Shall We Dance?

Thees ball is proving to be parteekewlarlee trubblesums.

I weel have to use my cunning Fred Astaire moves upon eet!

Get that cat a top hat stat, Leon Davidoff! Via Poppy.

Made in the Shade

Growing Tips for Hortipups Shedsfursii:

Grows best when planted on furniture, prefers partial shade, average room temperature,  water frequently, constant attention required, blooms year round.

Take a bough, Barkley. Rachel S. says Barkley is a Pekechis; a hybrid of Pekingese and Chihuahua!

Scientific Progress Goes Boi-eeng

Here at the Acme Institute for Applied Cartoon Physics, researchers explore innovative ways to meet the challenge of 21st-century animation. Here, veteran actor Ollie the Collie tests an experimental anti-gravity prop mouse.

Via Facenibbler on Reddit. (Yes, you’ve seen that title somewhere before…)

Pouncing in 3…2…


This image via the aptly named Peek-a-boo.*


*The original photo (called “Paws”) is actually by KVirtanen on deviantart:

Magical Puppeh Forest™

Follow us to ‘Tocks Lake!

This pic thanks to Park Guide Popee.

Sleeping… Beauty!?

You *must* crank the audio for the serious schnozzle action on this one:

Hey Runyaga. Stay away from magic spindles.

Come On! We’re All Thinking It.

Is that tree birthing a squirrel?

When’s the baby shower, Eyrich?

Oh Gawd, It’s Aunt Doris

(First, it’ll be the chin scratch — yep, there it is — to be followed by the painful cheek pinch and the cooing of “Have you been a good girl, Beatrice?”)

It’s a baby dik-dik borned at the Chester Zoo. Story, mo’ pitchas here.

Steve Martin’s Dog

Stop laughing. We’re trying to make music here.


(Very) Happy Dance!

Turn up the speakers to get some Quality Honking Action:

Video by PacoKart9000, easily the best YouTube ID we’ve seen today.


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