It’s World Penguin Day!

Take a little time out of the day to watch this video of our little tuxedo-clad friends!

And here’s a PROSH PENGY WALLPAPER– just click to save!


Buckle Up There, Dusty

6416520-3x2-940x627Dusty The Kangaroo is living the good life in Western Australia- he was adopted by a family there after he lost his mom :( and fits right in with the Stewart family’s assortment of puppehs. Read more about Dusty here, with thanks to Claire M.

Friday Night Pupperoni Party

41dKDiG[I don’t know if this is Papa Johns, Roundtable, Pizza Guys, Dominos, or Pizza Hut. And I don’t care, either. Wait- are there mushrooms on this?] (Imgur.)

TGIF Featuring Ivy Rose Jemima Pie!

You know it’s the OFFICIAL end of the work week when TGIF appears on C.O.! This is Ivy Rose Jemima Pie. “I adopted her a few weeks ago from a local foster/resQte organization,” writes Debbie C. “She enjoys treats, puppy school, and playing with her cat siblings, George and Minnie. Hope you enjoy these, and will consider sharing them on my favorite site!”



Well, Hey There, Neighbor!

This your first season at Wanaleekya Pines Campground Resort? Larry and I — that’s my husband, Larry — we come here every year, dontcha know. We just love it, ooh yah. Hope to see ya at the campfire tonight!


Via Ark Portable Power.

We Boop Because We, Um, Something that Means “Care” but Rhymes with “Boop”

Always at the forefront of the zenith of the cutting edge of cuteness research, CuteLabs once again demonstrates its commitment to animal understanding with the development of the Bidirectional Olfactive Oscillation Pod (BOOP), engineered to precisely measure the maximum threshold of kitten nose-touching. CuteLabs: Building Safer Felines of Tomorrow… Today!


Flashback Friday: Hold It!

A police officer stops traffic so that a mother cat can cross an NYC street with her kitten, ca. 1925“A policeman in 1925 stopping traffic for a mother cat carrying her kitten in her mouth. Photo: Harry Warnecke/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images.” (

Mighty Max

4468538716_a4740be785_oMax The Cocker Spaniel showing us why HE is THE MAN. (Seen by Smedley on Pinterest, and originally from Flickr.)

Hey…Come Here Often?

[This is my beach but I’ll be glad to show you around. What’s your sign name? You been here before? Why are all these people taking our picture? Little privacy here, guys?]

C.O. Cat Café World Tour: Takadanobaba, Tokyo

1000-baba-nekoya35Robb S. is back with another stop on the World Tour- “This one is called Nyankoto, in the student neighborhood of Takadanobaba in Tokyo. I must have arrived at just the right time, because all the cats were awake simultaneously. Lots of different exotic breeds here, and a couple of cute kittens.”








If You Go™

Phone: 03-6233-9662

Hours: Open 11am-10pm daily.

Cost: Y800 cover charge for the first hour, Y200 for each additional 15 minutes. Average visit time: 60 minutes.

Address: Takadanobaba 2-14-6, Swan Bldg #201.

Misc: Website : Twitter : FB.

[*Note: This is the place. Click to enlarge. -Ed.]


[*Note: No idea what this means- it’s on their FB page. But it’s got cute cat drawings. -Ed.]



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