“Does This Meet ‘Tocktober Criteria?”

That was the Subject Line for Margaret M.’s email. So…let me think about that for a minute. OK, yes. “Have to start with I LOVE YOUR SITE! Thought I would Duck in and drop this off before the month wraps up! Taken at Piper Spit on Burnaby Lake in Burnaby British Columbia.”


Training For Rio 2016

In case you didn’t know, Ping Pong AKA Table Tennis has been in the Olympics since 1988. The next Summer Games don’t get started until next August, and that gives this puppeh plenty of time to sharpen his/her game.

The Littlest Dragon

Norbert’s got his Fierce on in anticipation of Halloween on Saturday night. Now, have they started making Norbert Halloween costumes? Do they come in adult sizes….I hope?

I Don’t Get No Respect

[I sit here all day long, just charging up my Zen and soaking up some Solars- and these little knuckleheads think I’m their own personal jungle gym. They might be right.]

(Tastefully Offensive)

Menagerie of Horrors!

‘Tis that time of year, when strange beasts prowl the night. Beware the venomous Boscorpion Terror!


Take care, lest ye meet the horns of the gruff Woofy Mammoth!


But these horrors pale in comparison to the most hideous of all…


Photos via Petful.

We Ain’t Scared Of No Stinkin’ Graveyard!

Remember the little Rescue Guys who kept poppin’ outta the pumpkin yesterday? Just one little furry head after another?

They’re BAAAAAAAACK. And this time they’re in a spooky GRAVEYARD too. (No, not really. A fake one.)

Rufus The Trick Or Treating Raccoon

Rufus has NOT met a treat he did not like. This video is c/o Matt C., the man genius behind Jurabbit Park. He explains:

“My family puts food out for a stray cat in the neighborhood. One night, that caught the attention of a curious snack bandit, who came up and poked around. I decided to try and make friends. It took three weeks for Rufus to trust me enough to eat from my hand. As I posted these videos throughout the summer, I couldn’t go a day without someone asking when he was going to rip my face off. ‘He’s not going to know how to forage like a wild animal.’ ‘You’re gonna give him diabetes.’ Everyone had an opinion. [*Note: Really. -Ed.]

But, it’s possible to maintain respect for a living creature while building an unconventional bond based on the occasional helping of sweets. And that’s what I did with Rufus. By the end of the video, you’ll see that, not only is Rufus healthy and prepped for winter, he’s still a wild raccoon. He just happens to know a human with a solid treat hookup. He’s a wonderful creature, and a friend I’m lucky to have made.”

Internet Cat Of The Year: And Your Winner Is…

In honor of National Cat Day tomorrow, Imgur has announced the 2015 Internet Cat of The Year: Slinky Kitten. Over the past 12 months on Imgur, cat fans have poured over the Internet’s nuttiest cat stories, “upvoting” the best of the best to crown a champion:

CatDaypost1 (1)

With that in mind- Imgur presents the Cat Class of 2015 highlighting the Internet’s best cat gifs, pics, bloops and memes to go viral on Imgur in the past year. Here is the entire list, and we present a selected sampling below: (Which, um, brought my home bandwidth to its knees, but that’s a different story.)

#6: Most Likely To Start A Prison Riot (Views: 2,368,023)

#10: Most Relaxed (Views: 1,320,284)

#11: Most Likely To Live North Of The Wall (Views: 1,995,621)

#12: Best Cat Stack (Views: 1,411,901)

#13: Most Athletic (Views: 3,995,913)

Thanks to Melanie H.

The 2016 C.O. Calendar: Get Yours Now!

616VGVI8JDL._SY498_BO1,204,203,200_618sEhRscIL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_Those are just a FEW of the images in the 2016 Cute Overload Calendar! (In two different designs; the MINI or the WALL. Just click either thumbnail at left to order NOW from Amazon Dot Com! Why wait for Santa to bring yours? Operators are standing by. It’s the smart play.)

NEW Maru (As A Kitteh!)

Most of us only know Maru has a rather Blorpular Circle. But there was a time when…believe it or not…he wasn’t Blorpy. Nope.

Like when he was SIX MONTHS OLD. Let’s flashback, shall we?