Dateline: Kigali, Rwanda- Magilla Glub Glub, Vol. II

Remember this little guy:

The kitten, with a funny name, who was rescued in Kigali, Rwanda?

We have an update! Sender-Inner Nathan G. gives us the latest 411: “He’s starting to grow into his bug eyes and he’s now sporting an orange collar with a bell.”

“…His whiskers, eye lashes, and ear hair are all quite long and wild, looking more like those of an elderly man than a couple month old kitten.”

“…He spends his days sleeping, eating, and practicing his hunting skills, which always end with a kangaroo-like pounce with way more height than distance.”

“His tongue still spends equal time in and out of his mouth and he likes playing with ants, paper bags, which Rwanda has plenty of as plastic bags are outlawed, and a pink toy called the Hugga Wubba.”

“P.P.S. Thanks for posting the previous photos. My wife logged on to your site w/o knowing I submitted the pictures and shrieked with excitement to see Magilla Glub Glub.”

No thank you, Nathan.

Greatest Job In The Entire World

[Besides writing for CO -Ed]

Taking care of bebeh Koalas has to be the bestest gig evah. Where do I signs?

Amazing video by NatGeoWorld.

Milk of Almost-Human Kindness

I thought living in the zoo would be a sweet gig—tire swing, all the fruit you can eat. But nooooo, they make you work for a living around here!

Via on Facebook.

A Jarring Experience

Kitty contortionist Flexi McMarmalade entertains her humans by pouring herself into a jelly jar — but can she get herself out of this jam?


James and Sherman in the Morning

James: I don’t know why we have to be awake, Sherman. It’s too early.

Sherman: I agree, James. You know, it might helped if there was a snack.

James: You are right again, Sherman. That totally helped.

They may be late sleepers, but they are definitely keepers, Jean S.

Live at the Acrawlpolis

Good citizens of Athens! Gather now and hear my tale of Anna K., a seeker of truth and cuteness whose travels brought her here to the Acropolis, ancient temple to the Greek gods Athena and Yanni

… when lo, she did come across a lowly sojourner, a pilgrim not unlike herself. When she picked him up to inquire from whence he came, he did rebuke her with a stern look of Socratic disapproval…

O goddess Athena, deliver unto us a… REBUKE-HANCE!

Break On Through

…to the other side, yeah.


Someone is Here to Complain

…About summer being over.

[blows razzpberry at Fall.]

Summer went by too fast, Josh N.

Keeping the World Safe from Gaseous Vegitabuls

Rocky the pom is a great hunter. We’re very impressed …he squeekdeathed a harmless broccoli.

At around :19 Rocky is all, “Tap-tap-tap-tap-tap, you deds?”, Cinnamommie

And Whoever’s Been Storing Pints of Blood in the Fridge, Please Clean it Out

To: All employees
Re: Vampires in the workplace

As the Halloween season approaches, we wish to clarify our position on vampires. While we at OmniGlobaCorp welcome our members of the living-impaired community, biting will not be tolerated during office hours. If you notice tooth marks anywhere on your bodily area, please report it to Bev in HR.

Via ginagleeson.


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