.”


‘Tis A FINE Day For Some Lepre-Corn, Teddy!

We welcome you to St. Patrick’s Day with an encore presentayshe of Everyone’s Favorite Talking Porky-Pine. How’s the corn there, Teddy?

Lady Sadie

IMG_0038Are Sad Basset Hound Looks the BEST? They pook up their eyebrowns with that looooong, forlorn Eeyore look? You bet! So who do we have here? “Dear Cute Overload: My friend Lee adopted this 9-week old Basset hound and named her Lady Sadie. (Or maybe…Ladie Sadie?) She came equipped with a Martha Stewartâ„¢ collar in a hounds tooth (ha!) pattern, which was apparently tasty (above.) I hope you think she’s as redonkulously Cute as we think she is. Love you every day!” -Sarah R.


[*Note* -Our all-day St. Patrick’s Extravaganza is NEXT. -Ed.]

Quokka Qousins?

unnamed (1)“With all the Quokka Love on this site lately, I thought I would submit a competitor for smiling rodent-like creature: the Tree Hyrax! They’re not actually rodents, and are somehow related to manatees and elephants,” says Megan C. of Seattle.

[Pause to work that one out.]

“Photos taken by me in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. I regret not attempting a Selfie with a Hyrax, but they were not as camera-friendly as those Quokkas seem to be.”


Ski Bunny Doxie

Crusoe The Celebrity Doxie tries his hand paws at downhill skiing!


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