Back To You, Anderson Pooper

So there’s this Prosh Weiner Dog with a bit of a disability issue, name of ANDERSON POOPER. That doesn’t slow her down one bit! (The disability, not the name.) Quoting the Laughing Squid, “Anderson competed in the Star 101.5FM 18th Annual Wiener Dog Races at Emerald Downs on July 13th. Donations to Animals With Disabilities, Anderson Pooper’s non-profit can be made online via PayPal.”


Quite Possibly The Most Gonzo Whackadoodle Kitteh EVER


(Carrie S., thanks for sending this. Saw it on FB but couldn’t use it!)

Meh. Win The New Book From Grumpy Cat.

thegrumpyguidetolife_9781452134239_350 (1)In a world filled with inspirational know-it-alls and quotable blowhards, only one figure is indifferent enough to tell the cranky truth: Grumpy Cat. Everyone’s favorite disgruntled feline is back with this demotivational guide to everyday life, love, & friendship. The Grumpy Guide to Life will help anyone get in touch with their inner grouch!

We’ve got five copies to give away! We’ll also include some Grumpy Cat Notecards! Send an email by clicking this link: cuteoverload at gmail dot com. Include your complete mailing address + phone. Overseas entries are OK! We’ll take ‘em ’til Noon PT on Sunday the 3rd, then choose the winners at random. (One entry per person, no purchase needed, etc.) Winners announced Monday the 4th at 6am PT! (The book goes on sale August 5th, FYI.)



unnamed (1)
Thanks to April W. @ Chronicle Books.

What A Wonderful World

This video doesn’t need any words to go with it.

From Anna A. in New Zealand.

Redonk: The 2015 Cute Overload Calendars Are Here!

After a year hiatus (hey, had to raise the babies a bit, give me a break) and a lot of work from YOU, our fine, fine, contributors, we’re pleased to announce…

The 2015 Mini Calendar!

and its Big Brother…

The 2015 Wall Calendar!

You can also order at!

Goes great on lawns on all types!


My photo isn't in it, so I'm outta here.


At a compact but mighty 7″ x 7″, the mini calendar is perfect for those outrageously small cubes your tyrant bosses love to stuff you into. We’ll even toss in BONUS MONTHS of September 2014-December 2014! You can start using it REAL SOON! Be the envy of ALL your co-workers and friends.



Or, if you’re feeling Large and In Charge- go Big Bigger Biggest with our 12″ x 12″ 2015 Wall Calendar!



Both versions feature High Quality Cute that had to pass our stringent standards! These make THE perfect gift for the Cute Fan in your life. Go ahead! bulk order! Do eet! Get all that pesky holiday shopping OUT of the way. In the summer.


2015 Mini Calendar

and the…

2015 Wall Calendar

Can be yours… tuhday!


Rats, It’s Monday

[Monday? Again? RATS! If you don't mind- and even if you DO, I'm stayin' under here, in my tunnel! (Grumble, grumble.)]

“This is Earnest. My nekkid, skinny, hairless boy rat. Loves cloth tunnels!” -April D.

Mmmmmm, Yogurt!

Bob and Dice have not heard the phrase “Share and share alike.” (And if they had, they’d ignore it. They’re cats, right?)

From Concord Paul & Barb, who really need to step up their game. You guys been on vaca, or what?

Could Someone Rustle Up A TINY Blankee, Please?

10557006_880096705351232_996422797957622997_oOrphaned baby deer mouse…sent in by KB, from Farasyn Farm’s Wildlife Rescues FB.

License and Registration, Please

“Sir, I pulled you over for doing 70 yards in a 55-yard-per-hour zone. (sniff, sniff) Is that illegal catnip I smell, sir? I’m going to have to ask you to open the back of the van, sir…”


Here is Bruno with one of my two model Zuk vans,” says Flickr-er Trevor.

Otter Cuddle Puddle*

v2l50ql-680x453(*Headline absolutely straight from Boing Boing, kudos to Xeni J. No way to top that one.) Pile of bebeh otters cuddling at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. Photo by Geoffrey Franz.


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