Yeah, Those Are Beady Alright

Marshmallow-Broccoli“I saw your post -Beady Eye Factor? Broccoli Eating Factor? BOTH!? [Worlds Colliding.]
Here’s another case of both worlds colliding. I present to you my Ratso, Marshmallow, nomming on some broccoli.” – Nicole.

WHO’S A Hungry Stingray? WHO Is?

YOU are! So slide on up here and let’s have some munchies!

C.O. Cat Café World Tour: Montréal

20140916_150948“I was wandering around in Montréal and I came across a “Coming Soon” Cat Café with a perfect live window display. I took these pictures myself, but unfortunately I don’t know the cat’s name. According to their site it looks like the cat in the picture might be Gustave. The cafe’s name in French is a play on words; ‘Chat L’Heureux‘ means The Happy Cat, but it sounds just like ‘Chaleureux,’ which means something that is ‘warm, convivial.’ The location is here. Thanks, I hope you like the photos!” -Liz H.


More Zen From Thing Two

How about some Caturday Zen from Japan? Cuteporter Caroline D. says, “Guremike did two awesome ‘If it fits, I sits’ photo shoots this week!” First we have The Circle (not Maru, though):



And then this shape which is a poly-something-or-other:





And Now…A C.O. First!!

Wanna know what this raging little maniac is? My first thought was “Quokka.” Nope. When I right clicked on the image, it said:


Hey, Wikipedia! Help us out!

Pademelons are small marsupials of the genus Thylogale. They are usually found in forests. Pademelons are one of the smallest of the macropods. The name is a corruption of “Badimaliyan,” from the “Dharuk Aboriginal language” of Port Jackson (Sydney region.) Pademelons, Wallabies, and Kangaroos are very alike in body structure, and the names just refer to the three different size groups.

And THAT, my friends, clears THAT up.

Baby pademelon

THIS JUST IN: Maru Stuffs Himself Into A Box

Not a new concept to be sure, but Mugumogu came up with some interesting angles this time around. Like the incredible disappearing Maru towards the end. And I think that’s a new rug she has, too.



Caturday In The Big J

Got this email a couple of days ago from someone named Nekoore. This is what he (or she) said:

“Hello. I will recommend my videos. My pet’s name-Kikunosuke. -Rikimaru. Multiple videos! -Cat Jumping through the Dyson.”

I like someone who gets right to the point.

Happy International Red Panda Day!

In honor of this majestic occasion, we present this video of two brand new bebeh red pandas who just came online! Enjoy!

Thanks to Fkleffner for sending the URL, and to Dade for letting us know today’s IRPD.

Caturday: ♫ Gonna Fly Like A Kitteh ♬…

[This is what I do when they say “Dinner.” Or when The Dog is hot on my trail!]


HA! They Got This For That Little Drooling Thing!

[But I haz taken it over! I’ll enjoy it ALL DAY LONG n’ then leave lotz o’ cat fur! MWAH HA HA HA HA. Does that make me a bad person?]



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