Game ON

Today are the big AFC and NFC title games in the NFL, with the winners going to the Super Bowl. May the best teams win!

[Hold on that last part. Total bias disclaimer here: C.O. Global HQ is in Silicon Valley, where the new Niners stadium is going up. Ahem. Anyway. -Ed]

First up, the Niners. Sender-inner Christina V. explains: “Gulliver (Leonberger pup) and Sadie are ready for the game..”

“…although they’d probably cheer for whoever has cheeseburgers.”

“Leo the cat got in on the action too.”

“Bring on the tailgate parties and halftime shows…as long as there are bacon cheeseburgers and nachos.”

The San Francisco Zoo has a black rhino named Boone, named for Niner lineman Alex Boone. Through today, Alex has graciously agreed to donate his proceeds from TheRhino75 gear to the San Francisco Zoo. Photo by May Woon.

BooneBox.May Woon
Meanwhile…up the coast:

“Everyone in Seattle is getting geared up for the game this afternoon, including the Seattle Aquarium who named their hermit crab after Marshawn Lynch…hence ‘Marshawn Pinch.’ Oh, and go HAWKS.” -Trina E.

Check a live view of MP right here.

Of course, Marshawn is on Facebook..

…and Twitter.








Photos of MP + otter from the Seattle Aquarium- remainder from the Woodland Park Zoo.


Beatin’ The Heat Down Undah

It’s absolutely scorching hot in Australia, so this Lil’ Ringtail Possum dove into a backyard pool to cool off. And decided to hang around for awhile, mate.

Submitted by Kathy F.

We Have A Wet Clean-Up In Aisle One

Earlier today, we saw Anthony The Cat decide to take a nap on a…slice of pizza. Now, Dethan the Newfie decides to make himself at home in a decidedly damper setting.

Time for a T.O.

THIS JUST IN: Now U See Maru….

….and now you don’t! Basically, Hana wants in the cupboard. His Royal Girthness decides to help!

Just 28 More Flavors and You’ve Got a Baskin Robbins

Scientists at the Institute for Advanced Ice Cream Studies have announced an unusual breakthrough: a cat that gives Neapolitan milk.

This photo has Nothing to do with Arbroath.

Spend Caturday With Chai -N- Simon

Erin A. sent us some images of her two little guys. “Here is Chai! :). He likes to hide in some of the pictures, but if you look hard enough you’ll see part of him sticking out.”

unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)


“And this is Simon!”

unnamed (3)

unnamed (4)

unnamed (5)

To The Litter Box…And Beyond!

Perfect for a Caturday Afternoon: Toy Story. With kittehs.

From The Pet Collective.

Yorkster Overload

“This is Penny – she’s smirking because her 4 little pounds of Cuteness outsmarted the Polar Vortex by staying inside!” -Cuteporter Jenny C.



Caturday: Make Mine Sausage, Please

[Honey, I left the last slice of Domino’s on the chair for you!]
[OK, thanks Ma, be there in a second.]

Anthony (the cat version) has other ideas.

“This is Anthony. He thought it would be a good idea to fall asleep on Anthony’s piece of pizza. No joke, the cat and the boy are both named Anthony. Just go ahead and lay anywhere, cat.” -Jen S.

Caturday: Cats On The Nip

Here we explore the five stages of Catnip Addiction. The downward spiral is inevitable, as you will see in the following clip.

From the folks at The Pet Collective, as seen on