C.O. Salutes Our Heroes

Whenever there is danger on the high seas, wherever a floating stick needs rescuing, they are there: The proud pups of the U.S. Coast Guard, Dogpaddling Doxie Division!

Via Reddit.

THIS JUST IN: Something’s Bugging Hana N Maru

There’s a bug on the other side of the screen door. Hana and His Serene Royal Exalted Thickness are QUITE interested.

Tortoise and the Hare – CO Style

Bunbun’s saying, “Race ya home!”

Frida’s like, “Pshh, I’m so fast I’m already home.”

“Bunbun and Frida.” -Natalie.


What could be better than a chubbular BUN? Well, a chubbular BUN in SUPAH SLO-MO!

“Bunny ear scratch slow motion on Instagram by @bigbunnycheeks. There’s some extra cute full-bunny undulation happening here for sure

Slip Slidin’ Awaaaaaay

Buddy The Corgi knows how to get his slide on in this visit to the park!

Submitted by Emily W. Title by Paul S.

Major Side-Eye There, Griffyn

Besides the Cone O’ Shame, The Griffster seems to be a bit on the bundled side, eh? ‘Splain, Kelli A.

“Our little mutt Griffyn was recently fixed and after days of hearing his cone hit the walls and floors, I was tired of the noise and needed to do something about it. My friend just had a baby so I’ve seen them swaddle her countless times, so I thought maybe the same would work here. It did, long enough to snap his picture! And then he broke free..went on his merry way BUMP THUMP.”


Maymo N Penny In….The Great Carrot Caper!

(Say like TV Batman announcer:) “The carrots on the kitchen table are missing! WHO could be behind this DASTARDLY DEED??

White Down Under Roos

We’ll be brief. We’ve never seen a white roo hopping around with a leaf in its mouf before…

Crikey, we’ve never even seen a white roo! Have you?

This is Nala, the albino kangaroo joey at Germany’s Duisburg Zoo. Thanks to sender-inner Jennifer C., via Spiegel.

Henry is a Very Proper Rat

He has refined taste and excellent table manners too!

“This is my friend James’ rat, Henry.  James posted this because there were non-believers in his circle of friends who denied his rat’s ability to drink from a teeny-tiny cup. Behold! Extreme ratty adorableness.” Jill B.

Ice, Ice, Baby!

This is BEYOND ALL COMPREHENSION. A Pile O’ Goldies Nomming Ice Cubes.

And will you look at the FAVE FRAME™? Here’s one of their teammates that’s gone offline and they’re just steppin’ right ovah him like NO BIGGIE.

Jonathan H. with the send-in.


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